Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Steamboat @ K's

K: Do you want to come over for steamboat? 

Not really a question, more of a statement from K. But, who was I to refuse steamboat? So, before heading into the city to watch a screening of 500 days of Summer (part of the Sydney Film Festival), I hopped on over to K's for some steamboat! 

Basic equipment: a small gas stove and a large pot 

Inside the large pot will be a broth containing whichever stock you prefer (beef, chicken, pork etc) - tonight K used beef. Turn the stove on, let the broth come to a boil and then start adding in your ingredients.

Gas Stove 

Asian Veges 


Sliced beef with egg

Dip the beef into the egg

K: We have to finish all of the beef ok?
B: Umm.. o..k.. 
We only managed to get through 1/3rd of it! 

Fishballs & Fish cakes 



Dipping Sauce 

Wait for everything to cook and dish out whatever you like 

Wash it all down with some Aloe Vera drink :)

Steamboat is such a great meal to have during winter. It's so warm and comforting, yet light and healthy. A special thanks to my dear friend/chef extraordinaire K for inviting me over for her 'impromptu' steamboat dinner :) xoxo


  1. Yes - that is exactly what I need now! Healthy, scrumptious, and it will defrost my fingers!

  2. Dear Readers.

    I normally get what i want, because i'm blessed with a loving friend none other than our hungry girl - Betty(:


  3. Oh why do u dip the raw beef in the egg? Is it yukke?

  4. Ummm, how perfect for this weather! And beef stock would've been my choice too :)

  5. Sounds delicious and who would refuse an invitation like that in this chilly weather? And Aloe Vera drink too-I'm veyr impressed!

  6. I love steamboat, especially in winter. And yes, it seems so healthy doesn't it? Then why do I always feel so full afterwards - oh, must be because I ate soooo much!

  7. Hi Tina: It's so perfect for winter isn't it? How cold has it been!? My fingers have been in a constant state of numbness - not cool.

    Hi K: lol. aww... you know the way into my heart is through the stomach ;)

    Hi FFichiban: I'm not sure.. maybe it tastes better? I'll have to ask about that one! What is yukke?!

    Hi Karen: Yes, so perfect for this weather!

    Hi Lorraine: Exactly! hehe I think K will be happy to hear that you were impressed :)

    Hi Belle: Hehe. That's true. It is really easy to get full on steamboat really fast. But then you just pee it all out, so no worries!

  8. Oh my, you couldn't finish the beef? Man, where was I? LOL
    I don't know what it is, but stemboat is something we all suddenly think for dinner, don't you think?? My recent invite for Nabe was very impulsive too!

  9. Hi Yas: Lol! Yep, it's great that it's quite simple, yet so comforting! Love the impulse invites :)


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