Sunday, October 11, 2009

Govinda's Restaurant

How was it?
Food: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$

Govinda's Restaurant had been on my list of 'places to eat at' for so long! I was so glad to have finally crossed it off! I was so eager to try Govinda's because I had heard great things about their Indian vegetarian buffet and the other drawcard? The 'movie room' upstairs! The movie room is a 'boutique cinema' which is filled with comfy lounges, beds and chairs. It's quite intimate, so I think it'd be a great date place :)

The Buffet

Firstly, the food! The four of us were pretty hungry when we arrived so we were eager to dig in. And the best thing about buffets is that you can go back as many times as you want! hehe. The buffet at Govinda's included a selection of delicious vegetarian curries, pastas, salads and condiments, and the menu changes daily.


I don't normally order poppadum's when I go out to dine at an Indian restaurant, I'm just not a huge fan (to me, they're kind of like the Chinese version of prawn crackers!). But the poppadums here were thin and crispy and great for scooping up other food on the plate!

Indian Dahl Soup

The dahl soup was delicious! It came in a ginormous pot, which didn't look too appetising, but oh boy it was so very thick and flavoursome!

Chickpea & Couscous Salad

I love chickpeas and couscous, so I immediately scooped up this salad when I saw it. It was light and fresh and I think I went back for more ;)

Cauliflower Pakoras

The cauliflower pakoras was really interesting! I couldn't believe that I had gone my whole life without ever trying fried cauliflower. Whoever invented this is a genius! Crispy & crunchy on the outside and the cauliflower itself was nice and firm. I love the fact that it is typically a snack food in South Asia!

Fried falafel-esque ball?

Ok, so we weren't very sure what this fried ball was! But I think it may have been similar to a falafel because it did resemble the crumbly texture of a falafel, and there were definitely chickpeas mashed in there. Nevertheless, it was a delicious mystery ball!


I grabbed some of these vegetables which were great with the poppadums :) I was so surprised that the buffet was so good! There was a high turnover of food on the buffet, so everything was really fresh.

After dinner (which costs us $19.80 each), we headed upstairs to the movie room (which is an additional $10.00 - bargain, if you ask me!). We kicked off our shoes, reclined in the lounges and watched The Hangover (that's the second time I watched it - LOVE it so much! Lol)!

I really enjoyed the whole dinner and movie experience. It has date night written all over it, but it is also great for families, big groups (they have a private area) or a small gathering. All the food in the buffet was delicious, I could become a vegetarian if I was eating that kind of food (ok, maybe not!). I can't wait to go back to Govinda's, who wants to be my next date? ;)

Govinda's Restaurant & Movie Room
112 Darlinghurst Rd,
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Open 7 days for dinner & movie
Tel: (02) 9380 5155
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  1. Its been a year since i last went, the first time i went i didnt like the food, the last time it was better than expected! It's a little different, thats what i like about the place, i just hate trying to find a car park spot!!


  2. Oooh I really enjoy Govindas but I always fall asleep in the theatre lol. I love the pakoras too and always have a lot of raita and mango chutney :D

  3. Ahh Govinda's - it's been quite some time since the last time I visited there! I guess it's time for me to go back! Gimme a yell next time you gooooooo!

  4. It all looks so flavoursome. I'm craving Indian now, shame it is 10pm and I've already eaten my dinner!

  5. Oh me me! Take me! Hehe though I don't think I'd be a very exciting date :S The food looks so yum, the cauliflower pakoras look interesting, I love cauliflower! $10 is pretty good value for the movie

  6. I've thought of going before but I've always held back knowing it's only vegetarian hahhaah!

  7. love the felafel balls and fried cauliflower! and love all the sauces and seeds you can sprinkle over the rice. just between you and i though, the stomach does make all sorts of crazy howling sounds in the cinema after 3 plates at the buffet.

  8. Would you take me? We can organise something there. Must check this out before I head off somewhere!

  9. Ahhhh I so want to try tooooo!! My friends actually organized a going out to it but I missed out X(!

  10. Dahl soup!! Very intriguing! All the dishes look delicious and great price for buffet and $10 movie ticket...... making plan to visit soon. :)

  11. Ooh fried cauliflower sounds strangely and delightfully bad for you :D

    damn my friends have been wanting to visit govindas for ages... we have to get our act together and goo lol!

  12. ive always wanted to come here
    but when i'm in need of finding a place to dine out, i never think of it at all
    my mind goes blank actually


    i rely on browsing food blogs too much

  13. That's so cool (but kinda weird!) that they have a cinema upstairs! Very well priced for a buffet and the food looks fresh.

    Since I had a very thickly battered and extremely oily pakora, I've stayed away but this cauliflower one looks good!

  14. That is a good price for dinner and all the food looks very tempting!

  15. Bettttyyyy ive always wanted to try here one day you'll have to take us here.

    I tried being a vegetarian but only because i was a chunky girl lol it didnt work my love for meat and seafood was too great lol..

  16. Hi Sydneyguyrojoe: Yeah, I think it's quite unique. Parking is definitely tricky, but weekdays are usually ok.

    Hi Lorraine: Lol. I can see how it would be easy to fall asleep on those comfy beds/lounges! The pakoras was so good! :D

    Hi Yas: Hehe. Ok!

    Hi Conor: Sorry to bring on the cravings at 10pm! That's what I hate about reading foodblogs at night, you start craving all this random stuff! Lol.

    Hi Steph: Hehe. Aww I think you'd be a very exciting date! The food is so good, perhaps I'll organise a Govinda's trip for all of us :)

    Hi Brenda: Haha. But I don't even think you'd miss meat if you were eating such yummy food! You should give it a try!

    Hi Bea: Haha. Yep, those were my fave! Lol. Yes, I think we'll keep our digestive issues between us ;)

    Hi Anh: Sure! I'll try and organise something! Hehe. Ooh, where are you heading off to?

    Hi FFichiban: Aww how sad that you missed out. I'll let you know if I get round to organising something!

    Hi Ellie: Yes, it was delicious! Cool! Let me know how you find it :)

    Hi Grace: Hehe. It's definitely worth a try! You should make plans to go, it's worth it!

    Hi Betty: Hehe. You should visit Govindas, and it's all vegetarian, so you won't have to miss out on anything!

    Hi Rilsta: Yeah, I think so too! Oh really, that's not good... this one was delicious!

    Hi Anita: It's a great price and worth it too!

    Hi Leona: Haha, ok. We can all go together :) Lol! I could never completely be meat/seafood free - I love it too much. Besides, you get lots of important nutrients from meat/seafood! Plus, you don't really need to!


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