Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Medusa Greek Taverna, Sydney

Medusa Greek Taverna

How was it?
Food: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Ambience: 8/10
Value: $$$

Who knew such a great Greek restaurant could be found in the heart of Sydney CBD? Last week, Little J and I dined at Medusa Greek Taverna. It's in a great location (Allianz building), just a short walk from the QVB. From the outside it looks very sleek, stylish and modern. High ceilings and walls are covered with beautiful images of Greek islands. There's indoor and outdoor seating, around two separate balconies. Tonight we are seated outside, right beside a heater. The lovely waiter was very accommodating and attentive (Little J had a crush on him - "you have to write about how great that waiter is ok?" lol.)

Taramosalata $8.00
Authentic Fish Roe Dip

We started off by ordering two dips. The Taramosalata was gorgeous. Thick and flavoursome, whilst the Melitzanolasata was smooth and smoky. The pita bread was warm and chewy. I think we devoured the entrees when they reached the table (after taking photos, of course ;)

Melitzanosalata $8.00
Eggplant, garlic and olive oil

Dips served with warm pita bread

Kolokithokeftethes $12.00
Zucchini fritters with dill, mint and shollots

The zucchini fritters were warm and crispy on the outside, tangy and soft on the inside. Dipped in the yoghurt, it was delicious!

Roco Salata $10.00
Rockets, pinenuts, Kefalotiyri with mustard, lemon dressing

I thought we should order some greens to be a little healthy! The Roco Salata was very simple yet enjoyable. I especially loved the pinenuts which added that little crunch to the salad.

Arni Souvlaki $26.00

Traditional lamb souvlaki served with tzatziki sauce, spicy salad and hand cut chips. The lamb was thick, juicy and tender. The highlight of the dish though, were the hand cut chips. Maybe it was the oil they fried it in, or the potatoes they used, or the person who actually cut the chips.. I'm not sure... but they were so very yum. I don't think there was one chip left on our plate :)

Medusa $14.00

There's always room for dessert... especially when it's Little J and I dining together :)

We ordered the Medusa to share. It consisted of ouzo strawberries, pomegranate coulis, anise ice cream and crispy Kadalfi. It was a very strange mixture of tastes that hit my palette. The crispy kadalfi (beautiful bird's nest looking thing sitting on top) was very strange. It tasted very coconuty yet bland, and we weren't very impressed with it until we hit the middle part where they had drizzled a little bit of honey (they should've dipped the whole thing in honey ;), when we reached that part our eyes opened wide and we were all 'omg'!

Although it is a little bit pricey, it is in a great location and the service did not miss a beat. Now you know where to find delicious and authentic Greek fare in the CBD!

Medusa Greek Taverna
2 Market St, (Cnr Kent & Market Sts)
Sydney NSW 2000
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  1. Yum, great find! I adore Greek food and am always on the lookout for great Greek establishments :)

  2. Ooh interesting, I don't know many good Greek places! The zucchini fritters with yoghurt look delish!

  3. i was in a taxi once with a greek driver and he recommended medusa as the best greek place for dinner! really want to go there now...the fritters made me drool onto my desk.

  4. Hi Lorraine: Yes, there aren't that many Greek establishments that I know of, so this was pretty exciting!

    Hi Steph: The zucchini fritters were so good ;) mm..

    Hi Bea: A very wise man, that taxi driver.

    Hi Am: Yes, it was very nice :)

  5. omg I will definitely be going here in the near future! haha we seem to gravitate towards jap or korean when we eat in the city so GREEK will be an interesting change

    and the coconutty bird's nest looks awesome! 'dip the whole thing in honey'..hahaha I like the way you think

  6. Hi Grace: Yeah, it was such a nice surprise to find an authentic Greek restaurant in the city! Haha... it seriously tasted 100 times better when we reached the part with honey!

  7. haha I keep thinking about that bird's nest dessert and hand cut chips mmm

    I HAVE to go
    is Allianz building on george st?

  8. Hi Grace: haha. The taste of the anise ice cream is very strong, it's a strong liqueur taste. I was OK, but not amazing. However, do get excited about the hand cut chips! They were awesome! It's just behind George st, on Market St.


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