Monday, August 31, 2009

Fujiya Japanese Restaurant, Haymarket

How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Value: $$

The great thing about eating out with family is that you get to order lots! Hehe. The bad thing is deciding on a place that everyone is happy with. On this particular night, a few people wanted Vietnamese food, a few wanted Thai food and no one was backing down! Then Japanese came into the mix and everyone was happy.

Green Tea $1 (refillable)

We decided to head into the city in search of some Japanese food. My brother had been to Fujiya a few times and said it was pretty good, and he's quite picky with his food (unlike me :p), so I thought, it must be good - so we decided to go there.

We went on a weeknight and the restaurant was probably 40% full. We got a table straight away and started perusing their picture-filled menu!

Edamame $3.80

I always order edamame at Japanese restaurants. I just love 'em.

Seaweed Salad $8.80

The seaweed salad was definitely a crowd pleaser. My mother was even craving it the following day! It was a generous portion, and with these salads, I think it's all about the the tangy dressing. Love it!

Sushi & Sashimi Boat $22.80


Sashimi - Kingfish, Tuna, Salmon

Mini Sushi Rolls, Wasabi, Ginger

Seafood & Avocado Sushi rolls

We ordered the sushi & sashimi boat. I loved the presentation :) Fresh and thick pieces of sashimi were fought over, and only three lucky ones got their hands on the sushi rolls (I was one of them - hehe).

Takoyaki $5.00

The takoyaki had a crispy outer and perfectly gooey innards containing octopus. Who doesn't love a takoyaki ball?

Chicken Karage $6.80

I wasn't a huge fan of the chicken. Even though there was nothing wrong with it, I'm just not a huge fan of fried chicken. The boys were loving it though.

Mentai Cheese $6.50
Cod Roe Potato with Cheese

This was my brother's first pick from the menu. It came out on a sizzling plate, it was mushy and creamy and I thought that the cheese really overpowered the dish, so it's definitely one for the cheese lovers.

Sukiyaki $12.80
Beef Hot Pot

We decided to order the sukiyaki to warm us up a little. It is a beef hot pot which arrives at the table on a small gas stove. I liked the fact that the broth wasn't too thick or heavy, but I would've liked more veges!

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab $11.80

The soft shell crab were very crispy and crunchy, however they weren't meaty enough, I thought.

Fujiya Chahan $12.30
Fried rice with eel & egg

The fried rice was delicious. There was a smoky char-grilled flavour to it, the combination of egg and eel was perfect. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by this dish.

After all of that, the boys were still hungry! So we ordered a few more things (but I forget to get prices!)

Tempura Sushi Roll

The sushi roll was lovely and fresh, with the lovely crunch of the tempura. The only problem was the pieces were quite big, so it was difficult to eat it without it falling apart!


Lovely pan-fried Japanese dumplings. Oily and tasty, and the skin wasn't too thick and starchy.

Tempura Vegetables and Seafood

Tempura Udon

The boys ordered a bowl of tempura udon noodles each. I don't know in which part of their stomach they are storing all this food. But nonetheless, the noodles were quickly slurped up and enjoyed.

Fujiya offers great Japanese fare and the service was fast and friendly. We happily sat there for a while drinking pot after pot of green tea!

Fujiya Japanese Restaurant
Level 1, 605-609 George St (entrance on Goulbourn St),
Haymarket NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9283 2268
Open 7 Days for Dinner 6pm - 10.15pm (later on Friday & Saturday)
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  1. Geez, you really ordered lots of food! Great photos and descriptions, so I'll have to refer back here next time I visit Fujiya.

  2. oh the mentai cheese looks so cheeeeeeesy :)

  3. Look at all of that wonderful food! And it's true the pros and cons of eating out with family or large groups! It's just a relief to pick somewhere that everyone agrees on sometimes! :P

  4. Mmm cheese!! The egg and eel fried rice sounds like an awesome combination for fried rice :) Hehe doesn't eating your food off a wooden boat platter always make it so much more fun? I love it!

  5. Wow, you covered the menu pretty comprehensively, and it all looks so tasty. Nice photos, too :)

  6. that sashimi looks awesome. I could have quite a few serves of that. Such a fantastic selection of dishes, no wonder you left satisfied!

  7. Ohh Fujiyaaaaa. Man, I haven't been to this place for ages!
    I love Edamame toooo! I usually stock up frozen one in my freezer during summer.

  8. I am with helen, that mentai cheeseee... or cheezuuu.... yumm

  9. Hi Belle: I love going with lots of people, so that I (or we) can order more! Thanks Belle :)

    Hi Helen: Hehe. So much cheesy goodness, definitely one for the cheese lovers out there!

    Hi Lorraine: Thanks. Yeah, there are many pros and cons, one of the pros being able to order more food! Thankfully we decided on Japanese, because we really weren't getting anywhere with the decision between Thai and Vietnamese food!

    Hi Steph: Oh, it was so good! Yes, it does! And I've been to places where the picture on the menu is a wooden platter, and then it comes out on normal plates, and it's so disappointing!

    Hi Conor: Hehe. I think we did! Thanks :)

    Hi Maria: Me too, I love sashimi! Yes, a little too satisfied!

    Hi Yas: I didn't know you could buy them frozen! Hmm.. Might go find some!

    Hi Billy: Hehe. I'll have to get you guys to come & assist with the cheesy goodies next time ;)

  10. That fried cheese picture looks awesome! Look at the crusty outer, yum!

  11. Everything looked so nice and fresh, but I really want to try that cheese dish...yummmmmm

  12. Hi Rilsta: Hehe. I liked it, but it was a little overwhelming after a few bites, but I can get that way about cheese!

    Hi Brenda: Everything was great, you should check it out!

  13. This looks like a reasonably nice place. The Sukiyaki looks like it's decent value for money and I'm a big fan of the takoyaki when they're good. Never had the mentai but would love to give it a go based on the photo!

    Yet another Japanese restaurant to consider in the area!

  14. Hi Simon: I thought everything we tried was good and reasonably priced. Loved the takoyaki balls! There are way too many Japanese restaurants to choose from in the city! We're kind of spoilt for choice!


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