Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tony Roma's, Sydney

Tony Roma's

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Complementary Bread

Last weekend I had a girly catch-up/gossip/bitch session with Miss LV and Miss Toronto over some cocktails, steak and ribs! This all went down at Tony Roma's. When walking in, the restaurant has that old school New York style steakhouse feel (not that I've been in a New York steakhouse.. but anyway!). A bar at the entrance with stools and tables scattered around, and the formal dining area with booths and simple wooden tables and chairs.

There's normally so much to catch up on when we all meet up, so it takes a while before we actually get around to looking at the menu and ordering. Firstly, we decide to get some cocktails (or mocktails for the cheap drunk aka Miss Toronto. lol). They were all very nice, however I've forgotten their names! I liked my mango one the best though ;)

Miss LV's Pina Colada

Miss Toronto's Virgin Bloody Mary

My Frozen Mango Cocktail

Santa Fe Salad $19.90

Mixed leaf salad with cheese, bacon and grilled chicken strips stuffed inside a large crispy tortilla shell. The only downside was that I found the chicken to be a little bit soggy. However, it definitely was an interesting combination with the addition of the tortilla shell. Definitely added a fun aspect to the dish.

St. Louis Rib Sampler $34.90

The sampler consisted of four slabs of ribs, each with a different sauce. The actual ribs were quite small and not very meaty, but the sauces definitely pleased the palette, especially the smokey flavoured one.

Top Sirloin (200gr) $29.00

I wasn't too impressed by the steak. I think I've been rather spoilt with steak, as I've had some pretty amazing experiences with it (i.e. Prime, Kingsley's). They forgot to give us sauce with it (the waiter didn't ask if we wanted any), which may have been a reason why it didn't live up to it's potential!

I can definitely see the charm in this American eatery. Simple steaks and ribs, with some fantastic sauces. A friendly and very homely atmosphere in a great location.

Tony Roma's
121-123 Sussex St,
Sydney NSW 2000
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  1. ooh tony roma's!
    i heard the ribs are really good here, even though you didnt really like your one

    the cocktails look awesome!

  2. Hi Eden: Yeah, I was expecting them to be really good, but they didn't blow me away. They were pretty small slabs too... I prefer Hurricane's, but each to their own I guess!

  3. The servings looks quite huge, especially the salad and rib sampler! I still have yet to visit here as I love ribs! :)

  4. Hi Lorraine: The accompanying sauces with the ribs were great, especially the smoky one and the chilli one :) It was very authentic, complete with American waitresses (well, the one we had!)

  5. Wooo Tony Roma's! As I have previously lived in the states, this place always reminds me of my good old days!
    Hmmm baby back ribs....

  6. Hi Yas: Oh, cool. The portions must be double the size in the States aye?!


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