Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hopping with Smurf: Making Hoppers (Appa)

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Smurf... 

A Special Event 
Hoppers with Smurf & Mama Smurf

The first time I tried hoppers was at Janani with Smurf. I really enjoyed them and Smurf did too, however she did say that her mother (aka Mama Smurf) made them better. So we decided to have a hoppers night in the near future! A few months had passed and after eating myself silly on the Kingsford/Kensington food tour, I headed to Smurf's for the hoppers feast

Hoppers are a thin and crispy pancake traditionally served with curry and sambol. There are many different varieties of hoppers, including plain hoppers, egg hoppers and sweet hoppers. This evening Smurf and Mama Smurf were preparing the plain hoppers and egg hoppers. 

Hoppers Batter 

The hoppers batter was all made when I arrived, so all we had to do was fry them up! The recipe they used was a family recipe, which was adapted from a traditional Sri-Lankan recipe book (which I didn't manage to get the name of - sorry!). But I found a site where the recipe was identical to the one in the book. So here's the link and a little bit more information on hoppers. 

Here are the photos of the hoppers-making process:  

1. Have batter mixture ready, along with 1 cup measuring cup (or similar).

2. Add the oil to a frying pan and wait until it is hot before pouring in 3/4cup of the batter. 

3. Very quickly lift up the fry pan and tip the batter mixture around, so a round thin shape forms. 

4. Cover for a few minutes. The hoppers should be crispy on the outside and soft and spongy on towards the centre. Once it's ready, scoop it out of the fry pan with a wooden spoon and serve. 

5. To make egg hoppers, follow the above instructions and before covering the fry pan, crack an egg in the centre and then cover. 

And behold the mountain of hoppers: 

We had the hoppers with some curries and sambol and it was all so delicious and tasty! Please check out the site I linked to above for the full recipe, and if you have any questions about hoppers, let me know and I'll pass those questions onto Smurf and Mama Smurf

I wanted to say a huge thank you to Smurf and Mama Smurf for having me and making this hoppers feast! 

And one last thing, Smurf is at present on a jet plane on her way to London. So here's a quick message to Smurf: Have fun, good luck and let's hope there isn't a rockbottom 2010! I'll miss you and can't wait to see you in January (WOOHOO!) Lots of Love xx


  1. YAY! I was wondering how you went that night after our crazy food fest. Looks amazing and I love your process photos! :D

  2. I've never heard of these before but they look like fun! Mmmm I like the sound of the miti kiri appe they describe in that link. I think I'd be sticking around to the end for those :)

  3. Yum I love hoppers! The first time I had them was at Janani too. The crispy edges are my favourite part of course. Would love to track down a pan one day to make them although self-control could be tricky! lol

  4. Ooh yum! They look so good especially with a gooey eggi n the centre! And heehee Smurf and Mama Smurf! Best alter ego names :D

  5. I've never seen these before but they look nice and crispy! The egg hoppers look really good :)

  6. hey these look like just my sort of thing - yum hehe. it reminds me of the process of making viet pancake (banh xeo)

  7. Mmmmm hoppers are awesome!! And these look fantastic!

  8. Hey these look really amazing! Love the fried egg in the middle too.. Mmm... And what a cute name!

  9. I have never heard of hoppers before reading this post. What an awesome concert, something crispy with a topping of your choice.

  10. Wow! Saw these made on Food Safari once so was intrigued to read your post.

    Is that a special hoppers pan you used there?

    nice blog :)

  11. Hi Lorraine: Haha. It was a pretty massive effort, I don't think my stomach was too happy, but my tastebuds sure were! Thank you :D

    Hi Conor: I had never heard of them either until I tried them at that (Janani) restaurant. They're super delicious though! Hehe totally!

    Hi Helen: Me too! I'm not sure where they got their pan from, I can ask? I love the crispy parts for dipping, but I love the soft centre as well - can't decide!

    Hi Steph: Oh yes, the egg ones were awesome!

    Hi Jacq: They are awesome, if you can't make them yourself (like me!) you should go to Janani in Homebush or maybe some other Sri Lankan restaurant might have them?

    Hi Brenda: Yep, they are aren't they?

    Hi Forager: They are super amazing! Especially yummy with all the curries and condiments :)

    Hi Anonymous: Thank you!

    Hi Kaelyn: It was very fun!

    Hi Linda: Yep, I thought they were pretty awesome too!

    Hi Ladybird: Cool. Yes, I think it was a special hoppers pan. Not sure where you could buy one, but I could ask? Thank you :)

  12. I'd only heard of these last week when I visited Kammadhenu. Are they much like roti?

  13. Hi Tina: They're quite different to roti. Roti's are more flakey and thick - more like a bread. Whereas, hoppers are just very very thin crispy pancake like (similar to the Vietnamese banh xeo).


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