Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bills, Surry Hills

How was it?
Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $

Last Saturday morning I met up with Miss LV and Miss Toronto for breakfast at Bills. We arrived at about 10am, and surprisingly did not have to wait for a table! Lucky! I had heard about Bills a couple of years ago from one of my friends, who was an international student. Apparently it was one of the 'must eat' places in Sydney. She would rave about Bills, and ask 'Have you been to Bills?', 'Why haven't you been to Bills? You live here?'... oh, sorry! So I rectified that situation pretty swiftly. That was a few years ago, and since then I have only had pleasant experiences at Bills.

Bills is owned by Bill Granger, who is somewhat of a celebrity with a few international best selling cook books and restaurants to his name. The food here is very simple, yet tasty and creative (check out the ricotta pancakes below!). It took a while to come out, but oh it was worth it! And our drinks kept us satisfied in the meantime.

Cappuccino $3.50

Hot Chocolate with Callebaut $4.00

Latte $3.50

Ricotta hotcakes with banana & honeycomb butter $16.60
(aka heaven!)

Bircher muesli with granny smith apples and sliced almonds $11.50
(aka the most beautiful bowl of muesli)

Scrambled eggs with sourdough toast $12.80 + extra mushrooms $3.80

I'm craving all this food, just looking through my pictures again! The scrambled eggs are a must at Bills. They are creamy, fluffy and sweet - I don't know how they get it to taste so good! The muesli was beautiful and quite filling, and I think if heaven had a taste, it would taste a bit like those ricotta pancakes - beautiful and moreish!

I can definitely see why Bills has become a Sydney institution. The prices are reasonable, the food is always top quality and it's the perfect way to spend your morning. A surcharge of 10% applies to weekends and public holidays. Lunch and dinner also available.

359 Crown St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010

433 Liverpool St,
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

118 Queen St (Queens Court),
Wollahra NSW 2025
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  1. Om nom nom, look at all that honeycomb butter! I am craving a bills brekkie so baadly now...I've only ever been to the Darlinghurst cafe, not sure if there's much of a difference between them!

  2. ZOMG you got such a huge slab of honeycomb butter! aww food envy!

  3. Oohh craving to go back now after this!! Gotta try their Hot Choc! and have more Ricotta hotcakes!
    Have you tried the wagyu burger?

  4. i think i was lining up outside on the same day at 11 am but was too long a wait by then on Crown St.

  5. Hi Steph: I've never been to the Darlinghurst one, but I'd imagine they'd be the same! Mm yes, those pancakes were so good :)

    Hi Chocolatesuze: hehe! It was great!

    Hi Belle: Me too :)

    Hi FFichiban: Yeah the hot choc was cool, it had real chocolate in it! Never tried the wagyu burger, is it amazing?

    Hi Simon: Oh no, it does get really packed. I think I went at the perfect time!

  6. My two favourite breakfasts there-the hotcakes and the eggs! I've been to all 3 and they each have a different vibe although I really like the Woollahra one (good shopping afterwards :P ). Nowadays I do both at home as his recipes are spot on :)

  7. Hi Lorraine: Ooh, I'll have to give the Woollahra one a try :) And I'll have to give his recipes a try too (one day! lol)

  8. I think I'm committing the ultimate Sydney sin here - I have never been to Bills! I'm surprised that I haven't been kicked out of the city yet! But I have heard many good things abt his breakfasts! And honeycomb butter? ZOMG!

  9. Your pics are making me salivate hehe. Love the hot cakes!

  10. Hi Karen: Ooh, you must get to Bills! If only for the ricotta pancakes!

    Hi Foodie-central: Hehe. Yeah, they're amazing :)

  11. I haven't been to Bills for a quite while!
    I love their ricotta pancakes and corn fritter!

  12. Hi Yas: Oh, I saw someone at another table with the corn fritters, they looked amazing! I was a little jealous!


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