Sunday, May 03, 2009

Marigold Restaurant, Haymarket

Marigold Restaurant

How was it?
Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$$

Complementary prawn crackers

For dinner on my graduation day, my father suggested we celebrate at Marigold Restaurant. There's free parking and who doesn't love a bit of peking duck? I left most of the ordering up to others, apparently the one dish that I wanted was not worthy of getting ordered ("We can make that home, why order it? Fine.").

Entree: Steamed Oysters with ginger and shallots $24.oo (for 4 pieces)

I found that the ginger and shallots did overpower the oysters. I prefer my oysters to be fresh with just a bit of lemon and pepper. But they were still good.

Skilled waiter slicing up our peking duck
Peking Duck with Sang Choy Bow as second course $58.00

Peking Duck pancake

Inside the peking duck pancake

Sang Choy Bow

The peking duck was great. The pancake was soft and the meat was very juicy. However, I normally find peking duck really greasy and oily, so I can normally only have one pancake. Luckily we had a whole slew of people tonight to assist!

Beancurd with assorted meats in clay pot $22.00

Fukien fried rice $22.00

Steamed whole fish with ginger and shallots (seasonal price)

The rest of the dishes were well received and most of them were polished up. The Fukien fried rice was a definite crowd pleaser, saucy and flavoursome. I personally enjoyed the steamed fish and the beancurd.

Complementary fruit

Complementary dessert: A sweet ginger soup with sweet potato

I think the best things about Chinese restaurants are the free fruit and desserts at the end of your meal! The sweet ginger soup was interesting and quite refreshing. And after that heavy dinner, I felt quite cleansed :)

All the typical things you'd expect to find in a Chinese Restaurant. The big gaudy decor, and the big fish tanks. Haphazard service and people screaming at each other. All adding to the experience. The food was enjoyable, but not something that I could do often. The free parking is a definite bonus though.

Marigold Restaurant
Levels 4 & 5, 683-689 George St,


  1. Oh I love Fukien fried rice! And that's great how there is free parking, parking is usually such a nightmare. Congrats on graduating :) , I'm a recent graduate too!

  2. We love Marigold for the free parking too hehe. Congratulations on your graduation. We've ordered those exact same dishes from Marigold so I know exactly how good they are! :)

  3. Hi Steph: Congrats on your graduation too! I had so much fun (taking pictures all day. lol). The fukien fried rice is definitely a winner!

    Hi Lorraine: The free parking is a really great incentive, so is the food! And thanks :)

  4. The ginger soup with sweet potato sounds lovely and refreshing!

  5. Hi Arwen: The ginger soup was very lovely, and even better cause it was free. lol.

  6. oh dude congrats on your graduation! was there cake?

  7. Hi Chocolatesuze: Thanks :) haha. No cake, but plenty of desserts ;)

  8. yeah free fruit and sweet soup roxor!
    and god yes peking duck

    what was the one dish that you wanted but were denied? that happens to me a lot too haha did it have anything to do with rice :D

  9. Hi Grace: Yeah, love the freebies :) I wanted to order a simple veggie dish, but was sadly denied, I bet it would've been amazing too...


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