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Y2K Supercafe, Haymarket + Chinatown Night Markets

How was it? (Y2K) 
Food: 6.5/10 
Service: 6/10 
Ambience: 6/10 
Value: $

Ferris wheel in Darling Harbour 

Last Friday night I was out and about in the city with DCM. After a quick, cheap and cheerful dinner at Kopitiam (you can read all about my last experience here!), we decided to check out the Jazz & Blues Festival at Darling Harbour. We walked past the new-ish ferris wheel. It's in such a random position, just outside the Chinese gardens, it looks really out of place. Anyway, we walked further into Darling Harbour, only to find out that the free stuff that was a part of the Jazz & Blues festival was not on until the weekend :( Disappointment. We walked back towards Chinatown, and to my surprise, the Chinatown Night Markets were on! Yay. I thought they were only on during summer?! Excellent. As we strolled through the markets, we spotted all the delicious looking hawker style food and DCM decided to try some tokoyaki - which are tasty little balls of deliciousness. These tokoyaki stands seem to be a popular fixture at all market events. 

Tokoyaki making process 

4 Tokoyaki balls $5.00 

After some browsing and unsuccessful bargaining over a pair of fluffy slippers, we decided to get some curry fish balls from Y2K as DCM had been talking about them all evening. Y2K is a Chinese cafe selling all kinds of desserts, drinks and snacks. We ordered a drink each and the fish balls. The drinks were a little disappointing, perhaps we didn't order the right ones. And apparently the fish balls didn't taste as good as they used to?! 

Curry Fish Balls (8 pieces) - $6.00

Deep fried fish balls with curry sauce. Nice and chewy, however there didn't seem to be enough of a kick in the curry sauce and it was a little bit bland. Not bad though, considering the price ;)

Blue Coral $4.00 

Red bean with crushed ice & grass jelly $5.00
I thought there'd be red beans in it, but they were all blended with the ice, so I was a little disappointed and regretted not getting just a 'normal' bubble tea! But it was still good, and better than blue coral ;) 

When I was taking this photo, a guy said to me: "Why would you want to take a photo of the sign?", and I said "Oh. For fun", and he just looked at me funny and then walked away! Do other food bloggers get questions like that from people? 

Y2K has been around for so long. I don't think I'd try the curry fish balls again, but I'd like to go back and try some of their other items. Oh, and don't go expecting quality service. It's pretty average, at best. But, it's Chinatown, so what do you expect really?!

Y2K Supercafe 
43 Dixon St, 
Haymarket NSW 2000


  1. yeah i was a bit disappointed also last time i went to y2k. food was very average, not the cheapest either and the place really needed a good clean!

    and lol..i haven't had strangers asking me why i take photos of food but i know my mum always questions why i do!

  2. Hi panda: haha. most of Chinatown could do with a good clean! my parents questioned me & laughed at me at first, but then they started getting really into it and my dad has been known to move things around for me to get a better shot. lol.

  3. Hehe about the question about taking a pic of the sign. I just get strange looks but no-one has really ever asked me.

    A friend gave me some sago balls to make bubble tea at home-it's a lot of fun and you can pack it full of sago balls (did I do that? who me? :P )

  4. Oh wow a ferris wheel in darling harbour?! and ditto with taking food photos, although the smirks and groans come from the boyfriend. he always wants to dig in straight away but i usually halt him so i can take a snap before he dives into his food. :D

  5. Hi Lorraine: Yum sago balls! lol. I can imagine you'd have a lot of fun with them!!

    Hi Trisha: Yeah, that was the first time I saw it - very random. Yeah, they tend to get rather impatient, don't they?! I always have to give warnings before the food comes out!


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