Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Badde Manors, Glebe

How was it?
Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $

Before watching a movie last week, Smurf and I headed to Badde Manors for a bite to eat. I love this little corner cafe. It serves up quality vegetarian food, at relatively cheap prices and with huge portion sizes. Plus, their chai tea (house recipe) is amazing! They have a few tables outside, little wooden booths inside and a courtyard out back. Tonight, it was quite busy, so we found a table in the courtyard. Not the best for taking photos as it was lit with a red fluorescent light. Oh well.. you understand.

Chef's Salad $12.50
Mixed greens, chickpeas, runner beans, artichoke, grilled haloumi, roasted almonds and minted tahini sauce.

Loved the crunch of the chickpeas, almonds and beans. The sauce was fantastic, however we both agreed that there was a little bit too much of the grilled haloumi. It was simply impossible to eat that much!

Lentil Burger $10.50

The lentil burger was delicious. I loved the lentil patty, could have just had that and been satisfied! Luckily we were sharing, because this was a pretty big serving.

Chai Tea $4.50

One word = amazing. You have to try it!

Badde Manors is the perfect cafe for a bite to eat, a catch up over coffee or (chai) tea or an after movie dessert. I never knew vegetarian food could taste so good, until I tried Badde Manors!

Badde Manors
1/37 Glebe Point Rd,
Glebe NSW 2037
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  1. ooh vegetarian food !
    i rmemeber there used to be a whole bunch of really goo vego restaurants ..but they're all closed down now :(
    must go to this place one day pho sure !

    omg and isnt it so frustrating whn the lighting is bad :( ahhh!

  2. Ooh that house recipe chai tea sounds amazing! I would go there just for the tea alone. But everything else looks great too!

  3. I am a huge fan of Badde Manors - the quirky name, the fantastic vego food, and the ecclectic interiors! :)

  4. the red lighting sure must have been bright. i've heard they make a good chai tea.

  5. Oh it's been so many years since my last visit but I love the booths! Good to keep up the sleeve for vego eaters :) Red lighting is so hard to photograph in isn't it!

  6. Hi Eden: Yes, I wanted to change tables, but it was all the same! haha. You should definitely try Badde Manors soon!

    Hi Steph: Sometimes I go there just for the chai tea! It is really good :)

    Hi Trisha: Awesome, it's pretty great aye?!

    Hi Simon: Yeah, it was really bright and annoying! The chai tea is great!

    Hi Lorraine: I love the booths too, wish I could've sat inside (and also to avoid the red lighting. haha.)


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