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Thai Pothong, Newtown

How was it?
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$

In the past month I have visited Thai Pothong twice! One time because I suggested dining in Newtown and K immediately said Thai Pothong and then the second time with my mother and aunty because I missed out on getting the fish hor mok the first time, and I was seriously craving it! So here is the compilation of goodies from my two trips there.

Miang Goong (4 pieces) $12.00

Roasted Coconut, Prawns, Sweet Chilli Jam, Lemon, Cashew Nuts, Onion and Caviar, served on a Betel Leaf

My mother was looking for the miang goong in the menu and after flipping through it for a while we finally found it on the chef's recommendation page. The list of ingredients seem overwhelming, but they work together so well to form a perfectly sweet, sour and chilli dance on your tastebuds.

Tom Yum Goong $12.00

Another entree was the Tom Yum Goong. K always seems to sway towards the Tom Yum Goong, whereas I sway more towards the curries. But anyway, it doesn't seem right for Tom Yum to be served as an entree because it is quite sour and hot, so we saved it to eat with our rice.

Fish Sauce


Green Apple Barramundi Salad $24.90

Deep fried barramundi fillets, green apple, spanish onion, lemongrass, mint leaves, kaffir lime leaves, cashew nuts, chilli, lime juice

I love the detailed menu. Every single ingredient is listed for each menu item, so there's no surprises! I also loved the green apple barramundi salad! I thought it sounded a little bit strange, but I ordered it on the waiter's recommendation and he was spot on. The deep fried barramundi fillets were meaty and juicy, and it worked surprisingly well with the tangy green apple. I also loved the sprinkling of cashew nuts (I am a huge fan of cashew nuts, you could say I am addicted or obsessed even).

Roast Duck Salad (Pla Ped Yang) $20.90

Roast Duck, Spanish Onions, Coriander, Roasted Ground Coconut, Mint Leaves, Lemon Juice

A trip to Thai Pothong is not complete without the roast duck salad. I remember falling in love with it the first time I tried it and have never looked back! The slices of roast duck are soft and tender and the mixture of spicy and sour flavours makes a simple and beautiful dish.

Green Curry (with Chicken) $17.95

The green curry was lovely, hot and coconuty - perfect with rice, however it never really stood a chance against the next dish...

Ooh Yes! This is what I was waiting for!

Steamed Fish (Hor Mok) $26.90
"One of our most popular and exciting dishes"

Can you imagine my excitement when this flaming dish arrived at our table?! The waitress even stood back and waited for me to take my photos (how nice!). The Hor Mok normally comes with mixed seafood, however we asked them if we could only have fish (my Aunty didn't want the mixed seafood - but I imagine it'd be just as awesome). The Hor Mok is a flambe of fish and curry sauce and it is absolutely a must try. I think I had about three quarters of the whole thing! lol.

Complementary Mint Chocolates

Excellent food and service are reasons why Thai Pothong have won so many awards. Although I still love the other cheap Thai eats around Newtown, Thai Pothong does have that little something special.

Thai Pothong
294 King St,
Newtown NSW 2042
Tel: (02) 9550 6277
Open 7 days
(Closed Monday Lunch)
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  1. Omg FIRE! Haha that looks so good!! And I like places that list all the ingredients in their dishes too, a lot of thai places don't mention there are nuts in a dish and then it comes smothered in peanuts :(

  2. Thanks for recommending this place. There are so many Thai restaurants in Newtown that it's hard to know what's good without visiting them all. I suppose that's what food blogs are for!

  3. Mmmmm duck salad....and the Hor Mok looks like fun....I'm a bit of a fire bug hehehe ;)

  4. Ahh I ahve so many nice memories of Thai Pothong. And I love a flaming dish too-it's theatre really I suppose! :P

  5. Woooo dish on fire!!
    Thanks for blogging about this place, I'm very intrigued!

  6. I think I'd really enjoy that green apple and barramundi salad too, I love both of them on their own, so why not combine them!

  7. I have been to this restaurant once and totally love it!! I feel like going there now after reading your post :)

  8. Flaming dish!! Awesommeee ^^! I don't get out to Newtown much anymore but I so want to try this!

  9. it's pretty spectacular when they light the Steamed Fish. i think it was mixed seafood when i had it. pretty cool. was very tasty too. :-)

  10. Hi Steph: Hehe, yeah love the fire! Yeah, it would be annoying and actually life-threatening for you, if they didn't list or tell you ALL the ingredients, esp with Thai food. Thai Pothong is good with that though!

    Hi Belle: No worries! There's so many good Thai restaurants in Newtown, I seriously haven't tried a bad one there!

    Hi Brenda: Yes, the duck salad is delicious! Haha. Then you'd definitely enjoy the hor mok!

    Hi Lorraine: Yes, it really is theatre cause they place it on the table, wait for your reaction, then slowly unwrap it :) Love it!

    Hi Yas: Haha. Yeah, it's very cool! No worries, it's pretty hard to miss on King St, it's the biggest Thai restaurant there, complete with a gift shop! haha.

    Hi Iron Chef Shellie: Yes, it was awesome. Two great things combined :)

    Hi Ellie: It's great isn't it?! Hehe. Go!!

    Hi FFichiban: Yeah, it was awesome! Oh, that's too bad, so many great places in Newtown! You should try this, it's good for bday parties & special occasions too!

    Hi Simon: Yeah, I love the flames! It normally comes with mixed seafood, but we asked to have just fish. It was so yum!

  11. i havent been here for ages but i rate it as my favorite thai place, others who have been more recent than say its not good!! Glad to hear someone is sticking up for me!! haha


  12. Hi Sydneyguyrojoe: I have a few FAVE Thai places, and this is definitely one of them. It just depends on what mood your in and what you're looking for, but I think Thai Pothon has something for everyone.

  13. oh i LOVE thai i can't get enough of it these days seriously
    its over ruled jap hehe
    im sure i've walked past this place before, but its not one of the places ive been to in newtown i dont think so..
    i went to this place before i had a food blog, but ive been meaning to go back just havent had the chance


    we had some barramundi meal as well, it was so good
    but, i wont be having that when we go back hehe..

  14. Hi Betty: Hehe. There's so many Thai places in Newtown, it's hard to choose! Yeah, I was actually so surprised that the barramundi salad was that good!! Aww.. well, I'm sure they have plenty of great vego options for you now!


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