Monday, May 18, 2009

Cho Dumpling King, Haymarket

Cho Dumpling King

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Green Tea Milk Tea with Pearls

Last week it was my dear friend K's graduation. Whilst waiting around to pick up her cap & gown, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat. We walked over to Cho Dumpling King. This tiny Taiwanese restaurant is always, always packed. There is always a queue to get in, which is a good sign?! We waited for about 20 minutes before we got a table. The restaurant is so small, every single space they have is covered in tables and chairs, it's almost impossible to move without having to ask someone to shuffle for you!

The food is always good and cheap (however I forgot to get the names and prices amongst all the graduation excitement. oops!). The only downside is the service. It is pretty darn terrible. Because there is such a high demand for a seat, their main objective is to get you in and out as quickly as possible! Whilst you are eating, the waiters and waitresses will hover around you and ask if you have finished, or clear your plates away even if you're still going or simply stare you down until you leave! It's quite funny. We sat there and ate our food real slow just to spite them! Plus, food is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely speed, it's not a race!

Ok, onto the food. I already had lunch, so I had a green tea milk tea with pearls and picked at some of K's food :) She ordered the lunch box set which came with a bowl of sour soup - very nice, if you go, you must try their house speciality which is the noodles with soup soup (sorry, don't know the name!). We also grabbed a side dish from their display cabinet. It's self service, so you just go up and grab whichever dish you like and they're all $2.50.

Sour soup

Chilli Sauce

K's lunch box - fried chicken, rice, raddish, corn, veges, orange

Side Dish - beans $2.50

If you're willing to wait and overlook the poor service, you will be very satisfied with the authentic Taiwanese fare they have to offer. The queues outside this tiny restaurant speak for themselves.

Cho Dumpling King
Shop 6, 8 Quay St,
Haymarket NSW 2000
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  1. This sounds like my kind of restaurant, I eat way too fast! The $2.50 side dishes sound like great value

  2. Hi Steph: Yeah, the side dishes are pretty good, they have some really strange ones too i.e. pig ears & tongues!

  3. There's so many little places in Chinatown it's hard to keep up! I love lunch boxes, so I might try it out (don't want a wait, though!).

  4. hehe thanks so much about the warning re the service! The chili sauce looks really interesting, almost like there's something else in there :)

  5. oooh wow
    i went past here before & looked at the menu but didnt actually decide toeat here!
    will definitely give it a try one day ! :) haha

  6. Hi Belle: It is definitely hard to keep up! The wait is a bit of a pain, but easily passed if you bring along some good company!

    Hi Lorraine: Haha. No worries! It was very interesting looking indeed, perhaps some secret ingredients?!

    Hi Eden: You should definitely give it a try one day!

  7. Oh oh I know this place! But I've never stepped into yet.
    I was pretty much addicted to affordable & yummy Taiwanese food during my uni days back in Boston - now I can't even remember what those dishes I loved called! (like fried pork-chop, tomato based sauce on the rice, etc..)

  8. Hi Yas: This place is pretty authentic, you should give it a try and relive your uni memories!

  9. oohh yeah this shop is always packed! I reckon self service is ok if the food is good =D

  10. I've peered into this place so many times but always end up at Chinese Noodle Restaurant instead because the plates of cold jellied pigs ears, pig's trotters and other miscellaneous goodies are too freaky for my Australianised friends. Good to know the food is tasty! I'll find some adventurous Asian friends to check it out

  11. Hi Grace: Yeah, self service is sometimes actually better than waiting around!

    Hi Forager: Lol!! That's so funny. Maybe you should take your Australianised friends to experience, and if they don't like it, you can always go get some sweet asian buns to satisfy yourselves :)


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