Friday, August 28, 2009

River Rock Cafe, Thredbo & Dinner @ The Snowy Valley Resort, Jindabyne

How was it?
Food: 5/10
Service: 5/10
Ambience: 8/10
Value: $$

Last weekend I took a short break from Sydney and headed to the Snowy Mountains (Mt Kosciuszko NSW)! We went on a tour with OzSnow, staying at the Snowy Valley Resort in Jindabyne and spending two days at the Thredbo snow fields, learning how to snowboard, falling over countless times, getting back up and falling again, feeling frustrated and exhilarated and having the most awesome time with friends and strangers!

After our snowboarding lessons each day, we were exhausted and ready for a good feed. River Rock Cafe is part of the River Inn, which is located on the mountain, making it the perfect location to grab some food. There's an outdoor area, which is very lively with people drinking and relaxing to live music. I loved the decor inside the cafe/restaurant. I'm not sure if it's to everyone's taste, but I loved the kitschy look. There were plates and jugs stuck to the walls, teapots and teacups dotted the restaurant, and cute little salt & pepper shakers in the shape of animals and houses. Lol.

The food was, unfortunately, nothing to rave about. But if you do go to Thredbo, here is a taste of what you can expect from River Rock Cafe:

French Onion Soup

The french onion soup was rather bland. I found it sour and too watery.

Chicken Schnitzel & Chips

The chicken schnitzel was actually ok. The chicken wasn't too dry and it was a decent sized portion. Probably the 2nd best meal tried.

Steak & Chips

The steak came out looking like 2 pieces of grilled pork! Lol. It didn't taste too great, it was too thin and quite dry.

Beef Burger & Chips

The burger I had on the second day was definitely the best thing I tried at River Rock Cafe. The meat patty was nice and chunky, and overall quite enjoyable.

Grilled Fish & Chips

The grilled fish definitely looked fried to me! I didn't get to try it, but I heard it was ok.


River Rock Cafe
is definitely great for a drink and to chillout in between exhausting yourself on the snow fields. I loved the lively and buzzing atmosphere. I'd recommend the burger or the chicken schnitzel, if you were going to choose to eat there.


Even though, you spend two nights at the Snowy Valley Resort, you get in at about 1.30am on the Friday night, so the only night you will have a proper dinner there is Saturday night, which is provided by the resort.




Main: A choice of Spinach & Fetta Pie, Chicken (no pic, sorry!) or Fish.

Spinach & Fetta Pie

Fish & Chips


Chocolate Cake & Ice Cream

Like the food at the River Rock Cafe, the dinner we had at the resort certainly didn't knock my socks off. Thankfully the dessert kind of saved the meal.

Despite the dodgy food and accomodation (a double bed that took up our whole room, lol. And shared bathrooms - eew), the snow was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to go back! :)

River Rock Cafe,
River Inn
Friday Drive,
Thredbo Alpine Village NSW 2625

Tel: (02) 6457 6505

Snowy Valley Resort

Kosciusko Road

Jindabyne NSW 2627

Tel: (02) 9211 9111


  1. Ahh yes I ahve greta memories of the snow! Somehow food tends to taste better when you're cold and hungry and exhausted. A bit of shame that the food was a bit hit and miss though but good to hear that you had fun! :)

  2. A shame the food wasn't fantastic - but I tend to find the eating options close to tourist amusement attractions - whether it be parks, fairgrounds, natural sights, whatever tend to be very expensive/poor value/bad. Still - at least you enjoyed the snow!

  3. Aww sounds like you had an awesome time at the snow! The plates on the wall are so cute! Too bad about the food though :( Hehe dessert regularly saves the meal for me at a lot of places!

  4. That French Onion Soup looked totally unappealing. The burger looked pretty good though....lots of cheese mmmm mmmm.

    It's great that you loved the snow, kinda makes up for the lousy food :)

  5. Hi Lorraine: Yep, I think you're right! Taste isn't a huge factor when you're exhausted and cold, but I had such a good time that it didn't even bother me that much!

    Hi Forager: The only 'good' food at those kind of places is the really fatty, deep-fried, sugary type things. 'Real' food is often pretty dodgy! But yeah, it was so much fun, regardless of the food!

    Hi Steph: I know, I took so many pics of that wall :) Thank god for dessert aye?!

    Hi Brenda: No, and it tasted even worse! The burger was not bad! The snow definitely made up for the food!

  6. LOL Looking through the post, I definitely thought that the grilled fish looked fried as well. I can't believe I've still never been to the snow.. snow seasons nearly over, damn.

  7. Hi Linda: Yeah, it definitely looked fried! Oh, you should definitely try and go sometime, it's so much fun :)


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