Monday, March 30, 2009

Sushi Suma, Surry Hills

How was it?
Food: 8/10
Service: 4/10
Ambience: 6/10
Value: $

Last night was my second visit to Sushi Suma. A little Japanese restaurant, tucked away on Cleveland street, and a local favourite.

A friend of mine had recommended this place to me, proclaiming that it had "the best" sashimi in Sydney (so, naturally I needed to find out for myself). He did however warn me to expect a long queue and not to expect great service. To my surprise, the wait was not too long (about 10 minutes) and the service was not anything to rave about, but it was super efficient - so no complaints (the first visit anyway.. read on).

When you walk into Sushi Suma, you are told (through hand gestures) to go upstairs to wait for a table. The holding area is more of a bar area, where you can order drinks. I'm not sure why they don't open it up for service.. Anyway, when you are upstairs you are given a menu to peruse and the head waiter will take your order there. He is the guy with the red hair, carrying the little electronic device, don't even bother with small talk, he's all business - but i like that.

So, it being my second time at Sushi Suma, I told my friend to pick something she liked. Luckily for me, she liked the 'Teppanyaki Dinner Set' (which is what I ordered and loved, on my first visit).

When we get our table, there is a mini bowl of cold noodles with cucumber waiting for us (very nice). However, before getting too comfortable, we are hustled off to another table, to make room for a bigger party (no biggie). So after the move, the dishes start coming out...

Sashimi - Salmon, Tuna & Kingfish

Miso Soup

Tofu Agedashi

Teriyaki Chicken

Crab Croquettes
(deep fried crab meat)

Ice Cream with Green Tea Syrup, Red Bean & Cornflakes

The pros:
- tofu agedashi was so soft & sweet
- terriyaki chicken - loved the flavour
- the cabbage that comes with the chicken
- ice cream - can't go wrong with green tea & red bean
- cheap - $35.20 for the dinner set

The cons:
- sashimi was not "the best" in Sydney, it was not terrible, but I can definitely say that I've had better
- the service (one of the waitresses spilled miso soup on me, and walked away without apologising)

I would go again (for the food), but if you're after some good service, you had better head elsewhere.

Sushi Suma
421 Cleveland St, Surry Hills
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  1. It's been years and years since I've been to Sushi Suma. The miso soup incident sounds very unfortunate though! I hope you didn't get burnt!

  2. Helen: i think the tables were a bit too crammed, so the waitress had to juggle so many dishes and hence the miso soup spillage! and no, i didn't get burnt - luckily!

    K: i will take you one day :)

  3. I go here for a cheap and quick dinner, it's one of my favs in terms for 'bang for buck'. The Teriyaki chicken is always HUGE, I love it and always ask for extra cabbage to go with the sauce!

  4. i loveee japanese food. If its cheap its even better =P nothing is worse than having to cough up a shiettt load for food =P..

    YuMmm the icecream sounds soo good!! does it have corn-flake pieces in there?

  5. Howard: Hi! yes, my friend and i shared it and we (or I) had to persevere to finish it! it was soo good. and yes, I love the cabbage - I could've had that as a meal :)

    Semileona: Hi! Yeah, i agee. Jap food is the best! Yep, the ice-cream was great - they put cornflakes at the bottom of the cup - it's an odd combination, but it totally works!

  6. so where's the best sashimi in Sydney then? last time i was at Sushi Suma i really liked the agedashi tofu and japanese salad.
    S :-)

  7. yes, the agedashi tofu was pretty amazing! i loved that.
    hmm.. best sashimi - the pressure.. i think a lot of sushi trains e.g. ocean, mokoto, that one in market city. i'll have to do better 'research' and get report back on that one :) thanks S!


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