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Lindt Chocolat Cafe, Cockle Bay Wharf + Snippets from the GF&WS 09

How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 6/10
Value: $$

Lindt Waffles $15.00

After checking out the Sydney Good Food & Wine Show with Steph and Leona, we decided to skip lunch in the chef's restaurant area, as we were quite content from sampling goodies at various stands throughout the day. Instead, we decided to head straight for dessert at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe at Cockle Bay Wharf! Where I got to try the famous Lindt waffles for the first time :)



Ahh... Lindt Waffles lathered in gooey chocolate syrup

They were particularly busy on this Sunday, so we had to wait for about 15 minutes for our order. I didn't notice the wait though as we were engaged in some fun girly chats. After some oohing and aahing when the plate of waffles was put down, Leona and I brought out the cameras and started attacking whilst Steph was kind enough to pour the chocolate sauce for our action shots!

The waffles were a little bit cold, I would have preferred them to be warmer, but they were not too sweet or too airy or too heavy - as some waffles tend to be. They were wonderfully soft with a nice crisp crunchy texture. Paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, it was delicious! Luckily we were sharing though as it was quite big!

Lindt Excellence 70% Tart $12.00

Looks a bit romantic with the sunlight, no?! ;)

Upon Steph's suggestion, we also ordered the Lindt excellence 70% tart. It was absolutely wonderful and super rich! Perfect for chocolate lovers. The shortbread shell of the tart was buttery and sweet and the chocolate was lovely and gooey, not to mention the crackly flake of chocolate sitting atop!

Iced Mocha $7.00

Haha. We actually didn't order this, but the waiter was determined to give it to us. So, Steph happily accepted the Iced Mocha.

Lindt (Dark) Iced Chocolate $7.00

My dark iced chocolate was perfect! Loved the flakes of chocolate on top and the drink was thick and smooth. So moreish, but dark chocolate is good for you, no?!

Iced Coffee $7.00

Leona ordered an Iced Coffee. I think it was enjoyed, by all accounts!

A great dessert place with beautiful views. It is expected in these chocolate chains that the prices will be quite steep, and the queues to be quite long. So don't go expecting amazing service, or value for money! But in saying that, the desserts and shakes are definitely a lovely indulgence every once in a while :)

Lindt Chocolat Cafe
104-105 Cockle Bay Wharf,
Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9267 8064
For more locations, check out their website:
Lindt Chocolat Cafe on Urbanspoon

And here are some happy snaps from the Good Food & Wine Show (July 5th, 2009):

A family of gingerbread rabbits - so cute!

Weight watchers stand - they were giving away heaps of free goodies - I came away with so many 'snack' bars, which were actually loaded with sugar, but they were free.. so I ate them!

Chocolatesuze at The Biscuit Tree stand - I bought some biscotti and powered through it, quite unlady like, really.

A random Chinese massage stand was on every corner. At first I was a little puzzled as to why they were even there, at a food show. But after carrying bags for a couple of hours, I understood the need for a massage!

Chef's dining area

Bagels from Melbourne

Adora Chocolates

Ooh, we got to see Matt Moran in action - it was awesome! Thanks to the lovely Reem (who we bumped into) for telling us about the free tickets!


  1. the waffles look better than Max Brenner. yum yum

  2. so does that mean the iced mocha was free? mmmmmmm chocolates......

  3. LOL go my expert chocolate pouring skills! And you are so right, he was determined to give us that mocha! It was so much fun running around with you all day, let's do it again! :D

  4. hmmmmmm waffles - I have a soft spot for good pancakes and waffles.
    You were at the show on Sunday? we might have unknowingly run into each other! LOL

  5. Good idea to stop by the Lindt cafe afterwards! And LOL at the massage places, there's always one at any event or shopping centre. But yes I would have fallen upon them with much relief had I seen one instead of walking past them as I usually do :)

  6. Despite all the new chocolate cafes that are popping up in town. I still think that Lindt is definitely one of the best. I cannot go past there macarons and cakes. I have yet to try any of their chocolatey drinks though. It'll definitely be on the agenda for my next visit.

  7. I love Lindt Ice Coffee. Always go there for it.

  8. Bettyy
    Finally im catching up with everyones blogs (well trying to).. eating my lunch at my desk.

    It was awesome catching up with u at GFW. How good was the tartttttt!! Did u know lindt cafe opened up another store on George St??

    Cya Sunday!

  9. Hi Simon: The waffles were good, but I think they would've been even better if they were a little bit warmer. I still love max brenner waffles though!

    Hi Trisha: Yeah it was free! We'll have to organise another Lindt cafe date so you guys can join us!

    Hi Steph: Hehe, yeah he was so determined! Oh well, no complaints! It was great fun hanging with you as well, yay to more foodie adventures!

    Hi Yas: Oh really?! Yeah we were there on Sunday! I think everyone was there on Sunday! Hehe.

    Hi Lorraine: Yeah I was a bit confused as to why they were there at first, and there were so many of them. But towards the end of the day I kind of realised the need for a massage!

    Hi Linda: Oh, I've never dried their macarons, will give them a try next time! The lindt excellence tart was amazing - definitely try that when you go!

    Hi Ellie: Cool. I've never tried it, I always go for chocolate :)

    Hi Leona: Hehe. Awesome catching up with you too! I had heaps of fun with you girls! The tart was amazing! Oh, I didn't know that... I wonder if it's as good? Maybe we'll have to go 'research' hehe. See you Sunday :)

  10. Man, I haven't had waffles in so long! Used to love them with a huge scoop of ice-cream, and I'd race to try to eat the ice-cream before it melted into the groves on the waffle. Cold waffles should be a big no-no!

  11. Hi Y: Hehe. Waffles are awesome aren't they?! The waffles were a little bit cold, not really warm, but still good but you're right - cold waffles are a definite no-no!


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