Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Young Alfred, Customs House, Sydney

How was it?
Food: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 8/10
Value: $$$

After some celebratory drinks for D*'s birthday, a party of 7 found themselves at Young Alfred, located in Customs House. The decor was beautiful - high ceilings, chandeliers, white tablecloths, candles and my favourite thing - a 'gazette wall' which contained a collection of newspapers from around the globe!

Bruschetta $5.00

Firstly, apologies for the dodgy photos. I was feeling quite pressured with the photo taking and the lovely but dark interior did not really help! We ordered a couple of serves of bruschetta to share, which were very tasty. The fresh toppings of tomato, onions and garlic are always a treat.

Cured Ocean Trout, Baby Spinach, Avocado and Capers $18.00

I was quite surprised when my dish came out as more of a salad. I was expecting more fish, less salad! It was ok, but I would have enjoyed it more if there were more pieces of the fish.

Baked Eggplant, Buffalo Mozzerella and Tomato $16.00

I'm a huge lover of eggplant, and so is D*. But this eggplant was smothered in a little too much cheese for our liking. It was ok in small bites, but you'd have to be a huge cheese fan to enjoy this one methinks.

'Little Sister' Pizza $24.00
Originally comes with Potato, Gorgonzola and Caramelised Onion
(but we asked to have prosciutto instead of the potato)

All the pizzas at Young Alfred are made using organic flour. There was one pizza on the menu called Betty! I was tempted to order it, for novelties sake, but it didn't sound so great! Smurf ordered the Little Sister pizza. She changed the toppings around from potato to prosciutto (the waitress was a little bit puzzled with the change and asked 'Do you know what prosciutto is?', 'Umm. Yes. And that's what we want'!) It was an awesome idea, because the pizza was very tasty indeed. However, Smurf did comment that the base was a little soggy and that she could make a better one! Lol. (Do it, and then call me :)

'Suprise' Pizza $24.00

TestHero ordered the Surprise Pizza. Which is obviously a surprise and it probably changes all the time, depending on the ingredients they have. This one had buffalo cheese, bacon, tomato and other mysteries. It was a winning combination and I think the winner of the evening.

I didn't manage to get photos of the Chargrilled Angus Sirloin ($32) or Pumpkin Raviloi ($21), but I heard that they were enjoyable.

The location is fantastic and I loved the decor. I would've like to have tried different things on the menu, but I think I'd definitely recommend the pizza if you were heading to Young Alfred.

Young Alfred
Customs House, Ground Fl,
31 Alfred St,
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9251 5192
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  1. I've been here for a meal before (we were on our way to see a show at the Opera House) and it was really, really quiet. We had the same problem with a dish being more salad than substance too. I have heard that the pizzas are good though... might have to give it another shot. Just to see, y'know :)

  2. I love the pizzas at Young Alfred - lots of good topping choices. I haven't been there for ages, seems like another visit is due, since you recommend it!

  3. Definitely another establishment on my to-eat-at-list! Looks good and your version of the Little Sister pizza sounds like a winner! They'll start wondering where the sudden influx of demand of prosciutto on that pizza is coming from!

  4. hehe there was one called Betty! How cute :) I would be amazed if there was a Lorraine pizza so I'd probably order it just because I rarely see my name anywhere :P

  5. Ohhh you should have ordered the Betty Pizza, it would probably have been enjoyable : )

  6. Shame about the lack of fish, I love cured trout. I think menus should follow the list of ingredients rule on packets of food, and the first listed item should be the most abundant!

    Glad the pizzas were enjoyable. 'Do you know what prosciutto is?' haha! You should have pronounced it "pros-kee-ut-to' just to mess with her ;)

  7. I can't help but think the surprise pizza is a bunch of leftovers thrown together haha but it sounds great in this case!

  8. Haha I would have been so tempted to get the Betty pizza if I were you!! Nice work switching the potato for prosciutto, sounds much more appealing! (Never been a huge fan of potato on pizza)

  9. Hey betty, what a great find. I'd imagine this place would be a greta hit for people who are sick of the Maccas nearby. For customs house, I thought the prices of the pizza are quite reasonable.

  10. Hi Shez: Hehe. Yes, I know all too well about 'researching'! Maybe people don't go there because they think it'll be too pricey? Who knows.

    Hi Belle: Oh cool. I'd love to try more of their pizzas. They were definitely the winners of the night.

    Hi Forager: Lol. Shh... don't tell them it was me! They'll come after me!

    Hi Lorraine: I see your name everywhere (but only related to quiche) hehe ;) I was so tempted to get it, but then it really didn't sound too great. Maybe next time :)

    Hi Brenda: Hehe. Ok, next time :)

    Hi Conor: Yes, I agree! They should definitely do that! Ahh.. then you wouldn't get any shocks when the food arrives! Haha. She was a little condescending, did not like her very much!

    Hi FFichiban: Yeah, that's what I said when I saw the menu. Luckily it turned out pretty good!

    Hi Steph: I was so tempted, but it didn't sound too great :( Next time! Yeah, potato on pizza is kind of a bit much.

    Hi Linda: Definitely! Yeah, I was expecting it to be a lot pricier, but it was quite reasonable.

  11. Hmm i wouldn't mind of little too much of cheese on the eggplant dish! Next time, CALL ME. LOL

  12. Hi Yas: OK! Too much cheese = call Yas! Lol.


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