Monday, August 10, 2009

Dolcissimo, Haberfield

How was it?
Food: 5.5/10
Service: 4/10
Ambience: 6/10
Value: $$$

The occasion was K's birthday and a bunch of us gathered at Dolcissimo in Haberfield for a celebratory dinner. I arrived there and was left waiting downstairs as the waiters walked by and couldn't seem to be bothered to look after me. Was not too impressed.

I eventually found the party sitting upstairs, which was very cramped. K ordered an array of pizzas and pastas but I can't remember the names or the prices!

Chilli Sauce

K was obsessed with the chilli sauce, she loved it so much! Apparently it's great if you're a chilli fiend.

Here are some of the pizzas:

The pizzas were all OK. I enjoyed the vegetarian one with the eggplant the most. But none of them really blew me away.

Here are some of the pastas:

I enjoyed the seafood marinara pasta the most, with it's rich tomato sauce. The other pastas were too creamy/soggy for my liking. However, most people seemed to enjoy the food, so maybe I was just being picky or perhaps my taste buds were affected by illness on this particular evening!

We were also given a random Chicken dish that we didn't order. I didn't get to taste it, but apparently it was quite good!

I also brought a cake for K with two packets of candles, but when the cake came out there weren't very many candles, one packet was mysteriously missing. Did they pinch my star candles?! Hmm..

They seemed to be understaff when we went and so the service was not very attentive and slow. I didn't particularly love the food, and I saw many Italian restaurants around there that I'd love to try. However, it always seems to be quite full, so they must be doing something right.

96 - 98 Ramsay St,
Haberfield NSW 2045
Tel: (02) 9716 4444
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  1. pity about the service. sounds like a fairly ordinary experience. where's your favourite pizza and pasta place?

  2. they always to huge business. but I agree, in the years that I lived in Haberfield, I experienced some pretty ordinary service there. But on some occasions it was wonderful. Great place for breakfast.

  3. Hmm, doesn't sounds like the best experience.. A shame the pizza didn't blow you away. Funny - you'd think with that much competition for good pizza in Haberfield it HAS to be awesome or they're out of business.

  4. Err the service sounds pretty shoddy. How funny that the one thing that your table didn't order was one of the good things!

  5. Sounds like you had a rather underwhelming experience. Sorry to hear that! :( I can't eat soggy pasta-that would be an instant turn off. The pizzas don't look too bad though :)

  6. Boo poor service! Rar at them and for stealing your candles too!

  7. Ooohh I was told Haberfield is the hub of Italian food! Too bad about the service though... but those are mad pasta dishes though!

  8. Random chicken dish...? That's... random. Some pretty yummy looking pasta there!

  9. Hi Simon: It was pretty ordinary! I really like Bar Reggio in Surry Hills! And I went to one ages ago with my friend's family in Five Dock, and that blew me away - can't remember what it's called though! What's yours?!

    Hi Anna: I guess it's a little bit hit/miss. It's a great area for food though! I'll definitely be going back!

    Hi Forager: No, it wasn't the best. Yeah exactly, I was quite surprised that they were packed cause they've gotten trashed on eatability!

    Hi Steph: Yeah, it wasn't very good! Yeah, it was so random!

    Hi Lorraine: I hate soggy pasta... it's just not right! But yeah, the vegetarian pizza was great - I do love my eggplant :)

    Hi FFichiban: I know! The cake came out with like 8 candles, and I bought 2 big packs, and I was like "errm... wtf.. where are my candles?" Hmm. Not impressed!

    Hi Trisha: Yeah, there's heaps of Italian restaurants there, I definitely want to go and check them out :D They looked ok, but they weren't amazing, sadly.

    Hi Tina: Yes, totally random! They weren't amazing, but they looked good!

  10. their service is the worst. every. they are aggressive if you ask for something. just basically incredibly BAD!


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