Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fort Denison Cafe & Restaurant, Sydney Harbour

How was it?
Food: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Ambience: 10/10
Value: $$$

I am a lucky girl! To be living in such a beautiful city. To be able to bask in the sun and have lunch overlooking the harbour - very lucky indeed! After reading about Fort Denison on Not Quite Nigella, I just knew that I had to try it ASAP! I always thought that Fort Denison was the kind of place that would be very hard to get a table and it would be very pricey. But all I had to do was call up a week in advance and with the help of the Enliven promotion (buy 1 main meal, get 1 main meal free), it wasn't so pricey!

Firstly, a huge thanks to Queen Lizzie for being born, thereby giving us all a public holiday (yay!). To celebrate, DCM and I headed out on this surprisingly sunny day, to lunch on Fort Denison. We caught a ferry from Circular Quay, ($17 return from Captain Cook Cruises) which was a little bit of a thrill - soaking in the beautiful harbour.

When we arrived, we were promptly shown to our table and I thought, this has got to be the best location in town! We perused the menu and decided to order some bruschetta, DCM ordered the lamb shank, whilst I chose the fish pie. Huge portions. Very hearty and comforting.

Blue Tongue Light Beer $5.50
I love this pic!
The Harbour Bridge & Opera House in the background :)

Orange Juice $3.00

Bruschetta $10.00

Lamb Shank braised with Olives & Tomato with mash potato $27.00

White Wine Fish Pie & Garden Salad $23.00

Mmm so much mash-y goodness :)

Not bad aye?

You should definitely head out to Fort Denison, whilst the Enliven promotion is still on (it finishes at the end of July). The food was great and comforting, perfect for the winter chill. And the best part about the experience was the view! After lunch you can walk around and have a mini history lesson or just do funny poses with the canons (lol)! Fort Denison is open for breakfast/lunch from 10.30am-3.30pm. They also cater for functions and weddings!

Fort Denison Cafe & Restaurant
Sydney Harbour NSW 2000


  1. that lambshank looks so good!

    thanks for the tip also - sounds like a terrific idea to head here to eat whilst the enliven promotion is still on!

  2. Oh I love the enliven card, I need to use it more! Mmm the food looks so good, just the type of stuff I've been craving. The pie looks like a good choice :)

  3. Great pics of the view and the food. Who says you need a SLR :o)

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh!
    Me too, I was very intrigued to visit here after reading about it on NQN! Awesome view!

  5. Ohmygosh looks soooo good! I've always wanted to go there but it really has to be a special day trip for me :(

  6. You are indeed lucky to dine there! And such lovely weather as well - I think the risk of bad weather would put me off, but maybe the promise of great food would override that!

  7. Hi Panda: No worries, it was a great experience and lots of fun :)

    Hi Steph: Me too! There's just too many places on my list! The pie was so deliciously mushy and warm, with flakes of salmon.. mm.. :)

    Hi Jase: Thanks buddy!

    Hi Simon: You should definitely check it out!

    Hi Yas: The view was spectacular! Loved it! Go check it out!

    Hi Trisha: Yeah it was great. You should try and get there whilst the enliven promotion is on ;) Lucky it was Queens Bday, otherwise it would've been hard for me to find the time to go.

    Hi Belle: Yes, thank god the sun was shining! It was quite windy and cold, but no rain, thankfully! Great food can override many things :)

  8. So glad that you got some gorgeous weather for it! It's an amazing venue isn't it. Love the last pic with the boats :D

  9. Haven't been there. It's on my must go list for summer!

  10. OOhh yeah I have not yet the Enliven anywhere enough and after you guys posting it, I wanna join in the fun!

  11. Hi Lorraine: Yes, it's such an amazing venue! Thanks, pretty cool aye?!

    Hi Ellie: Yes, it would definitely not be so great in this cold, miserable rainy weather, I was so lucky to have great weather that day!

    Hi FFichiban: Hehe. Go and use it!


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