Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey, I made banana bread!

So if you have been following my blog for a while, you will notice that I don't have any recipes like many other food blogs. This is not because I want to make my blog exclusively a review kind of blog, it is simply because I really lack the talent and patience to cook/bake at home and then photograph and blog about it. 

My cooking style is pretty much - find whatever's lying around, chuck it all together and add soy sauce! Lol. And well, that's pretty much as good as it gets, but I'm slowly trying to master some kitchen skills ;) 

A while back I read Rilsta's post on the best ever banana cake. And I thought it looked so great and simple, even someone like me could make it! So I wrote it down and kept it for a rainy day. That rainy day came a few weeks ago and I was craving banana bread so badly that I whipped this up in the middle of the night (a little bit crazy style). 

You can check out the recipe here from Rilsta's blog, I pretty much followed the recipe, except I halved the quantities and I used a long loaf pan, so it turned into a banana bread loaf, rather than a pretty cake (like hers). So here's my first (amateur) attempt at baking banana bread: 

1. Mix Self Raising Flour, Sugar, Bicarbonate Soda

2. Add Oil, Eggs, Mashed Bananas 

4. Mix it all up 

5. Pour mixture into pan and into the oven it goes

and voila ..... 

you have banana bread! 

Apart from the bottom kind of collapsing (because I was a little impatient), I have to agree with Rilsta, this banana bread was absolutely the best! I gave some to friends and family, and some words that were used to describe my banana bread included 'amazing', 'incredible', 'mmm omg' - so I felt pretty chuffed! It was very moist and sweet, but not too sweet. I particularly loved the crusty top, I couldn't stop picking at it straight out of the oven! 

Thanks to Rilsta for sharing the recipe :) 

Also, it's six months since I started The Hungry Girl :) It's been a great six months, I've met some great people, had some great meals, and look forward to the next six months! Thank you to everyone who reads and comments! Also, to all my lovely dining companions for putting up with me, there would be no foodie adventures and blogging without you all :) xoxo


  1. Great work with the banana bread! It looks lovely!

  2. Thanks for linking to me! :)

    Great to know it worked for you and what a fabulous idea to halve the ingredients and bake it in a loaf pan! It really is such an easy recipe! Did you have to bake it longer than I did for the cake?

  3. YAY you baked banana bread!! It looks very tasty and moist :) Bake more!!!

  4. i think i was the 'mmmm omg'

  5. Ooh it looks good, so moist and tasty. And hooray for hitting the 6 month mark! :)

  6. Surely you underestimate your kitchen skills - that banana bread looks good! Happy 6 months Betty! Here's to many more meals and goofy photos together :P

  7. congrats on six months. Mine is about to turn 1...its amazing how much stuff I've covered in a year!

    Great job on the banana bread!

  8. Woohoo! Great job Betty! :D Your banana bread looks so good and the proof as they say is in what people say and it sounds like you have some baking fans :)

  9. Happy 6 months betty the baker! Banana bread and BUTTER OHHH YEH!!!!!

    I love the way you you cook "chucking together anything thats in the kitchen" thats gold! Big congrats to the 6 months!

  10. Oohh well done looks awesommme! I can imagine the warm bread melting a nice slab of butter mmm
    hee hee keep on blogging ^^!

  11. haha! amazing incredible omg banana cake
    it sounds like it was pretty good ;)

  12. Hi Anna: Thank you!

    Hi Rilsta: No worries! Thanks for the recipe, it was really easy :) I baked it for about 20mins longer, but I wasn't sure whether that was just my oven or something!

    Hi Steph: Hehe! Thanks. I'll TRY... I don't think I'll ever become a baking extraordinaire like yourself ;)

    Hi Bea: Haha. So glad you liked it :) xx

    Hi Conor: Thanks so much :)

    Hi Karen: Haha you are too kind! Thank you! And yay to more outings and goofy photos :D

    Hi Maria: Thanks! It's pretty crazy aye?! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! Thank you :)

    Hi Lorraine: Thank you! Aww haha or perhaps just some willing, starving guinea pigs who will devour anything... who knows. lol.

    Hi Leona: Thanks! Lol. It can either go really good or really bad! Thanks woman!

    Hi FFichiban: Thank you! It was good indeed :) Hehe thanks!

    Hi Grace: Haha. Or maybe they were just being really nice, who knows. But thanks!!

  13. congrats on the 6 months! nice job on the bread too, beats buying it!

  14. Awww happy 6 months Betty and cheers for more recipes, reviews, and banana breads to come!!! :) mmm i feel like banana bread now....

  15. so great, i got 2 frozen riped banana in the freezer.. Maybe I will make this one :D

  16. You've done so many reviews, I thought your blog had been around for much longer! And congrats on doing a recipe. I think that one of the good things about having a blog is that you are pushed into trying new things, including cooking!

  17. Yummo! Looks so moist. You really should bake more, I think you'd be great!

  18. You did a great job - it looks delicious! Congrats on 6 months of food blogging =D

  19. Happy 6 month and welcome to the baking / cooking land!! You banana bread looks so moist and yum! I am sure all our cooking / baking blogs will tempt you to cook more.

  20. Hi Howard: Thank you! Yes, definitely!

    Hi Trisha: Awww thank you :)

    Hi Bean Sprout's Cafe: Cool, let me know how it goes :)

    Hi Belle: Haha... Thanks! That's true!

    Hi Brenda: Aww thank you!

    Hi Jacq: Thank you! :)

    Hi Ellie: Hehe thanks!! Definitely, it's good because I'm trying new things, but bad because I'm constantly thinking about food! haha


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