Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thousand Spices, Homebush

Thousand Spices

How was it?
Food: 9/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 6/10
Value: $

I love Thousand Spices! Ever since D* and I were introduced to this place by some of our friends a few years ago, we fell in love with the food and we have been loyal customers ever since. The decor is simple, there are three rows of tables and chairs and there's always a mix of people dining there. The service and staff are amicable, however nothing really matters because the food never disappoints. So, we decided to go to Thousand Spices during the week for a quick dinner. We don't even need to look at the menu, we already know what we want, but we pretend to peruse anyway.

So this is pretty much our standard Thousand Spices dinner..

First up is vegetable samosas. A triangular shaped pastry, filled with potatoes and green peas, served with fresh mint, tamarind chutney, cucumber and carrots. Crunchy on the outside, soft and mushy on the inside - perfect.

Vegetable samosa $4.00 (2 pieces)


Next up is our main course. We order two servings of naan bread. Butter chicken and chicken tikka masala.
Naan bread $2.00 p/piece

The naan bread at Thousand Spices is perfect. It comes out nice and warm, fluffy and soft. I can't say enough good things about their naan bread. We order two serves first and then we re-order another serving. This is a good idea instead of ordering a lot in the beginning, because the naan bread will sit there and get cold. So when you reorder you get to experience the naan bread coming out, nice and warm once again :)

Butter chicken $13.50

The butter chicken is pieces of chicken cooked in tandoori and finished off in a tomato and butter gravy. The chicken pieces are tender and flavoursome. The dish is creamy and a little bit sweet, so it is perfect if you don't like really hot (chilli) dishes.

Murgh tikka masala $13.50

This dish is a combination of chicken pieces, tossed with tomato gravy, peppers, capsicum, onion and coriander. It's spicy and full of flavour.

The Pros:
- the FOOD
- cheap and cheerful
- quick service

The Cons:
- if you get a table directly in the path of the airconditioning, you might need to take a jacket

I can't rave enough about Thousand Spices. Everyone that I have taken there has enjoyed it (even the ones that don't particularly enjoy Indian cuisine - I know, weird). So I'm very certain that you will not be disappointed.

"New Menu Soon!!!
More Reasons To Dine With Us."

Menu outside their entrance

A collection of articles praising Thousand Spices on display in their window

Thousand Spices
23 The Crescent,
Homebush NSW 2140
(opposite Homebush train station)
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  1. With all of those reviews I feel a bit sheepish that I've never heard of this place before so thanks for sharing it! :) I like the way they serve the samosas. Sometimes I find they're a bit dry on their own but this would suit me to a t :)

  2. Hi Lorraine: No worries. I think that if you haven't tried Thousand Spices, you're totally missing out! Yep, the samosas are fantastic!

  3. Mmmm I'd like to order some naan bread and butter chicken please! :D

  4. Hi Grace: Thousand Spices has the BEST naan bread! You should definitely try it!


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