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Sugar Hit @ Perama, SIFF 2009

How was it? 
Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$

So, I haven't made a huge effort with the Sydney International Food Festival (SIFF) this year, I could list a number of excuses, but none of them would really suffice, but hey, there's always next year :) Anyway, I finally made it to my first sugar hit last night - yay! 

After dinner with some lovely ladies - Karen, LiliLisaLeona and Steph - we all decided that a sugar hit at Perama would be a fine way to top off the evening. The only problem was that the sugar hit at Perama was running from 10pm - midnight, and it was only 8.30pm at this point. So we called up  and they were lovely enough to squeeze us in - thank you :) 

Assorted Shortbreads
We ordered a few sugar hits and then a few extra dessert items to share. The sugar hit consists of a taste of four of Perama's desserts and also comes with your choice of beverage (tea, coffee, Greek coffee or Patras Muscat dessert wine) and shortbreads. I didn't manage to try any of the shortbreads, but I do recall some girls moaning at the aromas coming from those little treats! 

Sugar Hit Platter
Yiouzlemedes, 'Triflaki'

The first two items on the platter (pictured above) were the Yiouzlemedes and the 'Triflaki'. The Yiouzlemedes is a fried pastry with manouri cheese filling - 'a dessert from Lesbos', it was served with poached quince and a quince syrup. I really liked the pieces of poached quince sprawled across the top of the pastry, they were lovely but not too sweet. I thought the cheese was a little bit too cheesy for my liking, so it's definitely for the cheese lovers! 

The 'Triflaki' was a created especially for this weeks sugar hit. It is a layered ice cream trifle of vanilla buffalo milk gelato, tsoureki (Greek brioche) soaked in sour cherry syrup and chocolate buffalo milk gelato!! Chef David Tsirekas collaborated with the owners of Gelatomassi to create this beauty. And oh, it was to-die-for. I loved the different textures in the layers, the sour cherry was beautifully sandwiched in and the gelato was delicious. Absolutely loved it! 

Sugar Hit Platter 
Poached Pears in Spiced Red Wine Syrup, Dried Fig Karithopita

The poached pears were a tad too tender for my liking. I remember a larger portion at our infamous Perama feast to end all feasts, and I thought that was amazingly soft. The dried fig karithopita is a walnut and semolina cake soaked in honeyed sugar syrup. The cake was really interesting, the smooth cream in the middle offsetted the sweetness of the walnut and semolina cake. It was definitely a crowd pleaser and the only problem was that it wasn't big enough! Hehe. 

Mystery Dessert! 

We also ordered a few desserts a-la-carte to share, and to everyone's surprise this amazing looking mystery platter arrived! 

We weren't sure what it was, but I can tell you that if there's such a thing as a food orgasm, this particular dessert could certainly induce it! It was amazing! Imagine two rich chocolate cookies with peanut butter ice cream wedged in between them. Awesome, no? Every part of this dessert was to-die-for. The chocolate cookie/biscuit was rich, crumbly, but not too crumbly and the peanut butter ice cream was lovely and creamy. Simply amazing. I could go on and on about it... but I'll stop now! 

Caramel Baklava Ice Cream 

Passionfruit Bougasta 

Passionfruit Bougasta 

The caramel baklava ice cream was delicious, as expected. Love the sweet combination. The passionfruit bougasta was huge and decorated with a swirl of icing sugar on top - pretty! On our two previous trips to Perama, we tried the mandarin bougastas. The passionfruit bougasta was deliciously sweet and a little bit tangy, but I thought that it didn't have that wow factor that the mandarin one had.  But don't get me wrong, I'd never refuse a bougasta regardless of filling! :) Karen said that she could just have caramel baklava and the bougasta  and she'd die a happy woman. I believe her. 

The sugar hit at Perama was great value. The service is always friendly, not to mention the wonderfully creative and delicious desserts! So, you still have a few days til the end of October, so I'd definitely recommend squeezing in a sugar hit at Perama, the diet can wait til Monday ;) 

Perama Greek Restaurant, 
88 Audley St,
Petersham NSW 2049
Tel: (02) 9569 7534

P.s. Thank you to the girls for a lovely evening. And to Lili - I hope you have the most awesome time overseas, can't wait to hear all about your adventures! Eat lots and be happy :) Love AB xx 


  1. Ah, my beautiful AB (heh), LOL! Hey I forgot to try the shortbreads too! Damn!

    T'was a lovely night as always (how can you go wrong with Perama dessert?!) and hopefully a fitting and fabulous send-off to Lili! :(

  2. Oh god, I don't know where to start commenting... so many delicious looking dishes. I could happily make myself horribly sick on the whole lot! Mmmmmmmmm mysterious mystery dessert.

  3. I'm such a fan of David's work! He is such an amazingly lovely and generous soul and I think that really reflects in his food. Great stuff! :)

  4. I tried the shortbread, it was yummy! Mmm that trifle ice cream was amazing and I actually really liked the passionfruit bougatsa. David is a legend, that is all. Oh and it was Awesome hanging out with you, as always Betty, heehee!

  5. I love Perama's sugar hits.. Like you said, the value is awesome. I also like the fact that the desserts are changed every week. Baklava ice cream yummmm

  6. Interesting - I love his bougasta and also prefer the mandarin to the passionfruit :)

  7. I'm kinda glad there aren't any sugar hits in Melbourne or else I would probably make myself sick every night! :)

    Everything sounds so mouth watering, especially the chocolate cookie icecream sandwich and the caramel baklava icecream. YUM!

  8. Wow all the desserts look amazing - especially that mystery dessert! Seems like great value for money as well :) It's going on my list of places to try

  9. Awww AB! What a great post - my favourite was the peanut butter ice cream sandwich and the trifle. What a lovely (and surprising) end to the night (can't believe the whole lot only cost $24.50 each). I certainly will eat and be happy, and we will share a meal again sometime :)

  10. Confession - I have never been to any sugar hit but reading it from your blog makes me feel like I was there anyway! Thanks for sharing. Maybe Ill go next year!

  11. Oh wow, these look amazing! I've never been to a sugar hit before, but it looks fantastic and so worth it!

  12. Hi Karen: I know, I only realised when I saw the pic - damn! Was a very lovely night, great to dine with you again :)

    Hi Conor: I could have had that as my dinner and been so happy! The mystery biscuit/ice cream dessert was THE best!!

    Hi Lorraine: Me too. His passion really shows, I don't think you can ever go wrong with Perama!

    Hi Steph: Omg, I wouldn't mind some of that trifle ice cream right now, that was SO good! Hehee!! It was Awesome hanging with you too ;)

    Hi Linda: Yes, it's nice when the menu is changed, because it shows that they're actually making an effort, rather than piping out the same thing!

    Hi Aptronym: Yay! The passionfruit was still good though, but the mandarin really does it for me :)

    Hi Rilsta: Hehe! They're pretty evil, aren't they?! I actually was really slack and only made it to one, but I was quite happy that we decided to go to this one! Everything was amazing, you must try Perama when your in Sydney!

    Hi Jaq: Everything was really really amazing! You must check it out :)

    Hi Lili: Aww thank you! Those were my faves too! It was great to dine with you and we will definitely share another meal sometime! xx

    Hi Trissa: Thank you :) This was actually my first and only sugar hit, so don't worry! Hehe. You should definitely try it next year!

    Hi Brenda: It was fantastic and such great value, definitely worth it!


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