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Lotus, Potts Point - Merivale Winter Feast 09

How was it?
Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$$

Last Friday night, K and I headed out to Lotus to try their Winter Feast menu, part of the Merivale Winter Feasts promotion. The restaurant was jostling and bustling when we arrived this evening, with lots of hipsters, big groups and couples enjoying their meals or sharing some drinks.

As part of the Merivale Winter Feast, Lotus was offering a 2 course meal for $35 or 3 courses for $39, both including a glass of wine. We were excited and decided to choose the 3 course option.

Complimentary Sourdough Bread

We were offered some complimentary bread once we were seated and we perused the menu. It's a set menu, where you have three options to choose from in the entree, mains and desserts section.

Butternut Pumpkin and Parmesan Soup
with Poached Free Range Egg and Thyme Crumbs

Cracking the perfectly poached egg!

I loved the presentation of the soup. The perfectly poached egg swimming on top was an interesting addition to this beautiful and creamy soup. And yes, it was thoroughly enjoyed.

Calamari, Mint, Cucumber and Coriander Salad
with White Soy and Ginger Dressing

The calamari salad was lite and refreshing. The coriander added a lot of flavour and punch to this salad. The portion was just right to start things off.

Side: Shoestring Fries $8.00

K spotted another table with a bowl of shoestring fries and she just had to order them too! They provided some welcome crunch and were not too oily, which is always a good thing.

Angus Rump Steak with Onion Rings in Red Wine Sauce

The Angus Rump Steak looked very impressive when it came out. I was surprised to see that they had sliced the steak already. Something unusual. I guess, it saves one from trying to wrestle with a steak, but isn't that part of the fun of eating steak? Hmm. Anyway, K said that overall, the steak was 'not bad' but nothing to write home about.

Pan-Fried Fish of the Day with Crushed Peas and Vanilla Butter

I ordered the fish main, which didn't look quite as impressive as K's steak ;) I didn't get a chance to find out what kind of fish it was, because I was away from the table when the mains arrived. But it was lying on a huge bed of crushed peas and soaked in vanilla butter. The generous portion of crushed peas was a little bit too much for me to handle, and I felt that the dish was a little bit too buttery and creamy for my liking.

Pine-Lime Granite with Coconut Sorbet

Chocolate sorbet, Butterscotch Sauce and Hazelnuts

After our rather lacklustre mains, we moved on to dessert. And luckily we chose the 3 course option, because the desserts were the real stars of this meal. K chose the pine-lime granite which was very citrusy and flavoursome - just what she was looking for. My chocolate dessert was fabulous! I was surprised to see salt flakes sitting on top of the dark chocolate cake (it says sorbet, but I think it might've been a cake of some sort? Not sure). I loved the sweet and salty combination and with some real roasted hazelnut pieces on top, I was loving every bite!

Cappuccino to cap off the night (Ha!)

Lotus offers a fusion of Asian and modern Australian cuisine. Service was great and there was a real cool vibe about the place. I would like to try their normal menu in the future as the mains on offer on the Winter Feast menu were a little bit disappointing. The entrees and desserts however, were delicious.

22 Challis Ave,
Potts Point NSW 2011
Tel: (02) 9326 9000
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Merivale Winter Feast
Tel: (02) 9240 3000


  1. We went last night, and couldn't even take photos it was so dark in there! I liked the mains better than the entrees but that pine-lime dessert was stunning.

  2. Interesting! Pre sliced steak? Pre cut things always reminds me of hospitals hehe (although there is saikoro steak in Japanese which is cubed). Shame about the mains but YAY for the entrees and desserts!

  3. Love the billiant presentation of the pumpkin soup with the poached egg.

  4. I thought the salt on the chocolate dessert was great too! And the soup was probably my favourite of the entrees. Your photos turned out great for how dark it was, my photos make me :( I would love to go back to try the normal menu but I think I'm too poor for it haha

  5. I've never eaten here before. good to hear your desserts were delicious.

  6. Hi Lisa: It was so dark in there, wasn't it?! Definitely not the best for photo-taking. Yes, the pine-lime granite was great!

    Hi Lorraine: Haha. I never thought of that, but now that you mention it... kinda! Hehe. Yes, yay for entrees and desserts :)

    Hi Ellie: Yes, it's beautiful isn't it?!

    Hi Steph: I loved the chocolate dessert! Yeah, too dark for photos... pity about your 50min wait, that sucks!

    Hi Simon: The entrees weren't bad too... Desserts were the winners though!

  7. wow ! $4 for another course ? haah that is awesome x]
    mm i want shoestring fries nowww :(

  8. Didn't know the winter feasts extend til dinner - I thought the special 3 course meals were only for lunch! Must try out bistro cbd now since I only work a few buildings from it! Too bad about the mains though... and pre-cut? Hmmm I must agree part of the fun of eating steak is that slicing action as you discover the juicy tender meat inside! Btw it was great fun "hanging out" with you and the girls yesterday at GF&WS!!!! So sorry wasn't able to meet you in Lindt after as I had to bolt and catch a train to Marrickville! Next time we'll do a Lindt date LOL!

  9. For some reason, I thought Lotus was completely Asian. The food at the Winter Feasts launch was really good, so I think it's still worth a try (maybe the 'normal' menu, like you said).

  10. Ohh, that's a shame about the mains I was thinking of going to Lotus next! Darkly lit restaurants are such a pain to photograph at too.

  11. It's lucky you got the three course, because it wouldn't have done to miss out on that beautiful chocolate dessert! I like the sound of the perfectly poached egg too.

  12. i've been wanting to head to lotus for awhile now - shame to hear that their mains are just average. great to hear though that their desserts are fab!

  13. Hmm I think Lotus will be my next Merivale place to visit, but might try their normal menu haha thhxx :) and glad to hear the important stuff is good XD

  14. Hi Eden: Yeah Lotus' deal was pretty good! Sorry to bring on shoestring fries cravings!

    Hi Trisha: Yes, it's on for lunch and dinner (between 6-8pm). Hehe. Great to see you yesterday! We missed you at Lindt! Another date is in order!

    Hi Belle: That's what I thought too, but it's quite fusion with just a hint of Asian flavours.

    Hi Minh: I know! Good ambience = poor photos! Lotus was particularly dark though, so it was quite hard to take photos!

    Hi Arwen: Yes exactly! Would've have been kicking myself. But, the best option would've been 2 courses - entree and dessert ;)

    Hi Panda: Yep, our desserts certainly were fab!

    Hi FFichiban: Hehe. No worries. Yes, the important stuff is goood :)


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