Monday, October 19, 2009

Malaya House, Kirribilli

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Roti with Beef Rendang

On a cold evening, DCM and I found ourselves lurking around Kirribilli and we sought refuge in Malaya House. I don't often venture to this area, so I wasn't very familiar with any of the restaurants, but I spotted Malaya House and remembered that I had dined there a few years ago before a concert at Luna Park, so we decided to try it again. 

Roti with Beef Rendang $9.90 (2 pieces)

I really wanted to try the roti and the beef rendang, and then I saw on the menu that they served them together, so I thought - excellent! I was surprised to see that the beef rendang was sitting on top of the roti. The roti was flakey and fluffy around the edges and definitely not bad, but it was a bit too soggy in the middle. Unfortunately, the beef rendang was quite dry, there definitely needed to be more sauce, although I thought the flavours were really nice. I guess I do have high expectations for roti, now that I've experienced the wonderful world of Mamak

Tom Yum with Chicken $7.00

DCM loves ordering tom yum soup, but I'm not particularly fond of it. I thought that this one was pretty average, DCM quite enjoyed it though. 

Sambal Terang $13.90 

I love eggplant, so when I saw the sambal terang on the menu, I knew that we had to try it. It is eggplant stir fried in a homemade chilli sauce. I told the waitress, who was super lovely, to make it mild, as I can't handle too much chilli, and I think it ended up being too mild! Oops. It would've definitely tasted better with the full on chilli, I think. But the chunky eggplant pieces and sambal sauce were still quite tasty, and even better the following day!

Char Kway Teow $11.90

Char Kway Teow $11.90

All the serving sizes were quite generous. We decided to order the char kway teow, as this is how I determine whether a Malaysian/Chinese restaurant is great or not. Just like ordering pad thai in Thai restaurants, in my opinion! Anyway, the char kway teow really lacked flavour. I thought that the noodles weren't cooked for long enough so they didn't soak in a lot of the wok flavour. So, I would say that based on their char kway teow, they are OK but not great. 


Upstairs dining area

A reasonably priced little restaurant in Kirribilli. The service is quite friendly, although a bit slow. They serve a mix of different Asian cuisines, which can be a little bit off putting, I'd prefer if they just chose to specialise in one cuisine and do it really well, rather than make food from all over the place, that is a bit hit and miss. But I must say, you definitely won't leave hungry! 

Malaya House 
45a Broughton St, 
Kirribilli NSW 2061
Tel: (02) 9954 3069
Open 7 days


  1. Oh what a shame about the hit and missness of this place! :( Still it could have been worse-as you said you could have left hungry!

  2. Hahah mamamamk! Pity about the food here though :(

  3. the char kway teow does look a little bit white and lacking the char. had a nice one at Sayong today for lunch under woolworths. :-)

  4. Maybe they serve the roti with the rendang so the sogginess of the roti hides the dryness of the rendang...? Genius! :D

  5. It's actually hard to beat mamak when it comes to Malaysian food I think... man, I am craving for roti!

  6. The eggplant dish sure looked like it had a lot of flavour...could even see the chilli flakes too! Hehehehe maybe you can take more heat than you initially thought ;)

  7. Haha Mamak has set my roti expectations so high that sometimes even Mamak can't reach it! Totally agree with you about char kway teow being a good indicator, though so many places do it so horribly bland in Sydney that I've just stopped ordering it!

  8. I don't even know there is a Malaysian restaurant at Kirribillii. lol!! Mamak has raised the bar so high that it's hard for others to meet their standard.

  9. Once you've had roti at Mamak, no other roti in Sydney can compare! Shame the food at this place wasn't so great

  10. the noodles in the char kway teow look so dry and dull! back to mamak we go! :)

  11. Wooo Malaysian in Kirribilli!
    I have to second Ellie, Mamak is hard to beat for other restaurants these days hey?

  12. The roti with beef rendang looked so good, pity it wasn't up to expectations :(

  13. I think we've been very spoilt by Mamak because I'm the same with the Malaysian I try in other restaurants: I always compare it to Mamak!


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