Monday, May 11, 2009

Emperor's Garden 30th Anniversary, Haymarket

Emperor's Garden 30th Anniversary 

Last Friday I was invited to attend the 30th Anniversary celebrations of Emperor's Garden in Chinatown. It was originally an 80 seat restaurant and over the years Stanley, along with his wife and two boys, have expanded their business to now having a 350 seat restaurant, a BBQ meat store and a bakery. Pretty impressive. 

With a loud crackle & bang, courtesy of some lion dancing, the festivities were off to a start. This was followed by some speeches from Stanley, his friends and some dignitaries. Then we moved on to the yummy food. A showcase of the wonderful offerings that Emperor's Garden have including BBQ meat, dumplings, noodles, cakes and sweets. I managed to capture some of what was on offer that day... 

BBQ Pork 

BBQ Duck 

BBQ Pork Buns 

Siu Mai 

Steamed dumplings 

Fried dumplings 

Spring Rolls 

Pastry stuffed with cheese & veges

Prawn Salad 


Salmon sashimi 

Egg custard balls (so good!) 

Egg Tarts 

Strawberry Tart 

Green Tea Cake 

Chocolate Mousse Cake 

Raspberry Tart 


Congratulations to Stanley, his family and their staff on 30 years of excellence. Here's to another 30 years :) 

Emperor's Garden BBQ & Noodle Restaurant 
213 - 215 Thomas St, 
Haymarket NSW 2000 

Emperor's Garden Restaurant/Bakery & Cakes 
100 Hay St, 
Haymarket NSW 2000 


  1. WOW you went to THE emperor's garden anniversary party?! your cool factor just shot up 4000% through the roof haha
    rar the cakes! the dim sum!
    arr I want some of those egg custard balls... do they sell them in the bun shop?

  2. me want the egg custard balls too.. Totally yum!!!! shall take a look at the bakery later :) or do u think it's offer on their yum cha menus? hm..

  3. Ahhh so much food and so many desserts! Lucky you! I looove the egg custard balls, I always buy them and then burn my tongue because I'm too impatient to wait for the custard to cool down hehe

  4. Some really nice looking food. However, I found it interesting that the desserts were mostly not Chinese in origin. I would have expected for something like this, that they would have celebrated this occasion with Chinese fare from start to finish.

  5. Hi Grace: lol. i thought i was already pretty cool, but thanks ;) i'm not sure if they sell them in the bakery... they should.

    Hi K: I know, I know. A perfect end to the feast!

  6. Hi Steph: lol. I know, the amount of food was seriously insane. And the people trying to jostle for positions around the tables was pretty hectic as well! I actually saw people station themselves around the buffet tables! Eager!

    Hi Simon: I think they were just offering a variety of their goodies to show their diversity, however it was still 80% chinese fare ;) Also, there was A LOT more food that I didn't get to photograph!

  7. Wow, you are so lucky! What a fun event and lovely food :)

  8. Yum! So good.. I need to get over to Chinatown to satisfy my char siu craving now. Mmm.. char siu... *drool*

  9. Hi Lorraine: Yes, there was so much food! haha. A great event!

    Hi Forager: Haha. Chinatown is so great for a cheap thrill :)

  10. I remember walking past this place as a child and even now i've still never tried it.

    Actually i rarely eat along the chinatown strip. It bugs me now how they stand there and try and lure you in =( Its become a touristy heaven.

    DUmplings look greatttt!! soo lucky u were invited to this event

  11. Mmm bbq pork! Did you snatch up any plates for yourself ;) and gw to them for showing their diversity, though they really should have accentuated the shi mi lou, dou fu fah etc

  12. Hi Smileona: Oh, I hate all those people that try to lure you in as well! I feel very uncomfortable with it all. But, there are a few gems there including Emperor's Garden, East Ocean and Superbowl.. and others I'm sure. You should give it a try!

    Hi FFichiban: Hehe. I kept going back to the tables for more food! And because it was a cocktail function, everyone was standing around (which encourages more eating, I feel!) Yeah, maybe some more authentic food would've been nice, but don't know how I'd be able to stomach it all!

  13. Woooo you so lucky! I want some dumplings and BBQ pork buns!

  14. Hi Yas: Yeah, can't complain! lol.


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