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Caesars Cucina Italiana, Leichhardt

Caesars Cucina Italiana

How was it?
Food: 7/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$

Herb pizza

I was not in my best food blogging state of mind last weekend as I forgot to get the prices of the dishes and almost forgot to get the name of the restaurant. DCM and I were having dinner at the Italian Forum in Leichhardt and we randomly picked the very first restaurant, because the maitre de was quite persuasive and offered a free glass of wine. There is indoor and outdoor seating, and on this beautiful Sydney night we were seated outdoor.

The service at Caesars was a little bit slow, it was a bit difficult trying to catch their attention, and they seemed to be mixing up the orders on the tables a lot. I saw one waitress going from table to table with my dessert. Hmm...

Tonight, we ordered some herb pizza to start and a pasta main each. No complaints. My fettucini was very soft and there was lots of flavour. The spaghetti was apparently boring, but I figured it's spag bol, how interesting can it be?...

Vegetarian Fettucini

Spaghetti Bolognese

Tiramisu with ice cream

The tiramisu was very sweet. Soft and creamy, with hints of the coffee flavour. It was definitely a win, however not the best tiramisu I've had. The best one would have to be at Bar Reggio in Surry Hills (so amazing!).

The Italian forum features a number of good quality Italian restaurants and cafes. And all reasonably priced. The service at Caesars was not the greatest, but the food was good and you can't really complain about the free glass of wine :)

Caesars Cucina Italiana
Shop 30 The Italian Forum
23 Norton St,
Leichhardt NSW 2040
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  1. I've never really rated any of the restaurants that I've been to in the Forum, though admittedly that hasn't been to many. Food seems to be alright a lot of the time but either the service and/or the cost for me generally keeps me away from there.

    The food looks alright but if the service is as you say, there are probably much better options in the Forum, let alone the rest of Norton St.

  2. Ohh I know what you mean, I ALWAYS forget to note the prices of dishes when I eat. Thank god for google and restaurant websites with menus! Thanks for the tip on the best tiramisu, must try it out sometime :)

  3. woww herb pizza looks so good ! :) haha i loveee herb pizza but they always kinda burn it a bit
    hrmm i wonder whyyyy

  4. It's been ages since my last visit to the Italian forum-I don't know why as I like Italian food! Shame about the service but the food looks pretty good!

  5. Hi Simon: I agree with you, there are so many options on Norton St for a good Italian meal. But the forum is always dependable, I've been to Sapore in there, which is one of the better Italian restaurants, I think.

    Hi Steph: Haha. Thank god for google :)

    Hi nutsaboutmynuts: Herb pizza is great, isn't it? Maybe they burn it to give it a more authentic taste?! I really don't know. lol.

    Hi Lorraine: Yeah service was pretty mediocre, but it's a nice little to relax and have a nice meal.

  6. The fettucine sounds good. LOL about spag bol being boring!

  7. Hi Arwen: Haha. Yeah, the fettucine was very simple and tasty. So was the spag bol though, i think my fellow diner was just one of those picky ones, you know?!

  8. I dinned CAESARS last night and was bitterly disappointed by both the customer service and the food. The staff could not pronounce basic italian words (integral to working at a pizza restaurant in the Italian Forum I would have thought), the pizza was of poor quality . . . when I went to the counter to ask for the bill (a second time as it was not forthcoming after the first request) I discovered the cook and majority of waiters were Asian. If CAESARS is supposed to add to the Italian Forum's italian ambiance and experience it certainly is not meeting this aim. . . perhaps give staff basic Italian lessons and hire cooks that genuinely know about the Italian cuisine. I can now see why the Forum is struggling.


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