Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have a problem

I have a problem... 

"You are about to discover the exquisite taste of Lindor, 
the sensuous chocolates with delectably smooth 
centres that will melt you heart. Lindor 
chocolates are inspired by the legendary 
craftsmanship and uncompromising 
quality of Lindt of Switzerland"
- from the back of the box of Lindt Chocolates 

One of the gifts that I received for my graduation were a beautiful box of Lindt Chocolates (thanks to the lovely Jen :). There were twelve chocolates in the box, flavours included milk chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut (my FAVE) and dark chocolate. 

So, my graduation was yesterday. And the box was obviously untouched and full. And today, one day later, the box of chocolates is almost finished - i.e. I JUST ATE TEN (yes, TEN) LINDT CHOCOLATES in one sitting!! (The two remaining ones are white chocolate and I don't really like white chocolate). 


Evidence of me destroying the box of chocolates!

They were so good. And as the box says, they're 'irresistibly smooth'... damn you Lindt chocolates. And damn you Jen! Oh dear. I think I need help! 


  1. Hehe you are too cute! Yes it's too easy to polish off a whole box of those things!

  2. hahaha 'exquisite sensuous delectably smooth chocolates'... it sounds like you were totally seduced by the packaging ;D

    and yeah I don't like white chocolate much either, bring on the dark choc & nuts!

  3. Hi Lorraine: It was so hard to restrain myself! haha. damn.

    Hi Grace: I didn't even read the back of the box before attacking the chocolates! I just opened it up and thought, 'ok, i'll have a blue one'.. that lead to 'i'll just try the hazelnut'... before long, it was all gone! haha.

  4. clam down on the sugar.... haha

  5. The hazelnut ones are my favourite too!

  6. Hi K: i know i know... but it just happens a few days a month where i NEED chocolate :)

    Hi Y: The hazelnut ones were so YUM!


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