Friday, July 31, 2009

Christmas in July High Tea @ The Loft, King St Wharf

How was it?
Food: 7/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Value: $$$

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Christmas in July themed high tea at The Loft, with a bunch of food bloggers - Helen, Karen, Lisa, Lorraine, Steph and Suze. I loved the theme and when I discovered that The Loft served cocktails in teapots with their high teas, I was so in!

The deal was, $45 for 'Christmas High Tea with a Twist', including savoury and sweet items, a teapot cocktail and your choice of tea/coffee at the end.

Pretty teapots!
Clockwise (L-R):
Sencha Quince Fizz, Silent Night, Santa's Little Helper, Rudolph's Nose

How cute are the teapots? I loved the floral pink one :) So pretty....

Sencha Quince Fizz

Silent Night
(Thanks to Steph for the pouring action!)

L-R: Rudolph's Nose, Silent Night, Santa's Little Helper

I liked the strong passionfruit flavour of the Sencha Quince Fizz cocktail, but my favourite was Rudolph's Nose. It was a mix of rhubarb, cherries, vodka and turkish apple tea - it was lovely and sweet and not too strong. Silent Night was a chocolate liqueur, combined with espresso and peppermint tea. It wasn't too bad, it just tasted like coffee with a slight twist! The one that didn't exactly please the crowd was Santa's Little Helper. It was a mixture of crushed berries, bourbon and mixed fruit tea - sounds odd, and indeed tasted odd. It was very strong and it was funny to watch people's reactions after taking a sip i.e. not pretty!

Tiers of Christmas goodies arrive!

And foodbloggers attack!

Sandwiches, Chicken & Pistachio Galantine, Ham & Roast Onion Frittata, Baby Red Peppers stuffed with Goats Cheese

Sandwiches: Turkey & Cranberry, Baby Prawn Mayo with Sprouts, Honey Roasted Leg Ham with Mustard Pickle

I was pleasantly surprised by the stuffed baby pepper and the frittata from the savoury tier. I'm not a huge goat's cheese fan, but I quite enjoyed the little pop in my mouth of the cheese. I remember seeing Suze guiltily and slowly savouring her stuffed baby red pepper!


Scones, White Christmas Rum Ball Truffles

The scones here were soft and fluffy, even though they kind of looked more like a bun to me! But they were very enjoyable especially lathered in cream and jam. But, nothing compares to the scones at The Tea Room - definitely the best scones I've had!

Macadamia Nut Brownie

Sour Cherry Custard Tart, Fruit Mince Tart

The selection of sweets was just the right amount to cap off the afternoon. I had never tried a macadamia brownie before, and I loved it. The tarts were also delicious with their buttery short crusts. How could anyone resist such miniature treats?!

Tea Selection

We ordered a selection of teas to finish off. We sipped our teas, chatted, lazed on the comfy couches and listened to the lovely jazz as the sun shone on us. A lovely afternoon with some lovely ladies (check out their blogs for more details and pics)!

The service is not exactly the drawcard, but The Loft is in a great location, and definitely worth looking into if you're looking for something a little bit different. It's a great place to lounge about and catch up with girlfriends.

The Loft
3 Lime St, King St Wharf,
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9299 4770

High Tea only available on weekends
Traditional High Tea - $35
High Tea with a twist - $45 (including a teapot cocktail/glass of sparkling wine)
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  1. Was great to catch up with you again! High Tea is definitely a nice way to spend an afternoon. We're thinking of doing the Tea Room next :)

  2. Was great to spend an afternoon with you and it was lots of fun. I agree the scones at The Tea Room are definitely the best in Sydney. I wish I could get the recipe! :P

  3. LOL yeah the scone really does look like a bun! but a nice looking bun =]
    i have that pink teapot with the polkadots but in red!

  4. thanks for being our resident tea-pourer for the day, and it was great to catch up with you. and psst suze didn't finish her stufed red pepper, but i did! lol

  5. Hi Lisa: It was great to catch up with you too :) Awesome!

    Hi Lorraine: It was great to spend the afternoon with you too :) Hehe. Try and lure your way into their inner circle and then you could get the recipe ;)

    Hi K: They do, don't they?! Like a sweet asian bun! The teapots were so cute!

    Hi Helen: Haha, no worries. Happy to be of service! It was great catching up with you too! Ooh suze - letting the team down! lol.

  6. Bettyyy
    looks like you girls had an awesome time. Shame I couldnt make it =( The scones do look like buns which is quite strange.

    Definately loving the scones @ the Tea room. It hink we should organise a Stamford High Tea I really wanna try their High tea :)

  7. Oh everything looks so pretty. I especially love all the gorgeous tea pots. and your right, that scone does look quite odd!

  8. Hee hee I was about to say the same about those scones! Bun/bread looking but I am on a huuuggee scone crave! and haven't high teaed in agggess haha

  9. High teas, there is nothering more special - I just hosted one for 140 ladies it was wonderful! just as this one looks of yours. A lovely day filled with such nice goodies. It was great visiting you today


  10. Hi Leona: Yes, you should have been there :( They did look like little buns, but tasted really good! Yes to Sir Stamford - that's definitely at the top of my list!

    Hi Maria: Aren't they just so cute?! Hehe, but at least it tasted like a scone, and a good one!

    Hi FFichiban: Go get some high tea/scones into ya! I know that boys secretly love high teas!

    Hi Lee-ann: Exactly. Your's looked like it was an absolute ball! Thanks so much for stopping by :)


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