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Perama Greek Restaurant, Petersham

Tweetup Dinner @ Perama - A Special Event

Bread for the table

A couple of weeks ago (thanks to Fridley and Betty from Betty's Bites), I was invited to a dinner with fellow foodbloggers and tweeps (people on twitter) at Perama Greek Restaurant in Petersham. The owner/chef, David Tsirekas organised a special deal for all of us, which included a banquet feast plus drinks for only $50! I was so in! Little did I know that 'banquet' was such a major understatement.

Greek Salad $11.00

Mixed Dips $13.50
Tzatziki, Tarama, Split Pea, Olive Paste, Smoked Eggplant

Upon arrival, we were presented with a basket of sliced bread, some mixed dips and Greek salad. I had one slice of the bread, that I later regretted (note: no room for bread in the stomach when preparing oneself for a mega-feast!). I particularly loved the smoky eggplant dip - mm.. delicious. And I had never seen a huge block of cheese placed on top of a Greek salad before - very interesting, a bit of a novelty but delicious nonetheless. I tried not to overindulge on the starters because I wanted to save room for dessert.

And then came the onslaught... one beautiful dish after another...

1. Entrees & Ouzomezedakia (little platters) hit the table

Pickles Octopus $6.50

Pickled Mushroom $5.00

Pickled Cabbage $4.00

Graviera Crumbed Haloumi $6.50

Imambadli (Stuffed Roasted Eggplant) $6.00

BBQ Marinated Artichokes $5.50

Handrolled Macedonian Filo Spinach Pie $6.50

BBQ Haloumi Cheese $17.20

Lahinika Loukoumathes $15.50
Deep Fried Asparagus, Shallots, Oyster Mushrooms, Zucchini and White Yam
(Vegetarian option for Betty)

Sheftalies (Cypriot Sausages) $6.50

Filo Pastries $16.80
Danish White & Ricotta Cheese, Shredded Lamb & White Bean, Rabbit Stifatho, Scallop & Prawn

Inside my filo pastry - What was in it? I can't recall. Can someone help? :)

BBQ Lamb's Liver $15.00

Chilli Black Mussels $17.50

Time out:
After those dishes we had a slight break, to allow our bodies to digest. I was well and truly stuffed and ready for dessert (I had baklava on my mind!).

And then... MORE food arrives....!

This was a special goat dish or perhaps I should say, David and his friends' goat experiment! Basically, they bought and raised a goat feeding it with only beer and nuts for a few months. I only had a small bite but it was wonderfully moist and tender. I would say it was definitely a successful experiment!

At this point, we realised that we hadn't even started on the mains and apparently every dish on the menu was being brought out to us. Yes. That's right - Every.Single.Dish!

(1. cont...) And the entrees weren't even over yet!

Vine Dolmathes $7.50

BBQ Octopus $19.50

Pork Belly Baklava $17.80

The winner/stand out dish of the night! Sweet layers of pastry in between pork belly meat, dates and pistachios. The combination of sweet and salty flavours literally danced on my tastebuds!

Rustic Grandma Chips $5.00

Zucchini Fritters $5.50

Fried Calamari $17.00

Bizelia $6.00
Peas cooked with tomatoes and herbs

2. Onto the Mains
I was really full at this point, that I actually didn't manage to try all of the remaining dishes (oh, such a shame!)

Lamb Skaras $28.50
Braised lamb with potatoes and string beans

Roast Duck $32.00

Lamb Kleftiko $30.00
Lamb cooked in a clay pot with potatoes and olives, in a spiced tomato sauce and melted kasseri cheese

Time Out II:
After each of those mains were brought out, I asked whether we could move on to dessert. Everyone else was feeling it as well, as no one had expected this kind of a feast. But, David just kept sending his troops up with more food for us!

And then, finally I could see plates filled with pastries and ice cream brought to us...

3. YAY! Dessert
(I'm only saying YAY because I was truly stuffed, and because we had been eating for about 5 hours straight!)

Bougasta $13.50
Mandarin flavoured milk semolina custard wrapped in filo pastry

Caramel Baklava Ice Cream $13.50
Sliced layers of vanilla bean ice cream, caramel sauce and baklava
= Pure Genius!

Ekmek $13.00
Oven fired brioche soaked in a spiced sugar syrup served with kaymaki (clotted cream)

Poached Pear in Red Wine Syrup $13.50

Kalamata Baklava $12.50
(Chopped almonds with sugared kalamata olives and shredded mixed citrus peel)
and Olive Ice Cream

The Kalamata Baklava was again, pure genius. I loved the combination of the flavours. And quite possibly, the most interesting ice cream I've ever tasted - Olive Ice Cream! And it actually tastes like olive! There was also another ice cream floating around (no pics) - Olive Oil Ice Cream - truly original, and yes, it tasted liked like real olive oil!

Rice Pudding $13.00
Milk, Vanilla and Cinnamon Rice Pudding with Poached Rhubarb

I spotted some pots decorating the wall!

Phew! What a massive feast!

It was after this feast that I was truly thankful for this blog. Without it, I would never have experienced such gluttony! After the 35 course feast, David emerged from his kitchen and came to meet all of us. He spoke to us about how he kind of just fell into Perama with no experience. And look at where he's at today! Whipping up amazingly creative dishes with a smile on his face. A big thank you to David for accommodating all of us and giving me a truly wonderful Greek feasting experience!

All the food was fantastic and I'm looking forward to going back to this cosy Greek restaurant, as a regular diner!

My fellow foodies that evening were:

Perama Greek Restaurant
88 Audley St,
Petersham NSW 2049
Tel: (02) 9569 7534
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  1. I'm exhausted just by looking at all the photos...and hungry!

  2. Wow, the guy doesn't mess around when it comes to food service!

    I wonder if this kalamata dessert (or some traditional variant) was the inspiration for Adriano Zumbo's kalamata and olive oil based cake?

  3. Heehee we did have a freaky blogger moment!! It's such an epic post, did it take you ages? I know I had been putting it off until the last minute, watching as it got closer to the time that I had the post scheduled for!

  4. Despite it being lunch and me being starving a few seconds ago, I feel full all over again seeing these pics! Good job - it was an epic post & so many photos.

  5. A mouth-watering feast of food photos!

  6. Great to share another meal with you although we were at opposite ends of the table. It was such an amazing meal wasn't it! :)

  7. ooomg !
    i really wanted to go here after seeing Leona's photos, i even walked past it the oher day !!

    but it's closed til 14th july =[ nuuuu

  8. mmm wish i could have been there to enjoy

  9. take me there please.... yummmmmmmmm

  10. Hi Karen: Lol. This post was a massive feat!

    Hi Simon: Definitely not. I think I remember him saying that he had tried it at a restaurant once, don't remember which one though!

    Hi Steph: Totally! Omg, I was actually really exhausted after this post! But yay, we did it!

    Hi Forager: Lol. It was epic! Thanks.

    Hi Ellie: Thank you!

    Hi Lorraine: You too :) It was such an amazing feast, I don't think anything will beat it!

    Hi Eden: Hehe. It's definitely worth the wait! I'm definitely going back!

    Hi Simon: Yeah, it was awesome!

    Hi Kaelyn: Yes, I shall take you there!


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