Monday, July 13, 2009

Hugos Bar Pizza, Kings Cross

How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 6.5/10
Value: $$$

Miss LV, Miss Toronto and I were celebrating the end of Miss LV's uni career (yay!) and what better place than at the swanky Hugos Bar Pizza. We originally planned to go on a Sunday, to take advantage of their $5 pizza deal (yes, that's right $5 pizzas on Sunday), but things changed and we found ourselves at the award winning pizza joint on a cold Saturday evening.

Firstly, a few things I did not enjoy about the experience: we were a party of three that was clearly squished into a very small two person table and it was very chaotic when the food was brought out. We literally had to shuffle everything around. Note: book a table for four next time! Also, it was so dark in there and our only light source was a small candle on our table, however it had to be moved to make room for our food. Was not too happy about that, food-photographing wise! I ended up scaring our food with the flash.

Some cocktails recommended by our lovely waiter to start things off. I found only a handful of the waiters were really attentive whilst the rest possessed that too-cool-for-skool attitude, with that plastic smile plastered on. Ah well, no surprise there.

And out come the pizzas...

Salmon Pizza $26.00
Salmon with mascarpone, caviar, watercress & chives

Aubergine Pizza $22.00
Baked eggplant, tomato, chilli, smoked mozzarella & basil

Both pizzas were divine. Perfectly thin and crispy bases (just the way I like it). I loved the beautiful and creamy mascarpone on the salmon pizza, the combination was absolutely delicious. I love eggplant so I immediately spotted the Aubergine pizza. The chilli on the pizza was fantastic and it definitely made the pizza a star in it's own right.

Tomato, basil & Italian Buffalo mozzarella salad $10.00

The salad was quite a small portion for $10.00, I thought. But if it had been any bigger we would have had to put it on the floor (there was simply no room on our table!). The Buffalo mozzarella was chunky and smooth, the tomato and basil providing a nice break between the pizzas.

Despite the poor lighting (a foodbloggers worst nightmare!), the snooty waitresses and the teeny tiny table, the food at Hugos Bar Pizza certainly delivers. The cocktails were pretty lethal too! I would definitely go back for the pizzas (maybe on the cheap $5 Sunday. lol), but I'll remember to book for a bigger table next time!

Hugos Bar Pizza
33 Bayswater Rd,
Kings Cross NSW 2011
Tel: (02) 9332 1227
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  1. i've enjoyed the pizzas at hugos and yet to try the $5 sundays which would be a bargain. i know it's such a challenge with low lighting but you can't really judge a place down on this point — remember when dim lighting was a good thing before blogging? you did a good job with the flash photos anyway.

  2. awww i really hate snooty waitstaff, but glad that the pizzas were up to scratch! the aubergine looks good though!!!! i love eggplant!

  3. Ooh the service at the Manly one was very good but concur with the lighting. I guess it just tests our skillz haha

  4. Noo to bad lighting! Hehe if we had our way every place would be lit up like it was the middle of the day :D $5 pizzas sound awesome, I must go!

  5. I find the pizzas here a bit hit and miss-some were nice but some really didn't have a lot of topping. We went to the Manly one during Daylight Saving so the lighting was ok although I'm sure they go for "sexy mood" lighting at night (arrghh hate that!). Service at the Manly one is really good though, perhaps it's the Manly beach vibe?

  6. despite the bad service, at least the pizzas were good! lately i've found also that 3 is a bad number for getting a table at restaurants. better to go as a 2 or a 4.

  7. Sunday $5 pizzas? In the diary!

  8. Hmmmm pizzaaaaa.
    Haven't yet been to Hugo's!

    But I had a craving for good pizza and went down to Marco's in Surry hills the other day. I heard that the quality and portion of their pizzas gotten worsen, but I couldn't really tell and stuffed myself pretty well ;0

  9. Hi Simon: Hehe. Thanks. Yeah, the dim lighting was only a problem for the photos, but it was annoying because the table was so tiny that we had to move the candle to the floor, so our only light source was gone!

    Hi Trisha: I know! So lame. I love all things eggplant :D

    Hi FFichiban: Haha. Or lack of! It must just be the different locations, manly being more laid back perhaps.

    Hi Steph: Haha. True! Yeah, I think it's from like a certain time, not all day, but they're definitely $5 at some point on Sunday. lol.

    Hi Lorraine: Oh yeah, I heard the same thing from someone that tried the Manly one. Sexy mood lighting is a blogger's worst nightmare! lol. Yeah, I think it must the beach vibe that makes for better service!

    Hi Panda: Yes, luckily! Otherwise I would not have been happy! Yep, now I know - book for even numbers!

    Hi Tina: Haha. Yes, how awesome is the deal? Pls check before you go though, about the time it's on.

    Hi Yas: Hehe. I haven't been to Marco's. Sounds like you had fun!

  10. Yum - been planning to go back for $5 Sunday pizzas! In fact, I remember there was a time that they were $5 early on Sat nights too. Unbeatable value for quality ingredients at $5! I think that salad is uber expensive because of that ball of buffalo mozzarella - one ball alone (and the do get sold individually) usually costs about $7 in the local Haberfield delis.

  11. Pizza with caviar ontop! Now I've seen it all, it would taste bloody fantastic though!

  12. The pizzas do sound good.... gotta love a good pizza.

  13. What a shame about the lighting. I hope the salmon and marscapone pizza made up for it. It sounds divine!

  14. the flash photos are pretty good !
    i had pizza for dinner tonight, haha at GPK was good but the salad and pasta was crap :(

    thooooo i gotta say i hate it when they giveu s small tables as well :( omg

  15. Those pizzas looked so good! I wonder if they would be the same for the $5 deal?
    Mmmm now I'm craving Pizza....
    P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment

  16. Hi Forager: Definitely, such great value for $5! I must go on a Sunday! Wow, that's really expensive! But it tastes pretty great :)

    Hi Maria: Oh yes, indeed it was bloody fantastic ;)

    Hi Anita: Haha. Yeah, gotta love a good pizza!

    Hi Arwen: The lighting was annoying, so was the teeny tiny table (that was the most annoying part), but yes, pizzas definitely made up for it!

    Hi Eden: Aww thanks :) I used to walk past GPK all the time, never thought to try it though. Will know not to get the salad and pasta! Argh, the small table was so annoying! We had to fully shuffle everything and eat in like this tiny space... argh!

    Hi Brenda: Yeah, they were so good! Not sure, but I'd hope so! No worries :) I love checking out new blogs!


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