Thursday, July 09, 2009

Harry's Cafe De Wheels, Woolloomooloo

How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Value: $

Sometimes, all you need is a good ol' hot dog.... and a pie on the side.

A few weeks ago I had a sudden craving for Harry's Hot Dog, I didn't satisfy the craving straight away and a few days on, the craving intensified. I even posted my craving on twitter, and accidentally set off cravings in twitterverse (sorry tweeps!)

So I mentioned my craving to K on this particular Thursday evening, and she jumped at the idea of Harry's. So we impulsively decided to meet up and go to satisfy our hot dog cravings! Please excuse the photos, I was in such a rush (and perhaps a little too excited), that I forgot my camera, so I used the camera on my phone (which I actually don't really know how to use)!

Tiger Pie

We decided to share the 'Tiger Pie' and Harry's 'Hot Dog de Wheels'. The tiger pie is a beef pie, topped with mash, peas and gravy. It is strategically quite hard to share, so we just dug in and were satisfied with the warm mushiness of it all. The actual pie was nothing exceptional and I think it was all about the topping. Such mushy goodness.

Hot Dog de Wheels

Oh yes! This is what we came for! Harry's famous Hot Dog De Wheels. This is not just any hot dog, this dog is packed with mince beef, chilli con carne, onions and cheese sauce. I loved the chilli con carne, the fillings were so generous and I savoured every bite of it.

Craving satisfied :)

After our hot dog and pie, we needed to round off the evening with... that's right, dessert. So we searched for dessert, I suggested getting ice-creams from the service station across the street, but I was given that look (haha), so we decided to drive into the city. We were going to try LNC dessert house on Sussex St (I haven't been there yet), but we couldn't find anywhere to park until we were in front of Gelatissimo (it must have been fate).

So we hopped out and grabbed ourselves some gelato to cap off the evening!

It's fast, it's cheap and it's satisfying! The hot dogs are awesome and although it's not the healthiest option, every once in a while when I have the cravings, I know where I'll be going.

Harry's Cafe De Wheels
Corner Cowper Wharf Roadway & Brougham Rd,
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Tel: (02) 9357 3074

For more locations, check out their website:
Harry's Cafe de Wheels on Urbanspoon


  1. I had the exact same impression of the pie and hot dog. The pie wasn't anything special but I loved the peas and gravy and I much preferred the hot dog even though Harrys is more known for their pies hehe!

  2. Go the Tiger! And gelato to finish it off too! I actually worked at Harry's... for a day... :)

  3. Hi Lorraine: Yeah, I would definitely choose the hot dog over the pie!

    Hi Tina: Haha. Cool... one day? What happened?!

  4. ahhh i've never trid this ! !theres one outside capitol and ive been dyinggg to go for ages but ive just never had the chance !!

    definitely one day, haha

  5. Hi Eden: Oh yes, you must definitely try Harry's! It's awesome!


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