Friday, August 07, 2009

Yong Jing's Kitchen Enlightenment, Kingsford

How was it?
Food: 7/10
Service: 5.5/10
Ambience: 6/10
Value: $

El and I were walking along Anzac Parade, looking for a restaurant to satisfy our grumbling tummies, and somehow we ended up standing in front of Yong Jing's Kitchen Enlightenment. We peered in and saw that most of the tables were full, a good sign. El had dined here before and had a good experience and I remembered seeing a blog review on Not Quite Nigella about it, so I was eager to try it.

It's a small Chinese restaurant, offering quite a selection of items as you'll see from their colourful menu! It's always exciting to open up a glossy menu that is complete with pictures! There are wooden laquered stools and tables, I think the theme of the decor is 'traditional' China, which was lovely. The service was typical of a Chinese restaurant, very fast and efficient, but not so high on the friendly scale. But no worries, you're there to eat, not to become friends with anyone!

Indonesian Seafood Fried Rice $8.80

I loved the strong spicy flavour of the fried rice. The pieces of prawn and squid inside were lovely as well. It was such a huge portion that we hardly finished it, so I got to have it for lunch AND dinner the next day :) Still good!

Beans with Pork Mince $ 10.80

We ordered some greens to balance out the dinner. The beans were simple, yet crunchy and flavoursome.

Vermicelli and Beef Fillet in Satay Sauce Hot Pot $10.50

My favourite dish of the night was the hot pot. It was so addicitive. Tender and chunky slices of beef swimming with vermicelli and onions in a pool of yummy satay sauce. If I had sat in front of it for long enough, I could have finished all of it. And I think we almost did!

Another great addition to the strip of restaurants along Anzac Parade. The service was fast, the food was flavoursome and cheap, and it seems like it's competing well amongst all the eateries along this popular student eating strip. I would love to try other dishes and I'd definitely recommend the hot pot!

Yong Jing's Kitchen Enlightenment
430 Anzac Pde,
Kingsford NSW 2032
Tel: (02) 9697 0011
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  1. that's the one with the small wooden round chairs isn't it? i'm interested to know how you work out your scores. sounds like you had a good experience and nice food but only rated the service 5.5 which in my books just passed? Kingsford Chinese has been the best value place I've come across so far in that area which is pretty much next door to Enlightenment.

  2. Kingsford and Kensington are still unexplored area to me, but seems like there're many great places to eat!

  3. Oh glad that you liked your meal there! Since I've moved closer we've been back twice as the servings are great and the food is tasty. I know Simon loves Kingsford Chinese but I love Yong King's much better!

  4. Hi Simon: Yep, that's right. Just 2 doors down from Kingsford Chinese. Yep, I the food was really tasty, but the service was just like an average Chinese restaurant. Not super friendly, a little hard to get their attention at times, but these things don't really bother me. But I would say it's definitely not above average in terms of service. Yep, I've been to Kingsford Chinese, ages ago but don't remember it!

    Hi Yas: There's so many great and cheap places! You should definitely start exploring!

    Hi Lorraine: Thanks. The servings were huge! So worth it! Hehe. I wish I lived closed to Anzac Pde, All those eating possibilities...!

  5. Hehe this place has the best restaurant name ever. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but it looks as tasty and cheap as all the other great places in Kensington. Those UNSW students are so lucky to be near all this yummy food!

  6. Hi Steph: It's pretty grand isn't it?! Hehe. It's so tasty and cheap! Yeah, I wish I had appreciated the food around there more when I was in uni.

  7. I work just down the road from Kingsford, however have only been there twice to have dinner, ahh what wasted opportunities. I'll be sure to go visit Kingsford more often, it seems soo cheap. BTW I love getting huge servings of food as well, means no cooking for the following day hahaha

  8. Hi Linda: Oh yes, you should definitely take advantage of it - so many cheap and tasty options! Yeah, I love leftovers too :)


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