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Mamak, Haymarket

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Roti Canai

It seems as though the foodie world was aflutter with excitement over the reopening of Mamak! I too was equally excited as I had never tried their famous roti canai! So, on a cold Sunday morning, Leona, Steph and I joined the queue waiting to get into Mamak. They open at 11.30am and there was already a line at 11am - yes, they really are that popular!

Whilst you are waiting outside, you can watch them making roti from the front window, so the wait doesn't seem as long! You can also grab a menu to peruse so that when you walk in, you can order straight away! It really was like a race to order, so we let Steph guide us through the menu and order the goodies for us! Thanks Steph :)

Roti Canai $5.00

Oh yes! This is what we were all here for! I haven't tried many roti's, but this one was so delicious and addictive. Warm & crispy on the outside and fluffy & soft of the inside. I would have been happy with plate after plate of roti! It also comes with two different curries and sambol sauce, which were perfect accompaniments.

Ayam Goreng $3.50 p/piece
(or you can get 4 pieces for $12.00)

We ordered one piece of Ayam Goreng, which is Malaysian style fried chicken. I didn't find it as oily as we were expecting, and the meat was succulent and tender. The chicken is marinated in herbs and spices, making for a very flavoursome dish!

Maggi Goreng $10.50

Do these noodles look familiar to you? You may recognise them as maggi noodles or the 2 minute instant noodle equivalent! Instead of ordering the Mee Goreng, which has hokkien noodles, we chose the Maggi Goreng for a bit of old-skool fun! They are wok tossed with eggs, prawn, fish cake slices and bean sprouts. Simple and delicious!

Sambol Sotong $16.00
'Stir-fried calamari with fiery sambol sauce'

I had never tried anything like the Sambol Sotong, which is stir fried calamari in sambol sauce. Their description of a 'fiery sambol sauce' sure was fitting as it was pretty chilli (for me!), but still the chewy pieces of calamari were extremely tasty.

Roti Tisu $9.00
It looks like a witches hat, no?

'Paper thin, extra crispy and served tall'

And for dessert we ordered the Roti Tisu. Which is super thin roti that is coated in sugar and moulded into the shape of a witches hat! We ordered it with condensed milk (not on the menu, so please ask for it) and it was so super sweet and the perfect end to our Mamak experience!

Teh Halia $3.50

We also ordered some speciality Malaysian drinks. I ordered the Teh Halia, which is similar to a Teh Tarik but with a hint of ginger. Steph informs that Teh Tarik is a sweet tea, where they keep pouring the tea from cup to cup to give it a frothy texture. I loved the ginger in the Teh Halia, it was lovely and soothing and I'll definitely get it again! Steph ordered the Milo Tarik ('Malaysia's Hot Chocolate') and Leona ordered the Kopi 'O' ('Malaysian Black Coffee'), and both were pretty awesome too!

A great place to get your Malaysian food, especially roti, fix. It's cheap and tasty but it's very popular, so be prepared to wait - but it's definitely worth it. I definitely want to try more things on their menu, especially the satays, so I will definitely be going back. I actually wouldn't mind some roti right now... ;)

15 Goulbourn St,
Haymarket NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9211 1668
Open 7 days
Lunch: 11.30 - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30 - 9.30pm
Supper: til 2am (Fri & Sat)
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  1. Hmmmm Mamak! I can have another craving any day now!

    I just realized that my entry for Mamak is not showing up for some reason... wordpress is acting weird since the last upgrade..

  2. I feel like going again for the roti i.e LOL I wanna try all roti dishes LOL. i know it will give is us heart attack but its soo worth it LOL..

    at least we know if i do have one, our last thought and taste would be a good one LOL

    I liked your ginger drink. If i went there again i would get that as my choice.

    We gotta do another cheap eats ^_^ I love cheap eats with good food

  3. I DIDN't particularly like mamak, the roti was alrite, but what i hated the most was that they served the curry/roti on a metal plate so.. food was warm/cool when i started eating (and NO i didnt take that long with pics haha!)

    although i did enjoy the pandan roti with icecream (but then again, i'd also enjoy a sandwich spread with pandan spread. *shrugs!

    one thing i do loved though (actually two things) was watching them make the roti (which made the wait seem not so long afterall) and how quick the food came. oH! and the hot tea drink i had (that makes 3 hehe)

  4. oh yes the roti tisu is the winner for me :) didn't realise there was a queue at 11am, although maybe they were all the brunchers who were desperate for breakfast. Roti tisu for breakfast? Now there's an idea!

  5. I dare not try the Roti Tisu w condensed milk, I reckon my teeth would be groaning ;) LOL. I should try the ginger drink next time.

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the Maggi Goreng - definitely going to try that next time. And do you think the Din Tai Fung queues are longer than Mamak's? - thankfully there's good food at the end of both!

  7. Ooh I want a tea tarik! I agree with Leona, I love cheap eats. Ooh Steph and I should take you to Alice's for even better Malay!

  8. Oh wow, this place has a queue at 11am? Embarassingly I've never been there (although I've eaten at their stand at the Malaysian festival). I love that first photo of the roti ball! :)

  9. Hi Yas: It's so good isn't it?! Hehe. Oh no, that's not cool :(

    Hi Leona: Me too! It was so good! Lol. Yes, at least we will die happy! Oh yeah, my ginger tea was SO good! Loved it!! Let's definitely do more cheap eats :)

    Hi Betty: Oh no :( Our roti was still warm after we finished photographing ;) I like the metal plates, I think it's more authentic that way! Plus, it's so cheap, so can't really complain! Oh, I want to try the pandan roti next time! It's pretty cool watching them ey?! So skilled! Oh yes, the drinks were delicious!

    Hi Helen: I'm so glad we ordered it. Such a guilty pleasure. And why not go all out at brunch? Why save dessert for after dark?! ;)

    Hi Aptronym: Yes they might be, but it's worth it! Do it!! The ginger tea was really delicious - I'd highly recommend it!

    Hi Belle: No worries! I don't know if I can compare because we waited outside Mamak before the doors were even open, so we got a table once they opened. But in general, I think DTF is longer. But you're right, good food at both ends!

    Hi Karen: Haha. Me too :) Yes, take me!!

    Hi Lorraine: Yeah, before it even opened it's doors there were a few people lining up! This was my first time, and I'm definitely going back! You should definitely check it out! Thanks :)

  10. A queue at 11am! WOW! There really is a Mamak food movement happening out here in Sydney. I have yet to give Mamak a visit since they've reopened and I'm DYING for their roti!

  11. Argh! Why don't we have something like this in Melbourne? Or if we do, someone please point me there! All these posts are making me want to go to Sydney to eat at Mamak! :)

  12. In defence to betty's comment above about the way they serve the curry with the roti, this is the way it is usually served at mamak places in Malaysia too. Anyways I had going with you and I am so getting your drink next time, I loved the ginger!

  13. Hi Trisha: I think everyone was having roti withdrawal syndrome when they closed for renovations, hence the movement! Lol.

    Hi Rilsta: Yes, come to Sydney. We'll take you to Mamak ;)

    Hi Steph: Yeah, I think it's more authentic that way, and it's the only way that I've seen roti being served. Anyways, was great hanging out with you and omg I loved my drink :) We should definitely do it again!

  14. Totally agree with you Betty. I'm Jenny from Brisbane and I came across Mamak the last time I was in Sydney. I was thrilled because the food are as authentic as the ones we get in Malaysia.

    I will be in Sydney again in late December, definitely will be going back there.

  15. Hi Jenny: I think there's a huge Mamak obsession at the moment. I've been a few times, and have never been disappointed! Is Mamak your reason for coming to Sydney?! ;) Cause I think it's definitely worth it! Hehe.


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