Monday, April 06, 2009

Almustafa Lebanese Restaurant, Glebe

Almustafa Lebanese Restaurant

How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 6/10
Value: $$

Last Friday night I dined at Almustafa's in Glebe with two of my friends. The restaurant was very cosy and the staff were friendly and welcoming. As it was a Friday evening, there was entertainment in the form of a belly dancer. We were quite surprised when she came out as we were in the middle of a conversation and the music and dancing suddenly changed, and kind of stunned us! She strutted her stuff and it was fun but a bit too in-your-face for me. I think she picked up our vibe as she swiftly moved passed our table.

The menu was quite extensive and there was many many things that I wanted to try.. sadly, the pockets & the waistline couldn't exactly afford such an extravagance!

Fatoush Salad $14.00
(tomatoes, shallots, cucumber, radish, parsley, onion, capsicum, mint and crushed tossed bread tossed with Almustafas' secret dressing)*

Complementary bread basket

Falafel $12.00

Shishtawook - Chickenbreast $18.00
(grilled chicken scewers)

Lamb Shawarma $18.00
(shredded lamb with herbs & spices)

All of the food was really tasty. I'm trying to be critical, but I just can't be! The salad was very tasty. My friend's friend recommended it and I'm so glad that we ordered it. The 'secret dressing' must have done the trick. The falafels were filled with chickpeas, and they were perfect with the accompanying sauce. The grilled chicken scewers were my favourite dish of the night. They were fleshy, juicy and just the right amount to satisfy those grilled chicken cravings (yes, we were having cravings). The Lamb Shawarma was a little bit dry and was my least favourite dish, but I'm not normally a fan of lamb, so I don't know if I'm the best judge.

I should mention the service. The service there was great. They were attentive but not intrusive and we did not have to wait too long for our food (always good when you're hungry).

The Pros:
- fatoush salad & chicken scewers = highly recommended
- fun & lively atmosphere (esp. for big groups)
- BYO + no corkage fee
- service

The Cons:
- if you don't like belly dancing, don't go on a fri/sat night
Great food and service, with great company equals a very pleasant evening. I haven't tried many Lebanese restaurants, but the food here was impressive. Will definitely go back and try different things on the menu.

Almustafa Lebanese Restaurant
23 Glebe Point Rd,
Glebe NSW 2037

*from the website :)
*p.s. please excuse the blurry photos, I am not a professional photographer and I didn't want to keep my hungry companions waiting. lol.

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  1. oo i wanna go.. i want some good falafels!!

    haha i think the majority of people won't mind some belly dancing! esp if it's a guy

    im here to predict one of ur upcoming blog! it'll be an inner west eatery.. because im eating w u LOL

  2. hey jen,
    yeah those falafels were pretty great :)
    yes i think belly dancing is one of those love it or hate it things. i would enjoy at a distance, but i didn't like that she was so close. i felt a bit awkward! haha.

  3. I admit I am not one for bellydancing. It's too in your face for me! It's good that she sensed it though, some just don't seem to notice!

  4. very slick looking blog ; ) i like it.

    i agree with the felafels, and i also wasn't too keen on the belly dancing or the lamb.

    the fluffy garlic dip for the chicken was quite magnificent, although a little disastrous on the post-dinner breath.

  5. loving your blog's background - very swish!

    i keep hearing about al mustafa's on the radio. have been quite tempted to go as i love the spices in lebanese food, but haven't gotten around to it (yet). seems like a decent eat - belly dancer excluded of course :)

  6. Lorraine: haha. yes, lucky she sensed it. i'm glad that there's more people out there that agree with us on the belly-dancing situation ;)

    Bea: thank you dearest! haha. i agree. as long as everyone is having the garilc dip, then it's ok because you don't notice. not so good if you're having a post-dinner rendevous ;) same goes for red onions.

    shez: thank you! i pretty much just copy and pasted. lol. yes, it is a decent eat. i think it would be good for big groups as they have a cushion room aswell, so that would be fun!

  7. I work with the son whose family owns/runs this place. It's a great restaurant, huh? Love the food here! :)

  8. Hi Simon: What a small world! Yeah, it's great. They must be doing really well cause I keep hearing their ads on the radio!


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