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Ten Ren Tea, Chatswood

Ten Ren Tea

How was it?
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Service: 6/10
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Ten Ren Tea is a tea shop/cafe/restaurant in Chatswood. You'd be forgiven for mistaking it for just a small shop selling teas and teapots. That's what I always thought it was, until one day I actually walked inside and saw tables and chairs. So basically, when you walk in you will see that there's a wide selection of teas in bags, bottles and containers as well as tea sets and teapots. If you walk in a little further you will see a little cake display, you'll be able to peer inside their little kitchen and you'll see some tables and chairs.

They have a few tables downstairs and they also have an upper level which is much more spacious. This evening DCM and I decided to sit upstairs. I felt like I was on the set of some Taiwanese drama. There was a couple in serious discussion in one direction, an older man with two girls laughing away outside and two old men having a chat nearby. The decor was mostly beige, a lot of plastic and glass.

The reason I wanted to come here was to get my red bean dessert! (I love red bean! :) But, we had to get something to eat first. The menu is quite funny, there's a lot of 'tea flavoured' items, even tea flavoured sausages! Didn't try that one though, maybe next time. We decided to order the green tea flavoured prawn wonton noodle soup, rice noodles with curry fish balls and a pot of oolong tea.

Ten-Wu Tea (High Mountain Oolong)

Green Tea Flavoured Prawn Wonton Noodles $10.80

Rice Noodle Soup with Curry Fish Balls $7.80

The green tea flavoured wonton noodle soup had a strong seaweed flavour to it, the noodles were very soft, I'm not sure if I could taste the green tea though! The curry fish balls were good, however very mild and I would've like it to be a little bit spicier.

Red Bean with crushed ice & condensed milk (YUM!)

Even though it was freezing cold outside, I had to get my red bean with crushed ice. I just love it!

There's a wide variety of teas on offer, about four pages of the menu devoted to teas, so it would be hard not to find something to your liking. There's also lots of dessert offerings as well as many unique tea flavoured items that you wouldn't find in any regular Taiwanese or Chinese restaurant. It's open late, so it's great for an evening snack. And, did I mention I love red bean?! ;)

Ten Ren Tea
389 Victoria Ave,
Chatswood NSW 2067
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  1. I enjoyed what I had here too-the tea is quite unique! I loved the garden outside too :)

  2. I keep meaning to visit this place but I keep forgetting! The tea flavoured sausages sound intriguing, and yuumm red bean and condensed milk-can't go wrong with that!

  3. I recently went to their city store but its not as good as the one in Chastwood. I love their Blended Red Bean with a scoop of green tea :)

  4. Hi Lorraine: There were so many teas to choose from, it was pretty difficult!

    Hi Steph: Definitely can't go wrong with red bean :)

    Hi Foodie-central: Oh, I've never been to the city store... yep, red bean & green tea ice cream is the best!

  5. Ahh Ten Ren.. must say the ones here are disappointing compared to TW but their teas are still really nice. The crushed ice though... BOO at blender X(

  6. Interesting! and hmmmm red beans! I love them toooo!
    Tea flavoured sausage sounds very intriguing eh?

  7. Hi FFichiban: haha. I've never tried the ones in TW, so I have no comparison! I imagine they would be far better over there though.

    Hi Yas: Very intriguing! I might give them a go next time, for 'research' purposes, of course!

  8. i love ten ren tea house - there is one in the city on george street aswell

  9. Hi Babydoll's Project 365: I love it too! I love those kinds of Asian desserts. Never been to the one on George St, might give it a try soon!


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