Thursday, October 22, 2009

Clipper Cafe, Glebe

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Ambience: 7/10
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We had originally planned to go to one of the SIFF barbeques, but I looked out my window at the pouring rain and we swiftly changed our plans. Miss LV, Miss Toronto and I, instead, headed towards a lovely cafe in Glebe called Clipper Cafe. It turns out that I was there on the same day as Ja from Beansprouts Cafe! Random!

It was quite busy inside, people were most likely taking refuge from the crazy weather outside. There was a very relaxed and cool vibe about the place. Everyone seemed very laid back and the cafe was outfitted in cute little ornaments and bottles, as well as two bicycles hanging prominently from the ceiling!


We ordered some drinks before deciding on what food to order. Miss LV said that the coffee was great, and I kind of regretted not ordering one, when I saw hers!

Morning Juices

But then mine and Miss Toronto's juices arrived. I loved the bright and vibrant colours. I can't quite remember what was in mine, but I do remember orange and ginger , I do remember it tasting fabulous and I polished this off before our food arrived! Miss Toronto's watermelon juice was nice also, but not as sweet as the ones I'm used to having in Asia!

Clipper Chai Infused Porridge Oats with Stewed Rhubarb and Nuts $9.00

Clipper Chai Infused Porridge Oats with Stewed Rhubarb and Nuts $9.00

I used to hate porridge when I was little. I always thought of it as one of those foods that you had to eat when you were sick! But I have outgrown the dislike and now I can't get enough of it! There was definitely the distinct flavours of chai in the porridge which made it lovely, sweet and spicy. The stewed rhubarb and nuts were a great addition and were paired perfectly.

Baked Eggs with Homemade Napoli with Mushrooms, Spinach & Fetta
with Herb Toast $10.00

Baked Eggs with Homemade Napoli with Mushrooms, Spinach & Fetta
with Herb Toast $10.00

The baked eggs dish was a little bit more hearty and perfect on this cold and wet morning. The baked eggs were lovely and gooey and the sauce was rich and flavoursome.

Smoked Salmon Salad with Avocado, Fresh Ricotta and Capers with Boiled Egg $13.00

The smoked salmon salad was very colourful. The pink of the smoked salmon, with the pile of greens and a perfectly cooked boiled egg, was visually pleasing. And the tastebuds were just as happy! The smoked salmon gave the salad a lovely briney and salty taste. It was quite filling but it felt light and healthy.

The print on the stool - this was the first thing I noticed when I walked in!

A great addition to the many many cafes occupying Glebe Point Road. Picture your perfect cafe where you can relax and get ready for the day and enjoy some awesome food and you'll have Clipper Cafe. The service is a bit slow, but the food more than makes up for it and it won't break your budget.

Clipper Cafe
16 Glebe Point Rd,
Glebe NSW 2037
Open 7 days 6am-6pm
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  1. For some reason I wouldn't think to put pistachios on porridge (probably because I mainly eat them salted from a big bowl :D) but that sounds like a good combo

  2. i think if we had been introduced to these interesting gourmet style porridges as kids, it would have changed our minds. chai infused with rhubarb and pistachios definitely beats plain old oats with maple syrup and chopped banana!

  3. Love the store theme veryy cool! didnt think places sold porriage anymore and its good to see its back on the menu. As i loved porriage as a child.

    From memory sometimes my dad would asianise it almost making it just as soupy as congee and stirring egg into it like "sweet corn soup" loL! its so yum

  4. There are some really good items on their menu. The baked eggs caught my eye. It looks tasty.

  5. Love the hanging bicycles on the wall!

  6. Looks like a cute cafe! Baked eggs look great and everything is pretty reasonably priced too :)

  7. Yuumm chai and rhubarb porridge! I must try it mmmm but would prefer it on a cold winter day

  8. What a pretty heart in the cappucino! And the hanging bikes in the ceiling are a cool decoration.

    I have never been a fan of "oats" porridge. I guess because I was brought up on the Chinese style congee so oats porridge is just wrong for me!

  9. That place looks so cute! I remember this from Ja's review (and how coincidental that you were both there on the same day!) :) Chai porridge is the exact antidote to a rainy day isn't it :D

  10. This place looks fantastic! I remember reading a review of it not too long ago and it's been on my to-go list since.

  11. Hi Conor: Mm I love salted pistachios... But they were lovely with the rhubarb, you should give it a go :)

    Hi Jen: Yeah, I just didn't like the weird/bland/mushy taste when I was younger. Hehe, you're right! Chai infused definitely would've changed my whole perception of porridge!

    Hi Leona: Yeah, it was so cute and quirky, I loved it! Yeah, I'm seeing more porridge on breakfast menus, which is good! Ooh your dad's porridge sounds awesome!

    Hi A cupcake or two: The baked eggs were delicious and perfect for that cold morning :)

    Hi Ellie: Me too :)

    Hi Jacq: It is very cute! You should check it out!

    Hi FFichiban: It was indeed yummm! It is perfect for a cold day, but good in summer too :)

    Hi Rilsta: I thought so too! I never was a fan of oats, until about 2 years ago!! Now I love them, but also love congee...!

    Hi Lorraine: I know, it was so random when I read her post! It was the first time I had tasted chai porridge, it is definitely perfect for a rainy day!

    Hi Y: It is! You must check it out, I really want to go back and try the banana bread, it looked SO good!

  12. love the heart shaped coffee! this place looks cool!


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