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Musashi Japanese Restaurant, Haymarket

How was it?
Food: 7.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$

One of the very first Japanese restaurants that I went to was Musashi in Haymarket. I remember going with K all those years ago and falling in love with their udon and green tea creme brulee! I would rave to people about Musashi, I've taken so many people there and it has remained a reliable Japanese restaurant, for me.

Miso Soup $2.50

I was dining with D* and TestHero on this particular evening, and we weren't particularly hungry, so we ordered a couple of things to share (always good for me because I get to try more things ;). We ordered a serving of miso soup each with was warm and cleansing, definitely worth the $2.50!

Sashimi (Main) $24.80




The sashimi platter came with a selection of sashimi including kingfish, tuna and salmon. I thought the sashimi platter was good, we all particularly enjoyed the salmon, however it didn't exactly blow me away.

Okonomiyaki Mix $12.80
Beef, Prawn, Calamari, Octopus & Mixed Vegetables

Okonomiyaki Mix

One dish that always blows me away is the okonomiyaki mix. It's a Japanese pancake with a combination of meat, seafood and vegetables all mixed together and fried. And they top it off with tasty Japanese mayo and barbeque sauce (I think?), and it is just divine. It comes out piping hot and each bite is pure delight! Just keep in mind that if you do order this, there is a 20 minute wait.

Rainbow Roll $14.80

Rainbow Roll

The rainbow roll is a selection of sushi rolls with avocado, egg, seafood & cucumber filling wrapped in a different kind of sashimi. These included tuna, kingfish and salmon. The pieces were quite big, so it was quite hard to eat without the whole thing collapsing. Nevertheless, the rolls were tasty and satisfying.

Black Sesame Ice Cream

Green Tea Creme Brulee

We ordered black sesame ice cream and green tea creme brulee for dessert. The green tea creme brulee was actually not as amazing as it once was (maybe it's because I've tried more Japanese desserts), it just didn't have that wow factor that it once had. It was just very average. The black sesame ice cream was the clear winner of the two, I loved the texture and you could really taste the black sesame, so it definitely provided a good end to the meal.

I think that Musashi is one of those places that you can always count on when you're in the mood for some Japanese food in Haymarket and can't be bothered to search too far and wide. The food is good, the service is friendly and prices are reasonable, and sometimes that's all you need.

Musashi Japanese Restaurant
447 Pitt St,
Haymarket NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9280 0377
Open 7 days
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  1. Musashi is like an old friend. always reliable. I used to visit them very often but not any more. guess too many other places to visit. I find myself visiting masuya more often these days.

  2. Ooh the times I went Musashi it was very good but I do tend to go masuya more as well haha *hi ellie*

  3. I've been to Musashi a couple of times but it never really got me, I'm like FFichiban and usually go to Masuya instead. I think Masuya's a tad more expensive though! Gotta love those Japanese desserts :)

  4. Totally agree with you! I always head to Musashi when I get together with the girls. There is a bit of a wait on Friday and Saturday nights, but it's worth it in my opinion.

  5. I also remember when the green tea brulee was such a sensation. Ah, we're so blasé now! That said, Musashi (and Masuya and Makoto) are always reliably good.

  6. I love Okonomiyaki too! When it's done well it's so good (when it's done badly it's so bad isn't it :P ). Thanks for the rec-it's always good to have a standby in Chinatown! :)

  7. ive never tried their okonomiyaki it looks really good! I see a lot of ppl ordering it.

    Havent been to musashi in a while. Used to go here when I was at that stage of loosing weight last year. I would order the grilled prawns and the steamed chicken salad as the healthy ulternative. Great cheapo joint always digging cheapo meals ^_^

  8. as much as i love okonomiyaki i have issues with the bonito flakes haha i dunno why but i just have to scrape em off!

  9. Hi Ellie: Hehe yep, Musashi is like an old friend! I've never been to Masuya, really want to try it though. Ahh too many places to try - my list is never-ending!

    Hi FFichiban: I want to Masuya NOW! ;)

    Hi Steph: I used to think that Musashi was THE best ever, but now I think it's still good, but doesn't have that wow factor anymore. I want to try Masuya :)

    Hi Zina: Cool! Yeah there's always a huge line on the weekends! But I'd wait for that okonomiyaki :D

    Hi Belle: Hehe. I used to rave and rave about it... ahh...! It's so great that we have so many great options in the city.

    Hi Lorraine: Cool! I think that I've only ever had it at Musashi, and it's always been amazing! But I can imagine it going completely wrong. No worries :)

    Hi Leona: Oooh you should definitely order it next time! I've never had those dishes haha... perhaps I should give them a try and try to be super healthy :)

    Hi Chocolatesuze: Haha. Hmm... Is it just bonito flakes on okonomiyaki? or bonito flakes in general?! I love watching them squirm about ;)


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