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Pinangsia Noodle, Kingsford

Pinangsia Noodle

How was it?
Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 6/10
Value: $

Bakso Goreng (fried meatball) $1.30

I discovered Indonesian food during my days at uni. Lots of friends would rave about it and before long, I was tagging along to some great little gems around Randwick and Kingsford. I have a soft spot for peanut satay sauce (which is a big feature in many Indonesian dishes), and I immediately fell in love with the cuisine! Last weekend, DCM and I had a late lunch at Pinangsia Noodle in Kingsford.

When you walk into Pinangsia Noodle, you get that homely and familiar vibe. Simple decor, a long communal table in the middle and a few tables on either side of this little restaurant. If you're unsure of what to order, they have pictures of their specialities in their front window and on their walls. And if you're still unsure, there's a few dishes in the menu that have been given the thumbs up (literally, there's a tiny picture of a thumbs up next to some popular dishes! Love it.)

The staff are very friendly, and the food comes out very fast (big plus). You can get your own drinking water from their fridge, there's also an array of sauces which you choose and pour yourself, at the back of the restaurant.

Inside the meatball!

Another thing you will notice when you walk into the restaurant is the huge deep fried balls that everyone has on their tables. You will immediately be curious, then jealous and then you will proceed to order it yourself. And oh, at $1.30, it's so worth it! It's very unexpected - beautifully crispy on the outside and soft, kind of spongey and airy on the inside. Dipped with some chilli sauce, it's perfect! The other dishes we ordered were excellent. Big serves, packed full of flavour, couldn't ask for more! I particularly loved the gado gado - all those veges and peanut satay sauce = so goood!

Bakmi Goreng ala Jakarta (Mie Tek Tek Goreng) $8.00
"Special Jakarta fried noodle" - fried noodles with tomato, cabbage, shredded chicken topped with prawn crackers

Pangsit Goreng Atau Pangsit Kuah $4.50
Wonton soup (5 pieces)

Gado Gado $8.00
"Indonesia's most popular steamed veggies with peanut sauce"

A great little restaurant serving up some delicious food. They specialise in noodles, so if you're keen on your 'mi gorengs' etc, this is the place to go! I always walk out feeling way too full, but very happy indeed!

Pinangsia Noodle
319 Anzac Pde,
Kingsford NSW 2032
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  1. Ooh I didn't know about this place, anzac parade area is full of little gems like this. Indonesian food is so yum, I always go to Ratu Sari and Ayam Goreng 99! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Hi Steph: It's always hard trying to decide where to eat on Anzac pde! I haven't been to ratu sari, but AG99 is awesome (there's a FB group dedicated to it. lol) no worries :)

  3. I love Pinangsia and those massive balls. They are so good and amazingly cheap aren't they!

  4. Ah I haven't been back to Kingsford for ages. Not since I left uni... I remember my Indonesian friends raved about good fried chicken there - was that Ayam Goreng 99? Rings a bell.

  5. Hi Lorraine: Those balls are awesome! I can never finish one though!

    Hi Forager: Oh yeah, AY99 is very popular and rightly so!

  6. hey everything is so cheap =D
    is kingsford near UNSW?

    and *groans* why does that gado gado look soO deliciously peanutty !

  7. Hi Grace: Yep, just a short walk from the main entrance. Oh, it was so deliciously peanutty! Loved it :)

  8. Hmmm nice! I've got to love anything deep friend LOL
    I don't get to visit the area often, but seems like quite alot of good & cheap places to eat are there, eh?

  9. I love Peanuty stuff toooo ^^! Yayyyy *hi-5* I don't get to Anzac pde much at all :( but this will def be added to my list haha thhxx yumm!

  10. What a great looking little restaurant. I wish I'd eaten out more when I lived in that area.

  11. Hi Yas: There's heaps of great little gems on Anzac Pde!

    Hi FFichiban: Hehe. No probs :)

    Hi Y: Yes it was very cute & lovely. Oh, that's a shame. You can always find a great feed on Anzac Pde!

  12. FRIED MEATBALLS? that's waaay coool! and since I'm still a uni student it would be way easy for me to get there hehehe

  13. i can just imagine all the asian delights i'd feast on if i went to UNSW
    and to think that most of the students there just go to oporto's or maccas -_-;;

    i'm in class now and so hungryyy T_T that meatball looks really good

  14. I love satay if it's really peanutty. The gado gado looks great, and it's nice that it comes with an egg.

  15. Hi K: Oh, you should definitely take advantage of all those cool Anzac Pde eateries, whilst you're still in uni!

    Hi nutsaboutmynuts: Yeah, so many cheap & cheerful places around UNSW, but Oportos & Maccas are still good, just not all the time! The meatball was pretty good :)

    Hi Arwen: The gado gado was really different to any I've had because there's actual peanut chunks in it.... so yum!

  16. Betty, You should try Buck-me @ 522 Anzac Parade Kingsford Phone : 02 9662 0007
    A lot of people said the noodle at Buck-Me is tastier and exactly like those noodle we find in Indo

  17. hi, i was wondering if anyone out there knows the recipe for the Bakso Goreng meatballs that they have. i've been trying to replicate their recipe, but i think its in the procedure where the magic happens. i believe they bake their meatballs first prior to frying, allowing for the insides to be moist and fluffy. any ideas or tips?


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