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Makoto Sushi Bar, Haymarket

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Green Tea

It's no secret that I love Japanese food. Another great Japanese restaurant to cross off my list is Makoto Sushi Bar in Haymarket. I have been to the Chatswood branch quite a few times, which I always thought was OK, but it really does not compare to the Haymarket branch. I have been twice in the past month, which is a testament to how much I have fallen in love with it! The queue waiting outside is also a testament to Makoto's popularity.

Salmon Sashimi $6.60

If there's one thing that DCM and I agree on, it's ordering salmon sashimi. The sashimi here was thick and fresh, although I thought that they could have been more generous with the serve!

Seaweed Salad Sushi $3.00

The seaweed salad sushi is also a must for me, when it comes to sushi bars. The seaweed salad was good, as always. But what amazed me the most was the super crispy seaweed that was wrapped around the sushi. It was so good! It was crispy but not chewy at all. Every bite was pure pleasure.

Spicy Raw Tuna (Tuna Yukke) $3.60

Spicy Raw Tuna (Tuna Yukke) $3.60

The tuna on the spicy raw tuna roll was lovely and pink, and the chilli flakes sitting on top made it look so pretty! The tuna was fleshy with just the right amount of chilli.

Chef's Special: Salmon & Cream Cheese Handroll $5.60

Chef's Special: Salmon & Cream Cheese Handroll $5.60

Both times we dined at Makoto, we ordered a few items from the Chef's Recommendations Specials. These specials change regularly, so it's the perfect reason to dine there more often ;) The first time we went, we ordered the salmon & cream cheese handroll. Salmon and cream cheese are the perfect combination, on or in anything. They are fantastic, in my opinion! The salmon in this handroll was so soft, it almost melted in your mouth and it was paired perfectly with the gooey cream cheese.

Chef's Special: Grilled Scallop Sushi $6.60

Excuse me whilst I have a moment with my grilled scallop sushi....

Chef's Special: Grilled Scallop Sushi $6.60

Oh dear. If you're a lover of grilled scallop, like myself, you will love this chef's special. I loved the textures of the grilled scallop and grilled salmon wrapped around the sushi. Both were so soft and moist, and they just went down so smoothly. Oh, and how sexy is the salmon roe dripping down the sushi?!

Special Omelette with Soft Shell Crab Handroll $3.60

My friend, Miss LV, told me that I had to try the special omelette handroll at Makoto, after I raved about dining there the first time. This handroll is on the menu, however you have to request for it to come with the soft shell crab. It normally comes with king prawns, oyster or scallop. Miss LV was so right! This was amazing! Loved the fried egg and soft shell crab mixed with the super fresh rice, lettuce and crispy seaweed. To top it off there was a generous amount of Japanese mayonnaise lathered inside, which makes everything taste good!

Chef's Special: Salmon & Mango Handroll $5.60

Mangoes are in season now (yay! I love mangoes!). So the chef's at Makoto have taken advantage of this and used mango in one of their special handrolls. The salmon & mango handroll was very refreshing, juicy and a little bit sweet.

Chef's Special: Seaweed Salad $4.60

Seaweed salad and salmon sashimi make for a delicious combination. The sashimi was soft and moist and the seaweed salad was lovely. Couldn't really go wrong with this one.

Soft Shell Crab Karaage $9.80

The first time we dined there, they got our orders mixed up. So our soft shell crab came out almost as we were finishing our meal and then they brought out the wrong udon noodle dish. But they were quick to correct themselves, so it was not a problem. The soft shell crab karaage was a tad bit too oily, and not as meaty as I would have liked. It was also a little bit too salty and I didn't end up having much.

Teriyaki Chicken Udon $9.80

To really top things off the first time, we ordered the teriyaki chicken udon. I liked the soft boiled egg, although the teriyaki chicken and udon noodles were nothing special. We also both thought that the soup was quite salty.

Fisherman's Soup $6.80

Another soup was ordered on our second visit. Keep in mind that both times we dined at Makoto, the weather was much cooler than what we have been experiencing recently (41 degrees on Sunday?!). The fisherman's soup was light and mild. The seafood was generous, although it wasn't particularly amazing.

Black Sesame Ice Cream with Red Bean, Jelly & Fruit

They have a couple of different desserts on offer. Nothing that you wouldn't find in most Japanese sushi bars though. The black sesame ice cream dessert came with red bean, coconut jelly, grass jelly and a couple of pieces of fruit including oranges, strawberries and longans. A very refreshing dessert.

The sushi at Makoto really blew me away. It was some of the freshest and best tasting sushi that I've had. The other items we ordered were pretty average, but I'd definitely go back just for the sushi. It's not exactly cheap, but it's in a great location and if you're in the mood for sushi (and you're willing to wait), you will definitely not be disappointed.

Makoto Sushi Bar
119 Liverpool St (Corner Pitt St),
Haymarket NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9283 6767
Open 7 Days
Makoto on Urbanspoon

P.s. Here's a shoutout to Miss LV's little sister (Little S) over in NY! Hi! I know you're reading this, hope you're keeping warm over there and hope you've found some decent food! :)


  1. Yum yum yum! The haymarket branch looks SO much better than the chatswood one, everything looks really different!

  2. I have always wondered what this place is like because it seems to be busy ALL the time! Makoto is my good friend's baby boy's name.. so your post made me smile :)


  3. This is my default lunch every weekend I'm in Sydney. Best sushi ever, though I'm not a fan of the lines!

  4. I just simply amazed that this place has been always packed with a long queue like every single day!

  5. Oh YUM I love sushi and Makoto is my absolute favourite! Hehe you got all the plates I usually get as well, but I've never tried the salmon and mango handroll - looks great! I have to try the soft shell crab omelette as well next time :)

  6. Aww Betty I shouldn't have looked at this before dinner! I'm now SO hungry! :P

  7. oh man the salmon roe is very sexy indeed :D

  8. Yeah teh chattie one went down a few months back so havent gone makoto in agggesss. I should get to the ct one sometime tho :) mmmm sushi sushi sushiiii

  9. I love musashi, makoto and masuya!! Often goes to the chatswood outlet than the city. One of the very best sushi joint :)

  10. I love sushi during the summer and this place looks perfect!

  11. All looks delicious, and yes that roe is super sexy baby! ;) Yay for mangoes too! They're so cheap now, can't get enough :)

  12. This is my absolute favourite sushi train place in Sydney - and luckily it's one of my lunchtime locals so I'm there at least once a fortnight for lunch. So good! And the grilled scallop is my favourite plate.

    Mmm.. maybe Makoto for dinner...

  13. This place was hyped by a japanese guy i met in Darwin who travels from Canberra to Sydney to eat here on the weekends,now thats dedication!! For me its good but i think like yourself,apart from the sushi nothing else is special


  14. Hi Steph: I think it's heaps better too! I love all of the handrolls here, they are amazing!

    Hi Ladybird: Yeah, it's one of those places that always has a queue. Aww how cute!

    Hi Missklicious: Hehe nice! I totally agree with you about the sushi and the lines!

    Hi Yas: I know, it's insane right?!

    Hi Jacq: Cool. The salmon & mango handroll was on a weekly special, but seeing as though mangoes are in season at the moment, I think they'd still have them. Omg you MUST try the soft shell crab omelette, it is to die for!

    Hi Lorraine: Hehe aww sorry ;)

    Hi Chocolatesuze: It's so super sexy, I couldn't stop taking photos of it! lol.

    Hi Pigpigscorner: Yes, they were quite generous portions!

    Hi FFichiban: Yep, the city one rocks! There's a reason why there's a queue all the time!

    Hi Ellie: Me too! I had only ever been to the Chatswood one before the going to the City one, and I must say, the City one was so much better!

    Hi Brenda: Me too! Yep, it's great for the warmer months, but I love sushi all year round :)

    Hi Conor: I know, I love how mangoes have suddenly appeared everywhere... I can't get enough of them either!

    Hi Forager: Ahh you're so lucky. If I worked near there, I would probably be there all the time as well! I love love love grilled scallop, definitely one of my faves :)

    Hi Sydneyguyrojoe: That is dedication! Wow. Yeah, I would definitely go just for the sushi.. the noodles and soups weren't anything special.

  15. Love Makoto!
    Their hand rolls are excellent.
    Especilly like the tempura vegetable handroll (with a little bit of chilli powder).

    The Green Tea Brulee dessert is so . . . mmmmmm . . .

  16. Hi SK: Me too! I'm not a huge tempura fan, but I'll have to try that next time :) Thanks!


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