Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sahara, Burwood


How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$

Last Friday night I dined with D* and TestHero at Sahara in Burwood. There are two sections to the restaurant. In the first entrance there is a small walkway where people can purchase takeaway. The second entrance is the restaurant section where there are two rows of tables and chairs, lounges, mirrors and drapes. I've dined at Sahara a number of times and I've always been very satisfied with the food. The wait staff were friendly and helpful. They do have entertainment on some nights, in the form of a belly dancer, but tonight we did not see any (I was not too fussed about that).

We decided to order some homemade dips which came with garlic herb pide bread (warm and crispy = fantastic!). We also ordered a vegetable casserole and a mixed grilled meat platter. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a situation where TestHero was unsure of whether he was going to be able to make it for our feast, so we decided to cancel the casserole. Luckily, the waitress was very understanding and helpful with that.

Garlic herb pide bread

Babaganush $8.50
Oven-baked eggplant dip with black olives and sliced cucumber

Jajik $7.90
Yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip

Karisik izgara tabagi $32.90
Mixed grill platter with lamb and chicken pieces on skewers, lamb cutlets, Turkish steak, pilaf, Turkish pide and grilled capsicum chilli

The Pros:
- the food
- easy parking (in Burwood Westfields)

The Cons:
- missing out on our casserole (thanks TestHero)

A pleasant evening with D* and TestHero (despite his late arrival and the subsequent tension - hello, awkward. haha). The grilled meats and bread with dips are always good and a good feed in Burwood.

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Almond Magnum & Classic Magnum

D* and I finished off our night by watching 17 Again and having magnums for dessert. So good ;)

Westfield Shopping Centre
Shop 101B, Burwood Rd,
Burwood NSW 2134
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  1. mmmm Babaganush myyyy favouriteeeeeeeee... funny thing is thats the only time i eat eggplant lol mMmmmmm Mediterranean foodddd

    Almost went there on saturday night for a quick feed but once again canton noodle house won us over in the end =( damnit >_< wanted to try something different.

    Always walked past but never eaten there b4 ^_^ glad you did a review on the joint. ^_^

  2. The mixed grill sounds like a great way to have a taste of everything. It's a shame you missed the casserole, but at least you had room for magnums :)

  3. Hi Smileona: i've never been to canton noodle house!? maybe i will go there and you can give sahara a try ;)

    Hi Arwen: yeah, but there's always next time! the almond magnum was so good :) i always room for ice cream ;)

  4. Looks great and yes good,fresh breads are perfect for those dips :) I like your thinking for dessert too!

  5. Hi Lorraine: I would've been happy with just the bread & dips for dinner! Yeah, a movie to bring out the teeny bopper and a magnum icecream - couldn't ask for more, really :)


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