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Teppanyaki, The Ivy, Sydney - Merivale Winter Feast 09

How was it?
Food: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Value: $$$

It was Smurf's birthday the other night and she didn't want to do anything too special, so I suggested we try the Merivale Winter Feast at Teppanyaki. Something low key, yet classy and a bit special. As part of the winter feast, Teppanyaki is offering an awesome 3 course meal plus a glass of wine for $35! I thought it was one of the better valued ones on offer :)

The restaurant was beautiful. Lots of dark and light colours contrasted and complemented one another. The chairs were so wonderfully comfy and cushiony that we could have fallen asleep in them (very classy!). The restaurant had the typical Merivale light concept i.e. sexy dim mood lighting; i.e. a foodbloggers worst nightmare (head on over to Lorraine's blog to read about the strange species that I have morphed into aka a foodblogger - it's a great read!). Despite the mood lighting, I really loved the decor and ambience.

Miso Soup Tofu, wakame and shallots

Some hot miso soup to whet the appetite. I could have bowl after bowl of miso soup - it's so addicitve and so perfect for cold cold nights!


Wagyu Penny Burger (2 pieces)
Mini wagyu beef burgers with cucumber, tomato and spicy house sauce

The mini wagyu burgers were so cute and absolutely delicious. The wagyu patty was tender and flavoursome, whilst the sesame bun was soft and warm.

Balmain Bug Wonton
Fried with sweet chilli & cucumber sauce

This was my first time trying Balmain Bug! There was just the tiniest morsel of the Balmain Bug in the wonton, but what I had of it was lovely. The wonton was super crispy, but I would have loved if they were a little more generous with the meat!

Snapper Yukke
Snapper sashimi served in a crisp lettuce cup with spicy miso, nori seaweed & lotus root

The snapper sashimi was super fresh, I especially loved the crispy lotus root.

Hot Dashi Broth being poured onto King Fish Shabu Shabu

King Fish Shabu Shabu
Slices of King Fish, cooked in the hot dashi broth (poured at table), with fresh wakame, enoki mushrooms and shallots.

The king fish was lovely and fresh. It came with a sort of peanuty sauce and it was light and flavoursome.

Wagyu Striploin 100gr
Oakleigh Ranch marble score 5+ sirloin with wok tossed shiitake, buckwheat & soybean

A closer look at the wagyu sirloin

The wagyu was so tender and moist. Smurf remarked that the flavours of veges tasted like 'pad see ew' (Thai style stir fried rice noodles) - but that's not a bad thing, because we love pad see ew! I could not possibly become a vegetarian with meat dishes this good!

Free Range Pork Belly
Twice cooked pork belly with shaved fennel, apple and caramelised black vinegar

Oh my! The Pork Belly was absolutely divine. The tender chunks of pork belly were not overly fatty or oily, which was a pleasant surprise. The shaved fennel and caramelised black vinegar gave the dish a lovely touch of sweetness.

After our lovely mains, we weren't too overly full and ready for dessert! There are three options to choose from, and they are all to share i.e. 1 dessert between 2 people. So our party of 3 got to choose 2 desserts :)

Double Baked Green Tea Cheesecake

The green tea cheesecake is probably the best cheesecake that I've tried. I actually don't really like western style cheesecakes that much, but I love the lightness of the Japanese version. It was so perfect with the green tea flavoured cream on top of the light sponge, it did not feel heavy at all.

Also, a nice little touch from the kitchen - they knew that it was Smurf's birthday, so they brought out the green tea cheesecake with a lit candle on top :) aww.. how sweet of them!

Black Sesame Panacotta with a Strawberry Coulis

The dessert that sent us all into dizzy heights was the black sesame panacotta! It looked gorgeous, and tasted even better. It was smooth and silky, the strawberry coulis was a welcome surprise and I absolutely loved the black sesame.

I was very pleased with the Winter Feast menu at Teppanyaki. The decor is gorgeous and the service is attentive, yet not pushy. The food was amazing and it was such great value. And oh, don't even get me started on the desserts... absolutely delicious!

Level 2 (The Ivy), 330 George St,
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9240 3000
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P.s. After dinner we went down to the Ivy Bar for some drinks. They have live jazz and $10 martinis every Wednesday night. There was a real cool, relaxed and classy vibe. It was quiet, with just a few people around, and a nice mid-week treat.


  1. Ahh nice! This is what you mentioned on Twitter I see?
    It looks like it's pretty awesome dinner for $35! Man, I've got to manage to visit at least one of these Merivale restaurants before winter's over!

  2. Arghhh it looks so good! I have to go here next! I loooove green tea cheesecake and that pannacotta sounds divine. It looks like they have some pretty dark lighting too hehehe

  3. Yum, looks Teppanyaki is the favourite Merivale Winter Feast and with good reason. We're headed here next week and definitely looking forward to it!

  4. That pork belly.... *DROOOLLLLL*! I might go back for another fix soon mmmmm

  5. Oh yes, ivy can be quite a classy place when it's not filled with poseurs (was that a poser-ish thing to say?). I had the same dishes when I went to Teppanyaki, and I totally agree that it was fantastic.

  6. This looks great! :) I said to some lovely people that I couldn't go this week but it looks like I made a mistake!

  7. Oh no, did my comment go through? Here goes again: I told a lovely lady that I wasn't able to go this week but I think that I made the totally wrong decision! It looks amazingly good *drools*

  8. Hi Yas: Yeah, I thought it was great value! I'd recommended you try this one!

    Hi Steph: The desserts were absolutely amazing! Oh yes, the annoying sexy dim lighting!

    Hi Helen: Definitely, great value, service and food! It has it all! OOh, looking forward to seeing your review of it!

    Hi FFichiban: It was so good, wasn't it? And not too fatty either, which was good :)

    Hi Belle: True! I don't think it was a poserish thing to say! haha.

    Hi Lorraine: You totally made the wrong decision! It was so awesome and so worth it!

  9. You could photoshop the photos up to a certain extent so at least the lighting is a wee bit better than the original - that's what i do with some food photos. Otherwise yes... low lighting is the bane of our existence! Doh!

  10. That kingfish looks great - really unique and a bit of theatre!
    This looks better than the Merivale deal at Teppanyaki last time - might have to head there again!

  11. Hi Trisha: Errm... these are already edited! lol. Perhaps I need to hone my skills ;)

    Hi Tina: Yes, a bit of theatre! A bit of a novelty. I try it last time, but this one was really good!

  12. Smurf here...Yes it was really really good....oh the desserts! and the Wagyu....mmmm. Comments were spot on... ha ha 'dizzy heights'!!

  13. Hi Smurf: It was so awesome! Hope you enjoyed your birthday xx

  14. WOWWW THE BURGERS LOOK DIVINE! i soo wanted the burger when i was there but there was only 4 of us =(

    And the king fish?? I dont remember seeing that there it looks soo good! Id love to go back again and try the rest. Im glad u enjoyed teppanyaki! its soo worth $35

  15. Hi Leona: They were so cute and tasty too! I went with 2 other people, so we ordered everything on the menu :) It was so worth it!


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