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Janani, Homebush


How was it?
Food: 8.5/10
Service: 5/10
Ambience: 6/10
Value: $

Our different sized cups!

I had heard about Janani in Homebush and had been meaning to go for a while. On Friday night, I finally made it there, with Smurf as my guide. I was expecting to see tables with plastic covered tablecloths (as I had been told of this), but apparently there had been some renovation and the plastic covered tablecloths did not make the cut (wonder why?!). There were some fairy lights around the walls, the paint job was pretty dodgy, but all in all, it definitely added to a more authentic feel :)

The service was pretty shocking. They had a tin for utensils on each table and ours was missing forks. So when we asked for some forks, the waitress placed another tin on our table, instead of just refilling our existing tin. Also, after finishing one dish, they did not remove the plates. We actually had to put them on the empty table next to us, to make room for our other dishes. I also saw one waitress carrying a basket of naan bread to a table whilst checking her phone at the same time!

Anyway, onto the food. I wanted to try real authentic Sri Lankan/Indian food, so I left the ordering up to Smurf. We ordered an assortment of dishes that I had never tried, so it was very exciting to delve into a whole different world.

Mango Lassi $3.50

The mango lassi was not as thick or yoghurt-y as I've had in other places. It tasted quite like a mango weiss bar! But, nothing wrong with that.

Lamb Patties $2.00 (for 2 pieces)

Extra Hot Chilli Sauce 'Sri Lanka's No. 1 Choice'

I was unsure of whether we should have ordered the fish or lamb patties. But Smurf assured me that the lamb patties were excellent and that you couldn't really taste the lamb. Well, I could taste the lamb, but it was actually very tasty especially dipped in the extra hot chilli sauce. I believe that anything in a puff (pan-fried short crust pastry), usually oily and pretty bad for you, is a winner.

Kothu Roti (with vegetables) $7.00

Kothu Rothi is a Sri Lankan dish with chopped up pieces of pre-cooked roti, onions, chilli, spices and you can choose from a selection of meat or vegetables. We chose the vegetable option. It was a huge serving and at $7.00 is was a steal. We probably could have stopped with the Kothu Roti... but we were greedy and the food kept rolling out...

Seafood Thali $10.00

The huge platter almost occupied our entire table! There was basmati rice (which I normally don't like, I often find it too grainy, but it was cooked well at Janani). There was also some pappadam, and a selection of curries ranging for very mild to very spicy. It was a great way to sample a little bit of each curry.

Plain $2.00 (left) and Egg $2.50 (right) Hoppers

A thin and crispy pancake made of milk and coconut, served with coconut sambal. It was sweet and great on it's own or used for dipping in the curries. I would recommend getting the egg hopper, because you still get the thin and crispy parts, but you also get the soft middle part.

The vattilappam (below) may not look very appetising, but this eggy baked custard dessert topped with bits of cashew nuts, is perfect for any sweet tooth and despite our full bellies, we polished it off pretty quickly!

Vattilappam $3.00



The Pros:
- Great Food
- Cheap

The Cons:
- Service

It is fair to say that the gluttons within, known as Smurf and I, came out on Friday night. It was a massive effort to get through the feast, we were in pain by the end of it, but it was worth it! The food was very authentic and flavoursome, and it was excellent value. I will definitely be going back.

32 Burlington Rd,
Homebush NSW 2140
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  1. so yummy!!!
    man betty, your blog is so good when i'm trying to distract myself from an essay.

    love phillip <3

  2. Hi Phillip: I'm not sure whether to feel guilty or not! haha. Glad my blog has helped in your procrastination ;)

  3. You find some really great places! I love the range of food in a thali. You just cannot beat it! And I'm fascinated by the fish head curry and the mud crab curry. Perhaps I need to visit the Homebush area more often!

  4. mud crab curry! that sounds awesome! and those hoppers look so pretty!

  5. Hi Lorraine: Thanks, but it is with the help of a lot of friends :) You should definitely think about venturing out to Homebush more often!

    Hi Chocolatesuze: It does sound intriguing. The hoppers were awesome! Especially dipped with the sambal or curries.. :)

  6. impressed by the blog. We should have taken pictures of the dodgy paint job and ceiling. Maybe I should put a link to this blog in an email to the manager...they might up their services!! It was good food there...a blind man wouldn't go anywhere else!

  7. Hi Smurf: I agree. Maybe you should send it to the manager (apparently it's tam's family friend. haha) and apparently we have to try the dosa's next time. SO many more things to try. can't wait.

  8. All the food looks fab! Just the kind of place I like going to. Too bad Homebush is a bit of a trek!

  9. Hi Y: The food was amazing! Big portions and great value - definitely worth the trek!

  10. HI. Love your blog. Only just discovered it. I have been going to Janani for years. The dosa is the best around!

    If you are up for trying some more great Sri Lnakan food you should definitley venture to Seven Hills and visit Indo Lankan Food Bar. The curries there are fantastic.

  11. Hi Redlocust: Thank you :) I haven't tried the dosa, but I've been hearing food things about it, so I'll definitely have to go back and try it! Oh, thanks for the recommendation, I'll keep that place in mind!


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