Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Angus Steakouse, Cockle Bay Wharf

How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$$

I happened to have a business dinner during my birthday feasting weekend, so I'm not sure if it really counts as a stop, but there was food involved and it was during the weekend of feasting, so I think it counts, right?!

On this cold Sunday night, a Dutch man requested 'Australian Steak'. So, I was a little bit selfish and decided to pick a place that I hadn't yet tried. Hehe. I did a bit of research and because we had to be in the city region, I chose I'm Angus. They had received some good reviews and it was in a great location to show off our beautiful city :)

I first noticed how open and spacious the restaurant was. There is indoor and outdoor seating and an open kitchen. They also have an extensive wine list, with one wall lined with rows of different wines, and another wall has a whole history of steak written on it (quite cool). You can also watch them cooking/grilling meat from the window outside.

I wasn't particularly in the mood to go out this evening, let alone to have a huge meal after overdosing on sugar at high tea earlier in the day. So I decided against choosing anything too heavy and ordered the smoked salmon caesar salad, whilst both men chose the 'best steak' (according to the waiter) - the Prime Fillet.

Prime Fillet 250gr $38.00
Extra sauce $4.00

After the first bite of the steak, the Dutch proclaimed that it was the best he'd ever had and he was completely in love with Australian steak after that. He also mentioned that it was a waste to get the sauce, because the steak was perfect without any extra condiments. Whilst he was in awe and praising his steak, I imagined his reaction if I had taken him to Prime (the best steak I have tried, to date)! Probably would have skipped out on his visa and stayed in the country! lol.

Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad $16.50

My salad was simple and tasty. A generous portion of smoked salmon, bacon bits, cheese, croutons and creamy caesar salad dressing went down very well.

Green Leaf Salad $8.50

An extra salad for the steak eaters to balance out the vegetable/meat ratio. Simple and fresh vegetables, satisfied all parties.

After the mains, we moved on to dessert. A cheese platter was ordered as well as the apple & blackberry crumble. There was some blue cheese, cheddar and brie, along with some lavosh and dried fruit. I especially loved the brie... mm.. yummo. I didn't have too much of it though because I wanted more of the crumble. I loved the crumbly biscuity top and the warm apple & blackberry filling, topped with some vanilla ice cream. Yum! Oh, how I love a good crumble!

Cheese Platter $15.00
Selection of cheeses and dried fruit

Apple & Blackberry Crumble $14.00
With Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Inside the crumble - yum!

It's a bit weird, but every year, the night before my birthday - I have some form of crumble. OK, not every year, but this year and last year! lol. Maybe I'll make it a tradition?

It was probably a waste for me to go and not try the steaks here, but the feedback that I received was that the steaks were very tasty indeed. I'm Angus is in a great location and prices reflect that. If you're in the city and looking for a good steakhouse, I'm Angus might just be your answer.

I'm Angus Steakhouse
The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf,
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9264 5822
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  1. Use to go here alot during uni, it has a bit of everything from meat to seafood. Food is decent but it's a bit expensive for the steaks :/

  2. I've been here once, it's a bit overpriced like most of the places along this strip. But not bad! Your salad looks nice for a steakhouse salad!

  3. Hehe not selfish at all to choose I'm Angus! I'm always choosing places I haven't tried before and hey the Dutch man wanted steak and that was a good choice!

  4. Awesome looking cheese platter - it looks very generous! And that steak looks very impressive too!

  5. I love the ribs here mmmmm and the caesar salad is very tasty too! Don't really remember the steaks though haha

  6. Hi Howard: I think the prices are relative to the location and produce. But it's still on the pricey side.

    Hi Steph: I agree. Yeah, I was quite impressed with the alad!

    Hi Lorraine: Hehe. Thanks. It's such a problem because my list of places to go seems never-ending!

    Hi Tina: The cheese platter was very generous! The brie was so good... mmm.

    Hi FFichiban: Didn't get a chance to try the ribs! Are they better than Hurricane's ribs?

  7. I've heard I'm Angus' ribs are really good !
    althoughhh i thought the price for the salmon salad was pretty cheap ! then again, prices on cockle bay wharf are always around the same standard anwyaysss

    i know how you feel though ! whenever I go to a steakhouse i always feel wasteful if i don't get the steaks .. hahahh but BLUE CHEESE ? ohhh yuck >=( hahaa

  8. I have never been here BUT HAVE BEEN MEANING TO!!! Argh everyone has been there besides me. Must go there soon..... ribs and steak are my friends. Hehehe!

  9. Hi Eden: Yeah the salad was quite cheap, but it was actually under 'side salads' on the menu, so it wasn't really a main. But the portion was big enough, and it was tasty! Hehe, i didn't have much of the blue cheese - i don't particularly enjoy it either. lol.

    Hi Trisha: Hehe. That was my first time. It was ok, but I think there are better steakhouses out there. Worth a try though, for comparisons sake ;)


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