Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont

Sydney Fish Market

How was it? 
Food: 10/10 
Service: 7/10 
Ambience: 8/10 
Value: $ 

Some live entertainment? Why not. 

Last weekend I went to the Sydney Fish Market with my parents and K. I was so lucky to get a parking spot as soon as I entered the parking area. A really nice (traffic watcher/director) man, led me into this really nice spot underneath some trees. So the day was already off to a great start! We were all pretty hungry, so we headed straight to the food hall. There are many different outlets where you can purchase your seafood. We selected a few different things from a few different outlets. It's very crowded, lots of hussle & bussle, but it all adds to the experience. 

Onto the food... ahh.. the freshest and best seafood you could find in Sydney. The pictures will probably speak for themselves... 

Cleaning the oysters 

Two trays of oysters for $20.00 (so cheap!) 

Oysters with freshly squeezed lemon & pepper 

Fish Fillets 

Calamari Rings 

Grilled scallop and oyster 

Our seafood platter - $28.50 

Fresh pieces of sashimi  were so good & chunky! 

Large chips $5.00

More chips? Yes please. They didn't look that great, but they tasted so good... they were big pieces, soft yet crunchy = YUM!

I'm always a bit hesitant about getting these kinds of drinks from these machines, but my parents wanted some juice, so I found them some juice. It was surprisingly very refreshing. I got some hints of watermelon and raspberries! And at $1.00, it was pretty great value ;) 

On our way out, look what we found - Pat and Stick's Ice Cream! (Actually, when we walked in I saw a girl eating one and was thinking about getting one the whole time!) 

Two pieces of thin chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream wedged inside. So simple. Yet so very delicious. 

The Sydney Fish Market is one of those places that I have taken for granted. It's just always been there, it's a little touristy and I just never ventured down there. Finally I decided to go at the beginning of this year and I loved it! This trip was my second time there, and no doubt I will be going back for more... much much more ;) 

Sydney Fish Market 
Bank St, 
Pyrmont NSW 2009


  1. ooh ! I haven't been to the Sydney Fish Markets since ...2002 haha
    so that's seven years ! the sashimi & the ice cream & the rings and the JUICE all look soo gooood !
    actually everything looks good hahahah

  2. mmmmm Big soft crunchy chips
    they look and sound so yummy
    I want some! especially with lemon ahhh the taste of potato & lemon juice has this way of teleporting you straight to bondi beach eh :D

  3. Oh yum! I love love love the fish markets but I hardly ever get the chance to go. Everything looks so fresh and that sashimi is so wonderfully thick! Looks like a good day of eating ;)

  4. Hi Eden: Seven years is way too long! Everything was really good quality and so yum!

    Hi Grace: Fish and chips do have a way of transporting you back to the beach aye?! Those chips were so good!

    Hi Steph: Definitely a great day of eating was had!

  5. Nice write up on the Fish markets :)

    I've not eaten in the food court area but some of the food looks nice.

    I've heard that Pat and Stick's are known for their good ice cream sandwiches. Something I've always wanted to try :)

  6. Hi Simon: Thanks! You should definitely give the food court area a try - if you can handle the crowds and rowdiness! Oh yes, the Pat & Stick's ice creams definitely live up to expectations :)

  7. You had a great range of food and did I see 2 dozen Pacifics for $20? I'll take 4 lots :lol: Great coverage!

  8. Hi Lorraine: Yes you did see 2 dozen oysters for $20! My whole fam were pretty amazed and of course loved it! Thanks :)


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