Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chocolatesuze's Birthday @ Wagaya, Haymarket/My First Date with Sydney Foodbloggers!

... that's how I felt last Friday night! Nervous, excited, a little scared, overwhelmed, anxious...!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from one of my fave food bloggers Chocolatesuze, who I was stalking long before I ever started this blog! She invited me to her masquerade birthday party (thank you!) along with about 30 other Sydney foodbloggers. It was nervewracking and exciting to walk into a room full of people I had never actually met, but I knew what that person had for breakfast and lunch that day. Very bizarre! It was also weird having to say: 'Hi I'm Betty (pause).. the hungry girl' (ahh... recognition!) I felt like I was living a double life! Oh, but it was so much fun to meet so many people that I've admired, provided me with inspiration and who've probably been responsible for the expansion of my waist these past couple of months (lol)! damn!

Food wise - I've been to Wagaya a couple of times to know that the food is great there, but the novelty of the touch-screen is the major draw card. They're so super fast, I had dishes flying over my shoulder almost constantly! I didn't take many photos of the food, I thought I'd leave that to the others, so be sure to check out other blogs for a comprehensive coverage of the food!

Some foodbloggers in action

Oh, I got one food shot! - Wafu Pizza
(there was mochi in the topping - chewy, cheesy & interesting)

More food

Masterchef judges made an appearance!

I think the date went well! It was great to be amongst so many awesome foodies! It was lovely to be able to put faces to the blogs! Thank you to Suze for organising this awesome night! Here's to the second date ;)

P.s. Big thanks to Trish for the cake pop - it was so sweet - the pop and the gesture :)

Here's a list of the lovely foodies that I met:
Betty & Richard - Betty's Bites
Trish - Sugarlace
Chris & Tim - The Way it Crumbles
Belle - Ooh, Look
Leona - Pigged Out
Howard & Minh - Eat, Show & Tell
Mel - Fooderati
Jen - Jenius
Grace - Foodchaser
and last but not least - the birthday girl:


  1. I thought that when you were introducing yourself that you were simply stating your name and your current disposition :P

    btw, nice touch with the name list order ;)

  2. Ooohhh rainbow link colours! Aww and thanks for the cake pop plug too!

  3. hee rainbow! preetty! glad to finally meet ya dude!

  4. Haha so with you on the waist expansion, damn you food bloggers! It was so awesome to finally meet you! See you tomorrow :D

  5. ahaha aww :( i lost my camera that DAY so i couldn't take any photos !
    but then i guess since i came soo FASHIONABLY late it wouldn't have mattered anwayy
    i think we shoul definitely have a reprise again one day !

    and lol yeah, having to use internet names to introduce yourselves -_- its like a new form of internet dating haha

  6. It was great to meet you Betty! You were so sweet how you plated up food for those that couldn't reach! :)

  7. Hi Betty - I know with the intros; I was like "I'm Tina." And then awkwardly under my breath "Food, booze and shoes". It was great to meet you - look forward to chatting on the second date :)

  8. Hi Simon: LOL, although most of the time it's highly likely! Thanks :)

    Hi Trish: No worries :) It was great. I actually found the red stick in my bag the other night! lol. And I was wondering where it came from, and then I remembered - the cakepop!

    Hi Chocolatesuze: Great to finally meet you too :) And thanks again for the invite!

    Hi Steph: Haha. It's so terrible isn't it? Damn food blogs! hehe. It was great to finally meet you too :)

    Hi Eden: You lost your camera? omg, that's terrible :( Have you found it?! You DID arrive fashionably late haha, but I'm glad I met the girl behind 'nuts...'! I'm sure there will be lots more opportunities to meet up! Haha totally. Awkward!

    Hi Lorraine: It was so lovely to meet you too :) Aww.. thanks :)

    Hi Tina: Haha. Great to meet you too :) Looking forward to chatting more next time!

  9. Great night and good fun. Great to meet you!

  10. great to meet you betty! hopefully next time I'll have more of chance to chat with you!

  11. Hi Ellie: Definitely. Great to meet you too :)

    Hi Panda: You too! Yes, there will definitely be a next time!

  12. Lovely to have finally met you and chatted to you there in person! Agree with the food photos. It was too chaotic to do the food justice!

  13. Nice to see you there, Betty. I recognised you from your photo, too, even though there is a camera in front of it!

  14. Hi Forager: Lovely to meet you too :) Yep, plus I couldn't really be bothered with the food (crazy coming from a FOOD blogger!)

    Hi Belle: Likewise! Oh, that kind of freaks me out...!

  15. Hee hee I like how we have to recognize each other through blog names ^^!
    Good to finally have met you!

  16. Hi FFichiban: Yeah, it's so bizarre, but cool! You too :)


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