Friday, April 03, 2009

Seoul Ria, Haymarket

Seoul Ria

How was it?
Food: 7/10
Service: 3/10
Ambience: 8/10
Value: $$

New menus!

On Thursday night I had dinner at Seoul Ria, with The Ladies' Man and Shell. I've been to Seoul Ria many times, and have always found it an enjoyable experience. So it was quite ironic that when I decided to go and blog about it, I would have my worst experience there ...

The service button

The first thing I noticed was that they had changed their menu design. They used to have plastic A4 bound menus, now they have nice, new slick ones.. however, it is a bit cluttered and I prefer the old ones, but whatever, it's just a menu! So, we decide on what we want to order and press the buzzer for service. I pressed so many times before anyone came. The waitress finally came and took our order.

Twenty minutes later, our food still hadn't arrived. Not even water or the complementary starters, so I thought that was a bit strange. So we buzzed and buzzed, and they finally came and gave us some water and then I asked about our food and somehow 'something happened' to their system and they had lost our order. So they apologised and I was too hungry to bother haggling, so we just re-ordered. It's funny when a restaurant does something wrong, because after the mistake everything is super efficient, fast and the staff become much more attentive - perhaps they should always lose our orders ;)

The complementary starters come first. There's some kimchi, potatoes and vege dishes.

Then out comes the real food...


Mandu (Fried Dumplings) $10.00

Tteokbokki (rice, pasta and vegetables) $10.00

Budae-jjigae (kimchi, sausages, vegetables hot pot with noodles) $40.00

The budae-jjigae was quite hot (chilli), but the flavour was rich and made the sausages and tofu very tasty. I always get the hot pot here, it's always so filling though and you'd need at least four people to finish it. My favourite dish of the evening was the fried dumplings. Crispy skin on the outside filled with mince and vegetables. Yum. The tteobokki dish was a bit bland, I think it would have been better with the spicy sauce, however I did like the pieces of fish in it.

The Pros:
- Food
- Never ending complementary starters
- Bustling atmosphere

The Cons:
- Slow service
- Miscommunication with waiters/waitresses

Despite losing our order, I still enjoyed the food and will definitely go back. There's so many more things on the menu that I want to try. But, I think my favourite Korean restaurant would have to be Se Jeong in Campsie. But if you can't get there, this is worth a try.

Seoul Ria Korean Restaurant
Level 2, 605-609 Cnr Goulbourn & George St,
Seoul Ria on Urbanspoon


  1. What the hell? When did you start doing this? Very impressed.... Ok so not really sure what to write. Great Blog!!

  2. hey ANON, i have a feeling i know who you are....... lol. Thanks :)

  3. "I think my favourite Korean restaurant would have to be Se Jeong in Campsie."

    Love it ;)

  4. Looks delicious! And hehe about always losing an order. It's true, or at least I hope so, otherwise they'd be beyond hope. I love the never ending complimentary dishes at Korean restaurants too :)

  5. K: all thanks to you :) i love those pancakes at se jeong.. mm... !

    Lorraine: haha. yes, i could just have a meal out of those starters! might need to get a lot of refills though :)


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