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On Ramen, Haymarket

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Chilli Powder

When I mention to people that I have a foodblog, the first question I will get asked is "What's your favourite restaurant?", to which I never have an answer because I can never choose just one. And then they will start telling me about some of their favourite places to eat and that I must go there for so & so or such & such. So my brother had been telling me about this little Japanese place in Haymarket called On Ramen. He said that he liked their ramen noodles the best, and he's tried a lot of ramens. So, one night I took his advice and tried it out for myself.

Seafood Ramen

There's a lot of box sets, designed for on-the-go people looking for a quick and filling meal. Tonight we decided to share the Seafood Ramen Bento which consisted of the Seafood Ramen and the following:

Salmon Sashimi

Mixed Salad

Takoyaki and Soft Shell Crab

The Seafood Ramen Bento was $18.80, which was a pretty good deal, I thought. The verdict on the ramen - the noodles were not as thick as they are in a lot of Japanese places that I've tried, they were similar in size to instant noodles - which is why my brother probably loved them! Lol. However, I prefer mine to be fatter. The broth was not too heavy and the serving was generous. The accompanying items in the bento set were Ok. The only problem was that everything was covered in mayonnaise, and I am normally a huge fan of Japanese mayo, but this was just too much. I didn't like the fact that it was just there for decoration, rather than to please the palate.

Spicy Meatballs $4.80

Yaki Wagyu Beef Skewers $7.80

We also ordered two side dishes. The spicy meatballs were a little bit strange and chewy at first, but after another bite they were quite enjoyable. But again, they sprayed mayo all over the meatballs, which was completely unnecessary. I would've preferred either a chilli sauce, curry sauce or even soy sauce, or even better - nothing at all! The yaki wagyu beef skewers had that lovely char-grilled flavour, the sauce was sweet and complemented the beef well.

The restaurant is pretty quiet, we were the only diners there and they were closing up early and were just waiting for us to finish. They turned off all their lights in the kitchen and were sitting on a table with their bags waiting for us to finish! Needless to say, it was a little bit awkward. But I guess, no one is really happy when you walk in for a late dinner? Oh well.

I thought that the serving sizes were generous, the food was average considering all the wonderful Japanese eateries we have around town. But it's definitely value for money, just don't show up 45 minutes before closing time!

On Ramen
Shop 4, 181-187 Hay St,
Haymarket NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9211 6663
Open 7 days 11am-10pm
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  1. Hehe that kind of reminds me when we went to eat at My Hot Pot in Parramatta. When we walked out of the private room after finishing our dinner, the entire staff was having dinner at one of the tables... and no other customers. lol oops!

  2. I'm actually a bit hesitant about eating in restaurants with few patrons. So that's why I like reading foodblogs first - at least I'll know if the food is worth staying for. I like your ratings system, too - On Ramen is a 'maybe'?

  3. Ah the infernal question that can never be answered by bloggers - favourite restaurant...I also hate it when ppl ask me to recommend them restaurants without giving me the specifics on what they're looking for.

    Hehe I hate it when restaurants do the waiting thing. It's so rude, unless they're just sitting down having a meal...

  4. That does sound like the end would have been a little awkward! Yes I can never answer that question. I always tell people it depends what they're looking for! :)

  5. Hi Squishies: Lol, it's ok for them to be eating. But when I was at On Ramen, they were just sitting there waiting for us to finish!

    Hi Belle: Me too, foodblogs are a great way to feel out the restaurant. Thanks Belle! It's definitely a maybe, it's not the best meal, but it's definitely not bad and it's good if you're in a hurry in the City.

    Hi Karen: Yes, me too! I always say that it depends on the cuisine and what they're looking for. It is pretty rude, but I wasn't totally surprised. It only ever happens in Asian restaurants. lol.

    Hi Lorraine: Yeah, it was so awkward! Me too - there's just too many options out there!

  6. Oh I can definitely understand the over-mayoness. I love japanese mayo too, but in moderation! LOL they couldn't have made it more obvious that they wanted you to leave! I would have pretended that I wanted to order more food just to mess with them haha!

  7. I've been here once.... Like you said, the ramen is not the best but it's not too bad. I had the wagyu set and it was very chewy....it was not wagyu....

  8. Silly question... how often do you eat out? You have been to so many restaurants!! >_<

  9. Hi Steph: Moderation is definitely the key! Haha I know! Hehe... How evil of you, I like.

    Hi Brenda: Hmm.. that's weird that it wasn't wagyu. Did you tell them?

    Hi Ellie: ALL THE TIME. No, just kidding. I don't eat out that often. I mostly eat out on the weekends, so it seems like a lot, but it really isn't. And I've always eaten out this much, before the foodblog too!

  10. I'm always wary of quiet places where the wait staff pay you way too much attention. But it sounds like great value - I'll have to try it (test out and see whether I can deal with the volume of Japanese mayo they serve up!).

  11. haha i've never thought to try that place...i've looked at their menu from the outside and there were soo many spelling mistakes (not english but japanese) which has really deterred me from going. but great to know that it wasn't toooo bad!
    and yes how oh how do you answer 'what's your favourite restaurant?'

  12. Hi Forager: Yeah, it's always a little off putting to walk into a totally quiet restaurant! But yeah, it was good value. Hehe. Yeah, go test out how much mayo you can take! I love the stuff, but it was way too much for me!

    Hi K: Omg, that's pretty bad. It's ok to have English spelling mistakes, but Japanese spelling mistakes? That's a big no! Yeah, the ramen wasn't too bad. There is no way to answer that eternal question!

  13. LOL abt them sitting on the tables with their bags waiting for you to leave! How awkward!! It is only at Asian places that they would do something like that!!

    I also struggle to name just one favourite restaurant! I have so many favourites and it depends what I feel like.

  14. haha the spicy meat balls look like takoyaki! lol
    Hmm so many ramen places to visit isn't it?

  15. Hi Rilsta: Exactly! And it's somehow it makes it ok, but if it weren't in an Asian restaurant, I'd be completely turned off! It's so hard, isn't it? There's just way too many places to choose from!

    Hi Yas: Really? They look like meat balls to me. Hehe! Yes, so true! There's no way I could go to all of them... or is there?! ;)


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