Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kopitiam Cafe, Ultimo

Kopitiam Cafe

How was it?
Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $

Last weekend, Smurf and I were going 'out on the town'. Before our glamorous night, we decided to have a good feed at Kopitiam Cafe in Ultimo. This restaurant has received lots of praise and great reviews, and now I understand why.

Roti Canai (with curry sauce) $4.00

The roti canai is a Malaysian style flat bread that is fried and served with curry sauce (however, that was optional. But, for only $0.50 more, why wouldn't you get the sauce?). It was so delicious - crispy yet soft and easy to pull apart, dipped in the curry sauce, it was pretty much heaven! I was still dreaming of the roti days following our meal. Definitely a must, if you go to Kopitiam.

Gado Gado

The gado gado is a mix of vegetables and tofu topped with peanut satay sauce. I've tried gado gado at a number of Indonesian restaurants, but never the Malaysian style. I found it to be a little bit too sweet and thought that there was not enough of the peanut satay flavour. However, we still polished it off... haha.

Nasi Goreng $9.50

Char Kuay Teow $9.50

Both dishes were winners. The nasi goreng is a fried rice with a combination of seafood, chicken, egg and vegetables. The char kuay teow is flat rice noodles, with the same combination as the nasi goreng, stir fried with garlic and soy sauce.

Ice Kachang $5.00

After sitting and taking a few moments to digest our food, we decided to give the Ice Kachang dessert a try. There's a "special mixture" of ingredients at the bottom of the bowl. I found some grass jelly, corn and red bean. This is then topped with shaved ice and a sugary syrup. Very interesting and refreshing.

The Pros:
- the food
- cheap
- friendly staff

The Cons:
- not being able to finish our meal!

The lady was so friendly, when I walked in I felt as though I was coming over to a friend's place. It has that kind of warm and homely atmosphere. And of course, the food was amazing and I will go back again and again.

Kopitiam Cafe
594 Harris St,
Ultimo NSW 2007
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  1. I've driven past here so many times and always wondered what it's like! Good to know that the food is good and I love roti and Ice Kacang! :D

  2. Hey hey...Smurf here. I was amazing. So Tasty!! The gado gado was a little too sweet for me too. Good Review!

  3. I cant imagine the amount of food photos you'll take and the number of times you'll go ''yum!'' if you were in malaysia and sg! LOL


  4. Hi Lorraine: The food is great. You would love it!

    Hi Smurf: Thanks! We have to go again..

    Hi K: Yes, we all know that I am very easily satisfied (with food!) :)


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