Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Manmaruya Restaurant, Campsie

How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambience: 6.5/10
Value: $

Winter just calls for a bowl of hot noodle soup, no? On one particular evening, K and I found ourselves at the newest Japanese kid on the block in Campsie - Manmaruya Restaurant. A few of my friends had tried this place out and said that it was great, "not bad for Campsie" said one, "similar to the city restaurants" said another. So I was eager to give it a try. When we walked in, the restaurant was packed and so we were seated at the counter (no probs, as K enjoyed perving on the cute chef. haha).

We ordered two bowls of ramen, which came out piping hot in huge bowls! Plus, a serving of the seaweed salad which was amazing! It was such a huge portion, lots of fresh green, the sauce was perfect and we were loving it - such great value ;) We also ordered a serving of the soft shell crab sushi as I was craving soft shell crab for some reason.

Cha-Su Ramen $12.80

Pork Soup Sho-Yu Ramen $9.80

I loved the gooey egg and the thick pork base soup. The servings were huge though, we probably could have shared or just ordered the kids size!

Seaweed Salad $8.00

Such great value! Very impressed.

Soft Shell Crab Roll $9.80

The soft shell crab roll was nicely presented, tasted great and was just the right amount to satisfy my cravings.

This great little gem in Campsie is sure to become a big hit. The servings are generous, the food was nicely presented and tasted great. It was also such great value and I will definitely be going back for more!

Manmaruya Restaurant
193 Beamish St,
Campsie NSW 2194
Tel: (02) 9789 5759
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  1. where's campsie? where's this ramen place? ahhhhh everything looks sooo good!!!

  2. Ahhh you made it to ManMaruya! I heard about this place and it's not too far from my neighbour. But all my friends weren't really keen to come down to my area from Bondi :( I think they advertise their Kogashi-ninniku (roast garlic) ramen as a signature ramen there.

    Hmmm i must go try really soon!

  3. OMG RAMEN!!!
    your making me want ramen!!! The ramen there looks good. Today is perfect weather for it too as its much colder than yesterday.

    I havent been to campsie in ages! 5years now? maybe more??

  4. Oh yum this looks so good.
    And there should be loads of parking in the side streets.....another restuarant to add to my list, thanks!

  5. ooh glad to see this post :D i've been so curious about this restaurant, i swear i've walked past so many times since it opened and have picked up like 4 of their brochures to remind me to eat there haha. it's good to hear you liked it so much! must must go

    haha food blogs rock

  6. Oooh what a great find! Thanks for letting us know about it. It's ramen weather and I'm yet to have my first bowl this Winter! :o

  7. Hi Trisha: Haha. Campsie isn't too far from you! It's close to Ashfield?... Some good groceries there too.

    Hi Yas: Aww, that's not cool that they didn't want to go to your area. Tell them it's really really good! Ooh, I'm definitely going to try the garlic ramen next time (and take lots of mints afterwards ;)

    Hi Leona: Haha. Yeah, the ramen was pretty good and it was such a huge bowl! Perfect for winter!

    Hi Brenda: Yep, plenty of parking available! No worries :)

    Hi Grace: Haha. Yep, I really enjoyed it. You should check it out soon!

    Hi Lorraine: No worries :) Oh no, you should definitely go have some ramen, we're in the middle of winter now, so perfect timing too!


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