Friday, June 12, 2009

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe, The Rocks

How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 5.5/10
Ambience: 6.5/10
Value: $$$

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I met up with El to check out the Yayoi Kasuma exhibition at the MCA. It was a strange yet wonderful experience to enter the mind of a strange yet wonderful artist. After checking out the exhibit, we decided to head up to The Rocks to get some afternoon tea. As we were walking up, the first thing we saw was the Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe, and no words were really necessary as we both know where we were headed!

We decide to get a table inside because it's quite chilly outside. We were shown to our table by a not-so-friendly waitress, whilst walking past the large display of chocolates, cakes and cookies. Once we are seated, the waitresses almost throws the menus at us and seems very impatient. Hmm...

I spotted the ginger & chocolate cookie when I walked in, and I was tossing between getting that and the chocolate brownie. Tough decision. I eventually decided to get the ginger & chocolate cookie as I also ordered the dark chocolate shake, and didn't want to go overboard! El had the same thing in mind and she also ordered a cookie and a Guylian Shake.

El's cookie (top picture) was a bit of a disappointment. She imagined it to be softer and the chocolate to be gooy-er, but it was neither. My ginger & chocolate cookie was very yummy, although I would have preferred it to be warm. But it didn't matter much about the cookies because they were just a side for our shakes. Oh, these shakes were delicious! So much chocolate-y goodness!

Guylian Shake $9.00

Frothy top of the Guylian Shake

Dark Chocolate Shake $9.00


I imagine that the chocolates and cakes would be delicious (will give them a try next time). The shakes were quite pricey, but they are definitely worth it! The only let down was the poor service.

As we left the cafe, we caught a glimpse of a rainbow :)

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe
91 George St,
The Rocks NSW 2000

Shop 10, Opera Quays,
3 Macquarie St,
Sydney NSW 2000
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  1. I love the last shot! Can i have it pls :D
    " It's a statement, not a request"


  2. Aw cute, a rainbow! I loved the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, I should have gone back before it finished :( I've heard the Guylian cafe wasn't mindblowing but the ginger chocolate cookie looks good! Yay ginger! hehe :)

  3. Hi K: Yes dearest, I will send it to you :)

    Hi Steph: I went twice! She's had such an interesting life (according to google!) I thought the shakes were good, but I haven't tried Lindt cafe yet, I think I need to go and compare! Yay to ginger!! :)

  4. Yeah Guylian is oookkk but go try others gogoogogog XD!

    *lol at word verification.... grabstd*

  5. Hi FFichiban: Ya, the word verifications are always so comical!

  6. I think the service is reall up and down at Guylian from what we've experienced. A shame as I always feel people that work in chocolate shops or chocolatiers should be happy-after all they work with chocolate! :P I find the cakes a bit overpriced for what they are (variations of mousse, sponge and a coating of ganache) but they plate them beautifully.

    Great rainbow shot!

  7. I do love the dark chocolate shake from Guylian. It's so rich though! I can see why you went for the biscuit not the brownie.

  8. I know it's there, I've heard people blogging about it, but I haven't yet visited even once! hmmmm dark chocolate shaaaake!

  9. Hey betty it was nice to meet you on friday ^_^

    I still haven';t been to guylian cafe. Hoping to experience it though i've heard lindt is still better?

    the milkshakes look good!! were they really sweet? or just perfect?

    cant wait to read your aria post ^_^

  10. Hi Lorraine: Oh I agree, especially the Guylian chocolate cafe, who wouldn't want to be surrounded by such pretty things all day? ;) True, pretty but pricey. Thanks!

    Hi Arwen: Hehe. Yeah, I didn't want to go too overboard in one sitting! The shake was fantastic!

    Hi Yas: Yeah, the shake was so good - highly recommended!

    Hi Leona: Great to meet you too :D I haven't been to Lindt, so I can't compare. I want to try it though, I've been reading about their waffles.. mm... The shake was just perfect! hehe. Keep a lookout in the next couple of weeks!


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