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Selina Restaurant, Fairfield

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I wasn't sure if I was going to write a post about Selina Restaurant in Fairfield because I had quite a bad dining experience there. But I thought I'd do it because the food blog is about all my dining experiences whether good or bad. 

It was a public holiday Monday and the restaurant was quite busy. It looks like your regular hole-in-the wall suburban eatery - cheap, cheerful and authentic. Pictures of Angkor Wat (Siem Reap, Cambodia), Apsara women, and beaches lined the walls. The tables were lined with pink tablecloth with glass on top. Underneath the glass people had randomly thrown in their business cards, so the tables have now become noticeboards or advertisements. We were shown to our table when we walked in, but had to wait about 20 minutes for them to clear the table from the previous diners and then another 10 minutes to get menus. Not the best way to treat a hungry diner. 

Green Papaya Salad (Laos Style) $8.00

Selina Restaurant serve a mix of Thai, Laos and Cambodian food. According to my source, they are the sister shop of the popular Laos Village, just around the corner (which we originally wanted to go to, but didn't want to wait in line - yes, there was a line!). In hindsight, we should have just waited. Firstly, we ordered the green papaya salad (Laos style), they also have a Thai style papaya salad. It didn't come with any of the tiny black crabs that are normally present in papaya salads. I thought that it was really chilli, which I normally wouldn't mind with papaya salads, but this one was lacking in flavour and substance, so I didn't persevere. 

Fried Rice with Seafood $9.00

Fried Rice with Seafood $9.00

The fried rice was really interesting and definitely my favourite of the night. I saw most tables with a plate of this, so it must be a speciality. The fried rice had a lovely and crispy outer shell, they must leave it in the wok for it to get that way. I thought that they could have been a little bit more generous with the seafood, but all in all it was quite good and I think I would order this dish again. 

BBQ Beef $8.50 

BBQ Beef $8.50 

The BBQ Beef slices were disappointing. When it was brought out, it looked quite nice until closer inspection and I could see layers of fat on each of the slices. I was grossed out. I tried one, it was so chewy and tough that I just couldn't have anymore. 

I was not impressed by Selina Restaurant at all. I wouldn't have minded the wait and the terrible service if the food was great, but it was nowhere near there. Perhaps they were understaffed because of the public holiday, but that should be no excuse. It was a packed house though and there were plenty of locals, so perhaps it was just me or we chose the wrong things! 

Selina Restaurant 
8/9 Dale St, 
Fairfield NSW 2165
Tel: (02) 9725 6999
Open 7 days


  1. pity about the beef slices. the do look good but if it's a bit tough then that can be very disappointing :-( i think that's the lowest score i've seen you give. I haven't tried Laos food yet. i wonder where the best one in Sydney is?

  2. I like the look of that fried rice, with the paella-esque crust to it! Too bad about the seafood stinginess though, that really bugs me! You don't want to be fighting over the solitary prawn or piece of squid in a whole dish.

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, I hope you got some gelato on the way home :D

  3. I dont like it too.
    The cousin's wife used to work there and they like the food.
    I find it a tad too sweet for khmer/lao/thai food.

    It's a no go for me.
    Try the other one next to the RSL club, it's better.
    There's 2, the one at the end is better but always bz.


  4. I'm glad you still posted about this restaurant. I like to hear about the good and the bad.

  5. Hi Betty, I have given you an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

  6. Aw too bad it didn't turn out well.
    Though the fried rice looks interesting - is it like, flat?? LOL

  7. The crispy fried rice shell does look good mmm pity about the beef though (I thought it was duck! :S)

  8. Betty this is up the road from my house! Did you go with D?
    You should get her to order next time, ordering other dishes probably would help.
    Otherwise your friend is right, the one across from the RSL is the one I usually go to! Ann

  9. Aww what a shame that it was a disappointment. The fried rice does look great though-only because when we were little I used to go and scrape all the crunchy bits off the bottom of the pan. To me, that's a whole lot of the bottom of the frying pan goodness! :)

  10. I'm glad you write about the bad dining experiences too, I know I don't feel as motivated writing about the bad places, but it's only fair! Pity about the terrible service and average food :( The fried rice looks pretty decent though!

  11. Oh no - look at that fat! it would have turned me off fast!

  12. that sux that you had such a dodge experience. The beef does look good but when you pointed out the layers i was like eww your right!

    Glad u blogged about it. Its all about awareness. Dude hope you havent been hectic with work. Better not be working on sunday you crazy woman you.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Hi Simon: They were really tough and fatty :( I've tried it only a few times, there are som really good ones around Canley Heights and Fairfield, I think I might have just been unlucky on this particular ocassion!

    Hi Conor: The fried rice was the only saving grace! I know! I don't think it would hurt to throw in an extra prawn or two. Hehe. You know me so well! No, the pouring rain and not-so-great food kind of dampened my mood :(

    Hi Kaelyn: Hehe. Straight to the point. There's always a lot of people inside, so I'm sure that a lot of people must enjoy it (just not us!). Yeah, we were going to go to the other one, but didn't want to wait so long... should've waited.

    Hi Brenda: Thank you :)

    Hi Ellie: Thanks for the award Ellie! You are too kind xx

    Hi Yas: Yes, it was like flat! I quite liked the crusty-ness!

    Hi FFichiban: It was good, that would be the only thing I'd order again! Ya, the beef was a major disappointment.

    Hi Ann: Cool! No, I didn't go with her, but I should take her next time! Yeah, I think it was a combination of factors that led to the bad experience, i.e. public holiday, understaffed, ordered wrong food.. etc. I really wanted to try that one! Next time! Let's go with D* :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Lorraine: I love the crunchy bits!! Even now, I like burnt and crunchy bits off anything... ok, maybe not anything, but you know! So thankful we ordered the fried rice, otherwise I would've left hungry!

    Hi Steph: Yeah, I like reading about your bad experiences too! Yeah, it was such a shame, but I feel that perhaps it was just me cause there were so many people who looked like they were having the time of their lives, but not me :(

    Hi Anita: I know! Turned me off too. Eww!

    Hi Leona: Totally! Maybe they ran out of the good parts and only had the leftover fatty scraps?! Thanks for your concern :) It was fun hanging with you ladies on Sunday!


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